Friday, February 26, 2010

Grandma's Gone Wild....Los Angeles

This was our 3rd annual Grandma's Gone Wild trip. This time to the land of Hollywood.
We arrived at LAX on Thursday February 18th.
As usual we were greeted by our know that's how us Grandma's roll.
Below is what has become my signature pose on these limo trips.

And of course after a long flight we had to be treated to a celebrating beverage.
Cheers to The Grandma's!
Our limo took us into Santa Monica where we stayed on the beach. Below is the view of our hotel from the beach.
We had a patio where we could look out and see the Santa Monica Pier, the ocean and all the happenings on the beach which mainly had something to do with exercise.
For a picture of the view you can check out Fonda's blog Day 1.
We arrived a little early so our room wasn't ready. So we decided to walk down the boardwalk a couple miles (or so....) and check out Venice Beach. Apparently Venice Beach has two parts...the part we visited transformed us back into the land of a Bohemian Hippies kind of vibe.
Below is a RV that looks to me like it's ready for it's drive to Woodstock but instead used by one of the local vendors to haul his goods to sale along the boardwalk.

"The Doctor Is In"
which seemed to be the quote of the day all along the boardwalk. We must of past over 20 different so called doctor's offices. Seems odd you could just walk in off the streets ask to see the doctor, complain of a headache and walk out with your marijuana.

Where were these doctor back in 1978????

After what was close to 3 hours walking and visiting Venice Beach we got to our room...enjoyed our view...relaxed while deciding what to do for the evening. We had decided to clean up from walking along the boardwalk....I kind of dozed in and out. Fonda was first for the shower but apparently I had passed out and passed out hard. At 6 I was out like a light.
I felt like I had jet lag. So...when you read Fonda's blog and she talks about us watching a movie and eating room was really her and Stacy who did those things....
I slept!!!

Guess Grandma ain't so wild after all.

But I think they were happy to stay in and relax so really I did them a favor.

We rented a car and our next day...Friday February 19th took us into the land of Hollywood.
This is not the prettiest picture of the Hollywood sign that I could share with you but it is the closest and was taken from Hollywood Blvd. I had actually stopped to take a picture of this huge Micheal Jackson mural that had been painted on the side of the building when Fonda and Stacy had commented on me getting a picture of the sign...As huge as the sign looked from the street, I didn't even see it until they said something....I know...another Grandma moment.
We walked Grauman's Chinese Theatre outside and saw all the hand and foot prints and then walked Hollywood Blvd. which is also known as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Below is Fonda and I with John Stamos' star. Fonda and I met John while in New York this past October so taking a picture with his star was only fitting.
After we were done with Hollywood we headed to The Griffith Observatory to get a better look at the Hollywood sign and the view of Los Angeles. Below is a picture I like of the valley. It was cool to look out and to be able to see the ocean from where we were.

We drove along Sunset Strip and into Beverly Hills to Rodeo Drive when we realized that we had 3 hours until our dinner reservations at Mr. Chows and it was time for work traffic to we headed back towards the hotel. I think the crew was okay with doing a Rodeo Drive drive by instead of window shopping. It's beautiful but can be a little intimidating unless your ready to put down some money.
Our dinner at Mr. Chows was good...had a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed my champagne and atmosphere the most!
If you need an explanation on that you can read Fonda's blog post for Day 2....all I'm gonna say is
Tried something different once and now I'm done.
Day 3....February 20th
took us to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and their Farmers Market.
Then we headed into LA to hit The Grove shopping complex and Farmers Market.
I must say I loved this place. You could shop, go to a movie, have lunch or dinner, valet park, walk your dog and do a little fresh grocery shopping. We need a place like this. They even have a trolley that takes you from one end to the other.
We walked and saw what it was all about and then sat for lunch, visited and people fun.
I spotted Charlie O'Connell...I know him from the bachelor and his brother is Jerry O'Connell. Charlie is an actor but not as well know as his only know him as The Bachelor.
When we left not sure where we were heading but we drove up on
The Beverly Hills sign so we had to park and get our picture taken. We got lucky ...a couple girls showed up to do the same thing we were doing so we were able to get the 3 of us in the shot.

Before heading back to the hotel and before dark we drove into Malibu. Very nice beach town. It was beautiful as the sun started to set.

I just love the way these beach homes look. The back of the home lines along the main road ....Pacific Coast Highway.

After our drive we headed back to the hotel and walked down to the Santa Monica Pier to see what it was all about.
We had a nice stroll and then headed back to the hotel for cocktails and a late dinner.

Day 4 ..... February 21...
and our last day ....we headed to "Shutters On The Beach" a neighboring hotel for brunch.

There when I walked in, back in the corner at a table for 2... I saw Crystal Hunt who plays Stacy on one of my soaps "One Life To Live". Of course I wanted my picture with her...after all I had come to Los Angeles and didn't find any was my star.
Of course I didn't want to bother her while she was dining and by the way it had looked they hadn't been there that much longer than us. So my thought was that when it was time for them to leave I would ask her for a photo. I didn't know her real name just her character name so Fonda and her fancy phone that has everything on it searched her on the web and found her real name....this way I could call her by name instead of just saying may I have a picture with you.....we ordered and when brunch was done and 4 0r 5 Bellini's later she finally got up to leave and I set out with my plan and here is the picture with a celebrity.
She was very nice and sweet. She looks to be tall but she had on 6 inch heels.
So after our star encounter we headed to the ocean to get our feet wet. It was a nice day but windy and more so by the water. Here is Fonda and myself with The Santa Monica Pier behind us.
And Stacy and I with the ocean behind us...lots of wave action.

