Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look Who's One

Happy 1st Birthday
Hayden Hope Harris
Born November 17, 2008

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Have Graduated

From the bedroom to the couch that is. Just an hour ago my couch for the living room arrived...now I can stop hanging out in the bedroom and watching TV in there and be out in a more common room.

It's AMAZING the difference a couch makes. Bless the person that invented the couch.

Now as I'm sitting on my nice comfy couch I can see my kitchen and breakfast nook area in a whole different light...looks pretty nice.

Now it's time to accessorize.

I'm just so happy that I had to share. I feel like a kid. Ha! Can't wait for y'all to see it when it's all done.

I have already started to decorate for Christmas. I figure no reason to decorate just to put it away for the holidays so I'm doing holiday decorating as I go. I just may put my tree up this weekend, Ha! I like a tree up by Thanksgiving so this way I'll be right on time.

Until next time...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Josh and Jessy Tie The Knot

They are now officially
Mr and Mrs Joshua Harris On Friday November 6, 2009 Josh and Jessy went to the Justice of the Peace and got married. They had been talking about it and no date had been planned ...then I got the call on Monday that they were doing it on Friday. It was so last minute that Liam and I were the only ones from our immediate family that could attend. It was nice and quick.
They are now in San Antonio enjoying a mini honeymoon. They headed out as soon as they got married.
Today I will pick up Hayden and she'll spend the rest of the weekend with me until they return tomorrow evening ...so be looking for pictures. Congratulations Josh and Jessy!

Handsome Little Man

Just had to post this picture of Liam....So handsome...this is definitely a blow up picture.

Colton's Birthday Party

This past Thursday was Colton's 3rd Birthday....we had a family gathering to celebrate. It's very rare that all 4 grand-babies are in the room at the same time .... Colton's birthday brought us all together...so a picture of all the kids were in order. Needless to say this was a HUGE chore....out of 9 pictures this was the best. You have a 3 year old that is tired of taking pictures and just wants to do birthday things, a almost one year old that doesn't want to sit still and wants to crawl off and then you have two 5 month olds that want to out hands in their mouths and start to lean over cause they can't sit anymore....and then there all the adult surrounding them in case of an accident and the ones trying to get them to all look.
Maybe the next picture should be of those adults....Anyways...I'm happy to share this picture with you...Christmas should be interesting to say the least. Above: Hayden (will be one 11/17) Liam 5 months, Tayler 5 months (not twins...cousins) and Colton 3
Colton's birthday theme was Spider Man....that is him below with the Spider Man mask....so picture this....I have a house that isn't completely furnished so the house echos....you have a 3 year old with a mask on running around making scary sounds (and it's loud) and you have a 1 year old who hasn't napped all day and her cousin keeps running to her trying to scare her and she's screaming and crying....I had to go and hide the mask so she could calm down....but Colton was having fun and since it was his day that's all that mattered.

Tammy made the cake...it was yummy!
And the birthday Boy after blowing his candles out.

It's nice when the family can get together.
Happy Birthday Colton!

The Sheard Granchildren

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Tayler and Colton that I took this past week while they were over. I watch them on Tuesdays while Tammy has school. and here they are playing...Tayler just loves playing with her brother...she lights up when he's around and he's good with her. I love this next picture both with mouths open and just looking so much alike
Thanks for letting me share and thanks for taking the time to look.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look Who's 3 Today

Happy Birthday
Colton Curtis Sheard
November 3, 2006 What a blessing you are
Gram loves you very much!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Treats

Yesterday was Halloween and I had 3 different sets of visitors throughout the day.
Such a fun day seeing the family and all the grand-babies dressed in their Halloween costumes.
So...today is your lucky day cause I have pictures to share with you.
Here's Liam
My Little Turtle Such a cutie pie
and growing so fast
he had lots of fun trying to get all his goodies out of his pumpkin
we'll have to watch him come Christmas
Then there's Colton
My Little Pirate
here he is with his pirate face...one eye closed and he's saying

So cute when he came into the house and saw the pumpkins sitting on the table....his response was...Oh...presents!
Such a cute little pirate
My Little Pirate with his sister and My Little Lady Bug

Then there's Tayler
My Little Lady Bug
The cutest little bug I've ever seen

and like any little girl...had to change her outfit into her Halloween tutu
And then there was Hayden
My Little Tinkerbell
she had been to the pumpkin patch earlier and brought her pumpkin to show her Grams
She really liked her little puppy dog that was in her pumpkin
Just too cute!
and look at me....I can walk!
I know Tinkerbell is suppose to fly but walking is a pretty big deal.
Hope you had a
Happy Halloween
And not to be braggin' (okay...maybe I am) but I just have the
Grand-babies there ever was!