Monday, May 21, 2012

Weighing In

As some of you know I am heading to Italy in July with my cousin.
Prior to deciding to go I had been thinking and knowing I needed to loose some weight for all kinds of when the trip to Italy came up I knew this was the icing on the cake of my motivation.
So far it has been working....I'm down 22 pounds, though I will admit I can't really tell....I can in my clothing but when I actually look at myself I don't see it but I choose to believe the scale and the clothing the has become a little looser. I am down 2 sizes so I also enjoy that as well.
I'm hoping by the time time my trip comes around I will be down another 20 but I'll take 15...
So, to help me get to that number today I joined 24 hour fitness but I only did a 90 day membership, knowing in the past I have never been good with seeing it through.
I figure the 90 days will help me prior to my trip and after my trip and then we'll go from there.
Of course going to the gym is not fun alone so I joined with Tammy...she had mentioned she gets a really good deal through her insurance where she pays very little a month so that was my motivation to go ahead and do the 90 day membership since she was joining I had someone to go with.
So wish me luck these next 45 days that I will get those next 20 pounds off.
I know...boring post... just had to share...that's just how boring my life is.
Til next happy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congrats Grad

My Grandson Colton graduated preschool last night.
What a milestone.
 It's hard to believe that 5 1/2 years have gone by and in August he'll experience his first day at Kindergarten.
 This little boy will always have a special place in his Muggy's heart.
Through sad times blessings are born and Colton was such that blessing.
 The above is what played prior to the graduation performance....all the kids had a baby picture and then their graduation picture....and such a handsome graduation picture he took.
 Above he is peeking through those in front of him...he was on the back row and he did a good job of peeking between people and jumping so his mommy and I could get pictures.

And below he had a solo song in the program....
He sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
and it was sung in Chinese....Way to go Colton!
 And below he held up some of the class getting off stage ...when the teacher told him to come on he said...My Mommy and Muggy are taking know, sweet boy!
Then graduation was over and we went to Chili's celebrate .
It was a wonderful evening spent with family celebrating yet another milestone in life.
So proud of Colton and his Mommy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Great Day

On Saturday my day started early when this beautiful little girl showed up at 6 am...
her daddy had to work and since I was off I said I would watch her which I didn't mind at all cause I got to spend time with my baby.
 Hayden is so grown up and acts like it too....precious.
I had planned for all the grand-babies to come over for a play date so the cousins could spend time together...I was also gonna BBQ. I had gone out on Thursday after work and bought some play stuff for the backyard to keep the kids occupied so we could spend the time outside.
 I bought a couple of pools...this one had an attached slide which I ended up having to take off....
not very sturdy or safe. The kids had a good time going from pool to pool.
 Above Miss Hayden and the picture below shows my view from my favorite chair.
 Liam loved the basketball feature of the pool....he's so into sports and also loved hanging out with his big cousin Colton.
 Colton enjoying a little swim time
 I also bought a bounce house that they loved but that evening the pools were the big hit.
 more swim time...
.... now time for a little dinner...which was hard cause they really wanted to keep playing but they knew as soon as they ate they could finish playing.
Liam and Hayden
 Miss Tayler
 Colton, Liam, Hayden and Tayler enjoying dinner and a little conversation...

you don't know how much seeing this just makes my heart so happy.....I love seeing the grand-babies togetherand having fun.
Liam enjoying a swim 
 Finally it was starting to get dark and was time to pick everything up....Tammy had stayed with me while the kids played and helped watch the kids while I picked up all the toys....Liam and Hayden were already scheduled to spend the night so I decided to brave it and ask Colton and Tayler to join in....I knew one of 2 things would happen...they would either be really wound up from all the play or tired from all the play.
Tammy stayed and helped me get everyone changed in sleepwear and settled in and then she took off to take advantage of some down time....we played a little and then I fixed their sleeping area in my room where we had snack and watched a little TV.
 I could see some were more tired than others and started winding things down....I was tired too!
Tayler was the first one out, after all she had a long day outdoors with Tammy at the school carnival...
then Hayden wasn't far behind her....Colton was the third to go...we probably would of gone sooner (as he had a full day to) but Liam wanted o keep talking with Colton.
Finally after Colton was out Liam followed about 20 minutes later at 10:30 was out.
Below is the finished product....The sweetness of grand-babies sleeping.
Next morning my the last one out was the first one up...Liam woke at 6:45...I hurried him to the living room to cartoons to let his cousins sleep....Colton woke up around 7:30....Tayler followed 30 minutes later and Hayden at almost's funny how quite it was, though they played until the last one was up and then circus began...(lol)

It was a fun day and a day I will never forget.
Love those grand-babies!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Precious Little One

He's grown so much....9 months today...
Just wanted to update you on Noah