We then headed back to the hotel where we decided to stay in, sit on our patio, enjoy our beautiful view of the ocean and pier where we talked for hours, enjoyed cocktails, guacamole and fresh strawberries and tomatoes that we had gotten the day before at the farmers market. We talked ourselves to sleep.
Day 5...February 22
Time to head always...a wonderful time with my Grandma's trip...I think Boston!
Go Grandma's!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Checkin' In

Hello All....Not much goin' on but wanted to drop in and say hello. I'm wanting to write something at least once a week regardless if there is anything new to report or not. As my mother in law use to say..."Don't know if I know anything new or different"...that's me at the moment.

Grand-babies are good...some have colds and some are getting over colds. We've had such a yucky winter that I am so looking forward to spring and when it's over 100 degrees remind me of this past winter. Just tired of rain and cold. Can't remember the last time we had so much rain and cold days. It's like where is the sun? This isn't Seattle.

All the rain though has showed me things that need to be done in my back yard, so that is the next project. Always something.

In 5 days I leave with my girls on our annual Grandma's Gone Wild trip....this year our destination is LA. We'll be staying in Santa Monica along the beach and by the pier. So looking forward to our get away. Once I get back it will be time to get the beach house ready for the spring...I have a little work that needs to be done there as well. Always work! Ugg!

I know I haven't posted pictures of the grand-babies in a while but I will try and do it soon. After my trip I'm sure I'll have plenty to share...Until then, be safe and be good.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And Then Came The Party

On Saturday January 30th, Jennifer (my oldest daughter) put together a party in honor of my
50th Birthday.
I knew there would be a celebration and I knew where it was but that's about all I knew.
It was held at a place called
The Lone Star Saloon
Located in Richmond close to home and ended up being a pretty cool place.

Below is my cousin Lonnie who lives in Tampa...she was my birthday surprise.
I knew she was invited and I was bummed when I heard she wasn't going to be able to make it. We have been talking about getting together and I figured this was a good time. I was told it was something she couldn't make happen.
Needless to say I was surprised the night before my party when getting ready for another engagement Jenn walks in my bedroom with a person with a sweater over them. I was to guess who it was and believe me it never registered that it was my cousin but I was so HAPPY to see her.
Also happy she was here to share in a special time.
Only down fall is that the visit wasn't long enough.
Jenn had the room set up really cool looking...decorative boxes with boas in them and a 50 sticking out.
The tables had pictures of me...recent and from the past.
Along with candies that were popular in was a neat set up.

Here she had a display of pictures along with a gift for everyone to take home, which was a bottle of wine.
The pictures were a nice added touch but now I see when it's my turn to go ....I know which picture will be displayed at my memorial service.....Can you guess which picture? (I am laughing so just laugh with me).
Jenn also had a caterer come in and fix fajitas.
There was also a photo booth which was the hit of the party and with me.
I loved it!
They had props you could use...we took tons of pictures....I think most of the guest used it...I know I did.
I plan on posting some of those pictures as soon as I get the was too cool.
It was a busy week with Birthday activities but one that was thoroughly enjoyed.
Thank you to those of you that helped in making my
50th year
one that I'll never forget.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A 50th Celebration

Born January 27, 1960
The year now is no secret since we're talking about a 50th celebration.
On January 26th....I, along with Kelley, Jennifer and Fonda took off for a quick Las Vegas trip to celebrate
The Big 50!
We stayed at The Venetian. A nice hotel. The casino was nice as well as the shops and restaurants but customer service was a little to be desired. With SO many places to choose to stay I think next trip I will stay somewhere else.
But it wasn't anything that ruined our trip.
Below is a picture of where we stayed.
Once we got in to Vegas we got dressed and headed for a late dinner to Delmonicos...the steaks were good and big enough for 2.
We headed to bed sometime after 1 AM as we were tired from a full day and a evening flight.

Next morning we woke early...well at least Fonda and I did thanks to the man across the hall making loud noise as he decided to call it a night at 5:30 AM...after that we couldn't go back to sleep.
Soon after that Kelley (she and Jenn shared a room next door) joined us in our room for coffee and conversation.
After Jenn got up (she slept a little longer, she had some extra sleep to catch up on, I think it has something to do with having a 7 month at home) we all breakfast then started to clean up and start our day.
We went to go and pick up show tickets and played a little in the casinos while we waited to go to...
The Price Is Right Live Stage Show.
It was a cool show and some won gifts. Our own Fonda won like $10.00 in credits to play in the casino.
Go Fonda!
When we were done we got a quick bite to eat and had our pictures taken as show girls.
The picture below is how we really look....we just use the other bodies because after all, we would never be able to get anything done....

Now I understand the concept of cosmetic surgery!

Then we got ready to go to The Donny and Marie show playing at The Flamingo.
An excellent show and again....lots of fond memories.
For those of you that don't know, I was a huge Donny fan as a teenager and it has just kind of stuck.
Not as bad as in 1973 but still a fan.

Our seats were at a table right in front of the stage that allowed us to have a greet and meet after the show.
It was a wonderful show and a most excellent meet and greet.
The only thing missing was Marie.
She did not attend the meet and greet.
We then bellied up to the bar for a drink as we waited for our meet and greet pictures to be developed.
Once we got them we headed off for a little more night life before calling it a night as we had an 11:44 flight back to Houston.
The night was fun...lots of birthday wishes and hugs....I enjoyed the attention and I think next time I visit Vegas I will again need to wear a birthday sash.
Can't share any pictures of after the Donny and Marie show or I would be breaking the cardinal rule of
"What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas"
Just know that I had a WONDERFUL birthday
and I appreciate my friends and my daughter sharing in my day.
Viva Las Vegas!