Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lady Pop

Yesterday I shared with you the family came over for a visit and all grand-babies were here.
When most everyone left, Colton and Tayler stayed until Tammy came back from her bible study.
Tayler and I were on teh couch and Colton came running from the kitchen yelling
Muggy you have Lady Pops you have Lady Pops
I want some Lady Pops.
So...I'm trying to figure out what he's talking about...Colton I don't know what Lady Pops are...
Yes Muggy you do, you have Lady Pops in the pantry.
After going back and forth I think I finally figured it out.
Colton do you mean lollipops?
Yes Muggy... Lady Pops.
I want a Lady Pop.

Okay go get you a lady Pop and bring Tayler one too.
Muggy I got Tayler a red Lady Pop but Mommy doesn't let Tayler eat Lady Pops only I can eat Lady Pops.
Well since I'm the Muggy we'll let Tayler have one Lady Pop.
Okay Muggy. It ended with the kids loving their Lady Pops and Colton saying...
Muggy send me home with some Lady Pops, which I gladly did...2 for him and 1 for Tayler

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday

Today was my day to have all the grand-babies over.
My morning started off with Tayler. She came and stayed over while Tammy and the family went to church.
We had a nice little girl time. After Tayler left I went to pick up BBQ.
The family was coming over to bring the grand-babies over for a visit and so the cousins could get together for some play time.
Hayden (above) was the first to arrive...Liam (below) was the next to trot in followed by Tayler and Colton.
They all pretty much arrived at the same about timing.

We pretty much sat down to eat right away and once done the kids were ready to play in the playroom.
Colton and Hayden were the first ones in and then these too were so cute running so they could get in there and play as well.

And Colton who doesn't show his smile for the camera as much as he should, I think he gets tired of all the picture taking.

We had a good time, visiting and playing...and when it was time for the day to end this is what the playroom looked like after 4 beautiful children played.

Have I mentioned how much I love the playroom?
I love all those toys and such all in one place and not scattered about.
I loved having all my babies together...and yes I tried to get a picture of them all together.
I took 10 and none came out...
What was I Thinking?
Hope your Sunday was as Wonderful as mine.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day In The Life

Hard to believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I last wrote on the blog....guess life is really busy. I'm still adjusting to being busy and on the go, instead of a woman of leisure coming and going as she pleases...usually less going than coming.

In between the busy time I did manage to spend time with an old friend. My friend Karen and I were best friends in Jr. High school. We reconnected with the help of facebook and after being friends that way for awhile we decided to put a date on the calender to get together. Karen now lives near Austin. So last Saturday Karen made the drive and we spent the whole day just catching up and filling in the gaps between 1977 and 201o. What a blast we had. There was never a lull in conversation, never searching for what to say next, it was just an awesome time. So happy to have her back in my life. Sometimes it's good to go back.

I also found the time this week to have dinner twice with 2 different special girlfriends. I am blessed to have the friends I do. I may not have a lot but those I have are priceless.

Today I went to Tomball. I was in search of furniture and such for the store and had some nice finds. Too bad I didn't have something bigger than a pick up truck otherwise I would of purchased more but I did manage to fill the truck up. I still need more though so it's possible there could be another trip to Tomball in the near future.

So in between all that, my days have been filled with inventory, pricing and making trips to storage...Most days I feel like I'm in inventory hell and surprised I have not had nightmares of the attacking box. The house is a mess, boxes and such all over. Hoping tonight to make some sense of it all.

All in all I am excited for the store and the out is coming along. Still hoping for the keys mid October...fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I'm expecting grand-babies to be over...all of them...Can't wait...make sure to check back tomorrow night or Monday, hoping to post pictures of them on the blog before the week carries me away.

So until next time...Be happy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gathering Thoughts

Gathering Thoughts
Something that is a little hard to do these days.
I know I have things to share but at this moment it's hard to think.....I've been busy but trying to gather up what I've been doing is hard to do at the moment...Maybe being busy is frying my brain.
Went to Dallas for one day to hit the market and do my last shopping before the store opens...
hope I have enough. It's so hard to tell when some of your inventory is in a spare bedroom, in a storage unit or hasn't even arrived yet.
Seems like everything Mimosa Rose is consuming my time these days...but it's a good thing.
My brain keeps thinking about Grand Opening....I want it to be spectacular! So many thoughts running around in this small little brain of mine.
Today I took Bailey to the vet for a check up. He's been doing so well, though I can't help to worry about him. I went through so much with him. But he's good. He has lost 10 pounds since his last visit the end of April.
Loosing the 10 pounds is a good thing.
When he was sick and on all those meds he can't weight plus he was so weak he had no exercise. Now he does not lack for exercise, he's very energetic.
He looks good. Yeah Bailey!
And then below the loves of my life...who also are doing good. Sweet Liam
My sweet beautiful babies....Tayler, Colton and Liam

And Cutie Patootie Hayden....
I did have a picture of Colton and Tayler but I guess I hit the back button one too many times and it deleted it...too hard to go back and add it when you've already written a post...I'll save that picture for the next post and give you all something to look forward too.
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mimosa Rose.....It's Real

Yesterday I took a drive by the store just to see if I could see the guys working inside and as I'm driving on FM 1093 I can see the strip ahead and what do I see....

I see.....

Mimosa Rose!

How's becoming turning back...exciting! so many emotions going on in this small little mind of mine. Stay tuned for updates.

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