Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's My Life

It's My Life

It's Now Or Never...I Ain't Gonna Live Forever So last week, May 17th me and some of the girls, Stacy, Kelley and Teri went to the Bon Jovi concert...we had 4th row pit and it was awesome. Only thing missin' was Fonda, she had to go to Africa with her hubby for their 30th anniversary, don;t ya just feel for her....Love ya Fonda!
The show was excellent...I just love me some Bon Jovi...had a blast, was so in need of a good girls night out and that was just what the doctor ordered

Of course the next couple of days afterwards I was reminded of my age and that I shouldn't be jumpin' up and down to most of the songs like I was 18 again....what was I thinkin'...

Anyway...A Blast!

Then on Sunday I though I was gonna have all my grand-babies over for a play date...I had 3 out of 4...Liam ended up sick so he didn't make it. We had a good time but I was ready for a rest when they was nice watching the cousins play and interact....they are all growing so fast and such big personalities for little humans. I'm gonna try and have more play dates.

Then last night I had some friends and family join me for a girls night out. Awhile back I purchased an auction items to have drinks at a club, have the Sugar Land Trolley pick us up and take us to Station 20 in Houston and have firemen cook dinner for us and show us around life at the firehouse.

It was a most excellent night and again a much needed one.

Now I guess it's back to work...that's where I am right now but it has been so slow...since Mother's Day is over with it has been slow and coming up on Memorial weekend I have been told it will only get today I brought my personal lap top with me to help keep me busy...surprisingly there's not a lot to do in the store at the moment so I need to something to help keep me going...I must has helped.

So besides working that's pretty much all I've been up to since Tammy's graduation.

I guess the next big thing will be Liam and Tayler turning 2 in like 2 weeks....babies are growing fast.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Graduate

On Saturday May 14th Tammy graduate from University of Houston Victoria.

We are so very proud of her.

Way To Go Tammy! And here is Colton waiting to see his Mommy after the ceremony to congratuate her and giver her some flowers. He was so cute during the ceremony...he would yell out, mommy and when Tammy would turn he would wave and blow kisses. Him and I even hollered when Tammy walked the stage and he yelled out

"Go Mommy!" And Tayler wanted to congratuated her Mommy as well

Some of my favorite people...I just love this picture...I'm gonna have to blow it up so it can go on the wall.

Tammy with her family...her husband Kyle and the kids, Colton and Tayler

Proud of enjoy the summer!