Sunday, August 29, 2010

Join The Adventure

As you know I'm in the process of opening a gifts and accessories boutique.
Now you can follow on that journey by visiting the website.
It's still in beginning phase.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Checking In

Hello Guys! Just an update to check in and let you know I'm still alive.

Things have been busy still. Went to Seattle for a quick market trip. Left Friday night and planned to do market all day Saturday and Sunday and then catch the red eye home. Market went well. Placed lots of orders and saw everything there was to see and and were finished by 5:30 Saturday which left Sunday as a free day. First we looked to see if we could get an earlier flight home but all was full and spending the day in the airport on stand by was not how I wanted to spend the day.

Spent the day down by the waterfront visiting Pikes Market. I've been there before but was still a nice stroll. Went to the Crab Pot where lunch was had. Did a little walking around downtown and then headed back to the hotel for a little nap. Then out to dinner and then off to the airport.

Seattle was nice. It was nice walking around outside with the sun out, 65 degree weather, wearing jeans, flip flops and a light sweater over a short sleeve shirt....PERFECT. It really has me thinking, why do I stay here where it's humid, hot weather near and over 100 on a regular base? It's nice to walk outside and not drip in sweat as soon as the door opens. Not saying Seattle is the place to go but somewhere where there are seasons and cooler weather. I'm thinking about it.

Now my garage is full again (I just had it cleaned so I can park in there)...looks like a warehouse of boxes I need to go through from things arriving. That will be my task tomorrow and the next day and then haul it off to storage. I think I need another unit.

Things are moving with the has been signed so the process begins. Won't have the store by October 1 like I had hoped but hopefully by the 15th. Fingers crossed. Just means that as soon as I can get in I will be rushing to get it opened. Hoping to move in and get it set up in 3 days.

So, that's pretty much what has been going on...not a lot but then again...a lot.

Until the next safe and be happy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Storytime

Yesterday was Muggy and Colton Day.
Remember...Muggy is my grandma name he gave me.
I picked him up the night before so he could spend the night so we could start our day first thing.
Needless to say when we went to bed he wasn't was after midnight the last time I looked at the clock.
The morning came...we had breakfast...did a puzzle (he loves putting puzzles together and he's really good at doing them). I took my shower and then he took his.
Our destination downtown Houston
Houston Hobby Center
to see Nickelodeon's "Story Time Live"

We had a good is Colton during intermission with his light up toy and his $10 bag of Cotton Candy.He took it all in and had a great time...he said his favorite story was the one the Backyardigan's did on was the name of the dirty town cause they could never take a bath order from the mayor or was he the king?

After the show we got the truck and headed towards home. Colton fell asleep along the way and I stopped at Sonic to get lunch to take home. We ate and he wanted to play in the we did where I fell asleep on the floor and woke up with toys all around me and on top of me...guess Colton had fun.

We had a wonderful time...can't wait for the other grandchildren to get to the age where I can take them all out on a day with Grams.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me -vs- The Chicken

Just thought I would share...Yesterday I decided to cook. Those that know me very well know that I have rarely cooked over the last 4 years. Cooking is not one of my favorite thing. I cooked 30 years so why it's just me.

Anyway, the night before I had decided that I was gonna cook chicken. I already had the cooking bags and seasoning and the chickens that were purchased through the Houston livestock show. Chickens I have plenty of...a funny thing since I don't cook.

The chicken were whole chickens, which were not a problem, I've cut up a whole chicken plenty of times...and then came the time to cut it....I asked long had it been since I cut one of these things up? So after looking at it and turning it over several times I was ready for the task that laid ahead.

I starting cutting ...had my pieces and then was like, something is missing...where is the thigh? Oh now I know...I learned to cut the thigh with the leg and then if I wanted it a separate piece I would do it that way.

Needles to say...the second chicken ( I cooked 2 and sent one over to Tammy and her family) was cut so much better than the first one and now I remember how to cut a riding a bicycle....ha-ha!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Front Yard Make Over

On Monday and Tuesday I had work done to the front yard.
You know when you buy a new house you would think that they would make the front yard all nice and pretty but that's not the case.
It looks fine and enough to get by or add to it but then you have a someone who does landscaping as a living and you get a whole different look....even the way they cut out the grass to make your flower bedding lines.
I have added pictures for you to see....before and after...below is a after and the pictures don't do it justice. Front yard...kind of plain.
Also when they did the yard...see how they connected all the trees together with a mulch design.
I never liked that. I don't have much front yard (which I like) but felt as though it took away from the front yard.
And here is the front with the tress separated and not as plain looking.
And a side view...see how the cut is just a cut where the bed is cut out.
Also...sorry for the haze but it was so humid outside my lens kept fogging up.

the new side view.

