Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Was My Day

Yesterday two of my very best friends Fonda and Stacy took me out for the day for my birthday. It was all a surprise, I had no idea what was planned but that I was booked until at least 5 and anything after that was gravy.

I was taken to a day spa where we were pampered with a massage that was out of this world and after that a pedi and mani. It was such a relaxing time and the massage was well needed. The massage lady told me legs and feet where knotted pretty good....that's due to being on them a lot more these days.

Afterwards we went to Saltgrass for an early dinner (we had not had lunch) and drinks.

Then we went to the mall where I picked up a watch and Fonda did the unthinkable...she got her ears pierced. All these years she had never done it...they looked so awesome! Stacy opt to have her cartilage done and I call myself the older conservative one of the bunch (lol) and opt to do nothing. I was the picture

Then we headed to Silverados. a bar, game room movie theatre. We had a few drinks before our movie started and then we went and watched Country Strong...I enjoyed the movie, but not the end, I left feeling I needed closure.

Then the night was over and it was time for Stacy and I to be taken back to our vehicles and head home. It was a most wonderful day with my girls. It was wonderful to be pampered and to feel so special. Thank you my you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

This So Called Life

Wow...trying to gain some sense of schedule and time is not as easy as it sounds.

January is almost over and if this month has gone by this fast .... 2011 will be over before we know it.

So far we have rearranged the store. I went out and bought new (used but new for the store). It was bigger and taller and helped fill in the wall space and create more area to display merchandise. I went out one day to just look and found just about everything I needed. Bought it on the spot and the next day it was delivered. I closed the store the day it was to be delivered thinking it would only take one day....NOT...had to close the following days as well. What a difference the furniture makes.

Then...Jenn and I have been to market to find new items for the store and believe it or not, order our Christmas items for Christmas 2011. Jenn headed to Atlanta a couple days before me, which was right after they had received their snow storm. We headed back to Houston for less than a 24 hour stay and headed to Dallas for 4 days. I actually think Dallas was colder than Atlanta.

And in between all of this I have been trying to find my happy time for time for house chores...even time to go to the bank which I'm hoping to be able to do tomorrow. I know I've been out of the work loop for 20 years but how is all this gonna come together.'? How did I do it all when I had a family to care for? And now it's just would think I would be a pro...after all I raised a husband and 3 children, this should be a piece of cake...right?

I've been a little absent on the blog but hoping to get a little better at posting more's just when I have the time to be on the computer for any length of tome, I get tired and fall asleep.

So...all is good and the family is good too...hopefully I will have pictures soon.

Until next time.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A new year...a time for resolutions...a time of reflections...
A time to look back and a time to move forward...
So much has happened this past year.I settled into a new home and I started a new business.
Yesterday I sold my beach house.
I look forward to see what 2011 has in store.
I'm hoping to figure out a schedule...
with going back to work the word
has a whole different meaning.

Happy New Year!