Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter From All My Peeps

March 31, 2013

This post will just be sharing pictures of my favorite little chickens.
Hayden and Josh
Jenn, Noah, Liam and Paul
 Tayler, Tammy and Colton
 Tayler and Hayden
 A tisket and tasket little Noah in the basket
 Liam  and Colton trying out their whoopee cushions...
they all got one and they were a big hit with lots of laughs
 Egg Hunt Time
 Noah eating candy he found in his egg
 Tayler and Hayden checking out their loot
It was a beautiful wonderful day!

Liam's Soccer Game

March 23rd
Liam had his first soccer game...he was so cute and so funny.
It's fun to watch a group of almost 4 year olds run around the field kicking a soccer ball.

Go Team Seattle!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.
May in our fun of the day may we remember the sacrifice, the love and the miracle of Easter.

He Is Risen!

Thank you Lord Jesus for saving a wretch like me.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 21st
Colton, my oldest grandchild had his first school program.
All grades had a skit to was put on by the P.E. was a very cute program put to music.
 Isn't he a handsome young boy.
 The first dance moves were put to a Texas the moment I can't remember it but it was cute.
If you look behind him, the girl in the purple shirt...she was so cute to watch...she was really into her moves.
 The next one was done to 5 Little Monkeys...
They were all so cool in their glasses.
 All the dance moves were so cute...The P.E. teacher did a great job with all the grades.
 The boy next to Colton would only do the turn around and nothing else...he had the look on his face of...This isn't cool....he was fun to watch.
 There was also a silent auction going on...As you can see by the picture below...I won what I was bidding on.
This means I don't have to worry about parking at a school that has limited parking and I don't have to go early to insure a good seat to watch my grandson graduate from Kindergarten...
This Muggy has a front row parking space and a front row seat!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Cowboy Rides Away....

March 17th
St Patty's Day

We were all heading to Reliant Stadium for George Straits 
The Cowboy Rides Away
George is going to "retire" from touring.

I'm a season ticket holder for The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  When renewing my rodeo tickets there was an option to purchase George Strait tickets but you had to take the same tickets you had for rodeo.I went ahead and purchased the extra tickets thinking I probably won't go but I'm sure I knew someone who wanted to go.Of course the first 2 people that asked were Kelley and my son in law Paul. At the time we did not know it was gonna be his last show.    

When it was time for tickets to go on sale to the general public I believe it was already sold out.Season ticket holders were given the opportunity to buy tickets before the general public.Fonda was lucky enough to get floor seats...I believe she may of been the only person that day that got them.She's a season ticket holder as well but gave her tickets to an employee and took her girls to George to sit on the floor.
 In the meantime I had decide to go to George...after all it was St Patty's Day and I needed to get Green on...and have a little fun with my friends...
In the words of Gretchen Wilson...
I'm Here For The Party!

Fonda and I had decided to go in on a limo and we would all meet at my house for a pre-party before heading out to the stadium along with 80,000 other people.

In the above picture is Kelley, Stacy, myself and Fonda.
Below is my brother...he was in town from Jacksonville so he was able to join us for George.
I know he must think...damn sister, you haven' grown up yet....
Oh well, that's a whole other story.
 Myself with Paul and Jenn....I had promised him tickets first ...We all had a good time!
 I loved having all the St Patty's Day stuff on...made for such a fun night.
Kelley and I with our Shamrock glasses on.
 It was then time to head out to Reliant as we weren't sure what to expect with that many people heading out for the the carnival from rodeo was still going on.

Below is Jenn and Paul and Fonda with her girls Meagan, Brianne and Kelli
Paul and Jenn with George in the distance...
 Martina who had opened for George also joined him on stage.
 It was a good night...good music...Kelley and I danced most of the night...
I'm glad I went...I do like George and he does have good music (and yes, he is a nice lookin' man)...I think because I saw him so much in the clubs before he made it big, going to a concert isn't a must for me...but it was nice to reminess of the past and of those that touched my life back in those days...I have tons of fond memories and think of them all often.

Hope you St Patty's was a good one...mine certainly was.

Rodeo Time

Friday March 15th
Fonda and I were heading out to rodeo with the entertainment being none other than

We set out with plenty of time...after all it was Friday we were weren't sure what traffic was gonna be like...About 5 miles from Reliant Stadium I realized I left the tickets at home.
Who does that?

Our driver Mo did good in getting us back to my house and back to Reliant all in a timely manner...he was like the pilots when I plane leaves from being delayed...he made up his time.
Once there I went and picked up my Meet and Greet package...yes, I had a meet and greet with Blake.....I was excited and bummed at the same.

Both Fonda and I had signed up for his online fan club (free) and were able to request a meet and greet. While in Key West on our grandma's trip I found out I got in but she didn't.
Hopefully next time we'll make one together.