And the trees were before

And how they look now
the trees are my favorite part of the make over

Another side view before

And after....I love the look and the color...
maybe I'll make yard of the cool would that be.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day At The Beach

A couple days before I went to Florida to see my mom
Tammy, the kids and myself went to the beach for the day. We had a wonderful day visiting and watching the kids play.
I hope you enjoying seeing just a few pictures from our day

While Tayler loved the water
Colton loved making sand castles

We were at the beach for an hour before heading to the house and visiting and playing there.

On the way back home we had stopped just a couple miles up the road to drop the trash off.
Tammy had Colton all set with his books and colors and I had him set with ear phones to watch a DVD.
After he was wide awake at the dumpster just a mile up the road we turned around and this is what we saw.
Colton passed out....marker in hand.
Tayler of course had no problems passing out either.

It was a fun day...sorry it took so long to post but welcome to my now busy, unorganized, I forgot, what happened, oh my, what's next...crazy life!

Little Miss Hayden

And here are a few catch up pictures of Hayden...
and that's Bailey in the first picture.
What a cutie!

I still have more to post...stay tuned.

Catching Up In Pictures

Sorry I am so behind in posting on the blog and sharing pictures.
I have lots to share so here is the first of it.
Liam waiting to play with his cousins....

below Tayler, Liam and Colton
And Tayler practicing her domestic side

After a our play date Colton stayed and spent the night...we made pizza for dinner...Colton made his own. When my kids were small we would have pizza parties and they would make their own ...we would use muffins as our crust, put sauce on it, sprinkle cheese and put our topping on...put in oven until cheese melted and there you have your own personal pizza.

As you can see Colton was very proud of his pizza.

I bought a truck tent for the playroom...Colton like filling it up with as many toys and books as he could.

At first Tayler wasn't sure what to think about this tent but she soon warmed up and went inside.
More pictures to come....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My So Called Life

The words that come to mind this afternoon are...."My So Called Life, Do I Really Wanna Be On This Ride"?

With that being said...where do I begin? Maybe to some I have not been busy or doing anything of importance but for someone who has pretty much been able to come and go as she please, choose to do something or not...I have been busy doing a little of this and a little of that, that makes it seem like a whole lota something.

I now go to bed exhausted... rather it's physical or mental.

So...what has made me so busy you ask? Trying to combine my everyday life into learning how to become a business woman and store owner. In case you are not aware I plan to open a gifts and accessories boutique. If things go according to plan the store will open mid June in the Katy, Richmond, Fulsher area. At first the plan was to rent space in the actual town of Fulsher and then things weren't panning out which gave me more time to research and check into other locations which brought me to where I'm hoping I will be. There is so much to do...once 3 things are crossed off the list 10 more are added.

The past 2 days Jenn and I went back to Dallas for more shopping for the store. The goal is to get the items in now instead of waiting for after the store opens. Hopefully we can get things priced so once I'm able to move into the place the merchandise just needs to find it's home. Then in 2 weeks I will be heading to Seattle to visit their market. When shopping I'm also looking to find things that are not in a store close to my area or not at all...I want to be different and not have everything that everybody else has. Also looking to have a variety so if you have to make that last minute shopping trip for that last minute gift for whoever you may have on your list, I will have it.

In case your curious, the name will be "'Mimosa Rose.....the tag line is "where gifts and accessories bloom"...I thought of the name and Jenn the tag line.

I'm looking for furniture for the store to display my items...not wanting the boring typical store fixtures...I have some pieces at a resale shop in Rosenberg that I need to pick up today...Paul is going to help me....not sure we will be able to get it all but will try. Josh is working so I have my fingers crossed he will get off before I have to get them picked up. Kyle is out of commission, he had knee surgery this past week and has to be on crutches for like 8 weeks. Getting this furniture made me realize, I need some guy friends. (lol)

Everyday has been a day with something...... research on the computer, meetings, checking inventory of merchandise that has arrived at my house for the store and then whatever else it is I do.

And speaking of merchandise arriving at my house...I have had to go a rent a storage unit just to have a place to take these boxes until the store opens cause I'm running out of room. Hoping I can get Josh to help me tomorrow load some stuff up and take over there if not I'll be taking as much as I can alone. The storage places has long dollies so that it is good...the only caring is in the truck, out of teh truck and off the dolly. It will be nice to have my garage back and the closets in the other rooms as well.

So...there you have reason I haven't blogged that much lately. Busy and Tired.

I have lots of pictures and stories of grand-babies I wanted to share with all of you but have been to busy and tired to sit and write so I'm hoping before the weekend is over I will be able to post some pictures without a story just so you can see how much precious they all are and how much they have grown.

So until the next time be safe and be good.