Afterwards it was time to go in and catch what little bit of rodeo was left....we missed most of it by waiting for the meet and greet....but we did get to check out the wine garden which we had not done before...needless to say it's on our list for next year.
 Blake's performance was good but was over way to soon.
and then the night was over.
 It took us forever to get to the interstate...traffic was awful...
Had a great time with my girl!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Rodeo

March 7th
Stacy, Fonda, Myself and Kelley
headed out to Rodeo Houston.
 Entertainment that night was
Bruno Mars.
I was really excited to see Bruno. A few weeks before he was set to perform it was announced he was coming back to Houston for his Moonshine Jungle Tour in August.

The only thing was there was no sale date announced for his tickets. Being so close to rodeo I figured they would go on sale after his performance.

I was right...the following week tickets were going on sale.
I knew it was going a tough tickets to get.
He broke a rodeo attendance record the night he performed....
his tickets for rodeo were sold out.
He put on a good rodeo performance that you knew a full blown concert would be awesome.

So....I had my daughter come over the morning tickets went on sale...she was on her lap top, I was on mine and Fonda was on hers....
First round...Jenn came up with no tickets available, I got a section I didn't want and Fonda couldn't get the page to load....

Second go round...Jenn, no tickets found, me no tickets found, Fonda's page still wouldn't load...
Third go, no tickets found, Fonda's page still trying to load, Jenn goes, it says 3rd row section A...

Me...yelling....get them, get them....
So we have 3rd row on the isle which is close to the center.
Jenn and I high fived and I told her from now on when it's time to get tickets she's my wing girl.

Needless to say I'm a happy camper...can't wait for August 15th and a full blown Bruno Mars concert...and the girls that joined me at rodeo will join me excited!

(Oh, and Fonda...I copied your Bruno picture from your blog...Thanks!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Key West...Day 4

Day 4
 And our last day in Key West.

This morning we got an earlier start.
We were heading out to Blue Heaven for breakfast...a place we read plenty about...they said come early cause it's always crowded.
 It was a cute outdoors place with a cool favorite so far to chill and relax.
We had about a 45 minute wait but it seemed to go by quickly.

We each ordered a drink...mine was the Bloody Mary and the best I have ever had....they make their own mix...sure wish they sold that stuff cause I would of bought it.
Stacy opted for a beer and Fonda had a Poinsettia.
Fonda and I went through some paintings by a local artist and each bought a painting...mine was of the place we were having breakfast at.

We sat a table with a couple and visited while we were waiting for a table for breakfast.
Once seated we were taken care of very quickly...the wait service was very good and quick.
Below is a view from our table looking towards the bar....crowded the whole time we were there.
 We ate with the Roosters all around us...they run ramped through out Key West.
 And him letting you know use King of the joint.
After a wonderful morning at Blue Heaven it was time to head to The Hemingway House.
Along our walk we came across this lighthouse that is across the street from The Hemingway House.
 and the grounds of 
The Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters Museum.
 Me taking pictures of Fonda taking pictures.
 We have arrived.
 It's a very nice house and spacious for the time period it was built.
 pictures in one of the rooms.
 From the balcony looking out across to the lighthouse.
 one of the many 6 toed cats
 This is a separate room from the house...this is where Hemingway would go to be alone and write 
a typical man cave if I do say so myself.
 Next stop was our journey to The Little White House
 This is where President Truman lived while in Key's in a lovely area that use to be a military can now rent homes there but you can tell by the look of  it use to be military.
 Once there the next tour was in like 20 minutes or so but the tour itself was like 45 minutes or an hour long and we had dinner while sitting in a chair waiting for the tour we decided we didn't want to wait....we decided we didn't want to get ready for dinner....we hadn't had a chance to relax...

So, we decided to leave and not do the tour, we had seen the house from the outside, we were good...we were gonna head back to the hotel and relax outside and along the way try and finish up our souvenir shopping.
 Along the way we past an outdoor market
 a little more time on Duval street
 and then finally back at the hotel....we changed ...packed up out booze and snacks and headed to the man made beach and sat by the water...this was nice...this is what we should of been doing the whole time.
 Waiting for the sun to set.
 We watched the sun set again...the view wasn't as pretty as the one we had on the sail boat but it was still  beautiful and we saw crowds from the street in the distance and from the beach area come out on this pier to watch it...even a Bride and Groom from the restaurant came out for a photo opt.
 and behind us after the sunset was the moon....another beautiful sight.
 After the sunset we decided to go freshen up and have dinner at our hotels restaurant in the picture below....this was where we had our first meal and this is where we had our last.

The wait was longer this evening but we had cocktails outside and talked with 2 couples from where else...Ohio!
After dinner Fonda and I walked to the water...Fonda had to get her feet wet...she likes putting her feet in a part of the ocean she hasn't visited before...then it was time to pack up some before bed...
Our journey had come to an end.

The next morning we went across the street to find those last minute gifts to take home.
We said good-bye to this beautiful view.
and said good-bye to
Key West
It was another great Grandma's trip...spent with 2 of my favorite people in the whole world...
looking forward to our next adventure.

Thanks for the memories and the stories Fonda and Stacy!