Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Florida and Family....Part Three and The End

Today is started out a nice beautiful day. My brother joined us for breakfast as Jenn cooked for all of us. We sat around and visited.
My brother and I decided to take a little stroll along the was nice. While out on the beach I took this picture of our hotel from the water.
As you can see there's a left side a middle and a right side....on the right side the first 3 windows starting to the left of the right side on the top floor is where we were staying. All three windows had a balcony with chairs and table. A nice place to hang and chill.
After the walk was over we came back up to the room and visited a little more.
Then my brother gets up from the couch and says, hey, there's a dude getting arrested out on the of course we all watch not knowing what he did to get arrested in the first place. He had no one following behind him. I would guess he was alone.
I at the time didn't have my glasses and couldn't;t see that far for details starting taking pictures so I could sit back down and see what was going on....thus I get to share with you all.

Things seemed pretty calm until he got closer to where concrete was and I guess he thought he could get away. He made one move and then....he went down fast.

This is what he looked like when he got up...damn you gotta go to jail all gritty from the sand.

Afterwards I joined Jenn, Paul and Liam at the brother came to tell me my cousin and aunt were on the way over and about that time I looked up and there they I got out and joined them back at the room for a little visit before getting ready for dinner.
At 5:30 there were 20 of us meeting up for dinner.
We ate at a Spanish Restaurant called Columbia and it was on the water.
The food was excellent and though I didn't get to visit with some family as much as others it was still nice to be together and visit. Some of us haven't seen each other in 20 years. Not just me being in Texas...some of the family in Florida haven't seen each other in years.
And I couldn't keep this young nice looking waiter off me.
What's a girl gonna do.

After we ate and visited....some of the cousins went to place on the beach called Shepherds where we danced, talked and some even had cocktails but that's about all I can say....some had too many cocktails and some even became really good friends with a guy named Jack...
I guess it's true for Florida too....
What happens in Florida stays in Florida!
The next day I stayed in...a little tired...yea...tired is a good word for it...then that evening me and this little guy spend the evening together while his mommy and daddy went into Tampa for a little gambling at the Hard Rock Casino and for dinner.

What better way to end the last night in Clearwater than to be with one of my favorite boys and this beautiful sunset.
Thank you to all my family that drove and came out to spend a little time with me.
I love you all

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Florida and Family.... Part Two

Today's post is our day on Friday.
After a little morning balcony time and getting dressed...Jenn, Paul. Liam and I headed down the street to Pier 60....we wanted to check it out...of course everything you read said it's a must see.
Going early also gave us the opportunity to see how wheelchair friendly it is since mom doesn't get around very good these days.
It's a pretty neat place if you have is Liam enjoy a swing ride....the also have all types of HUGE blow up bouncy things, water slides, bungee bounce and more...lots for kids to do. Liam loves to swing.
There were lots of volley ball and soccer games going on at the beach right at the pier.
Once we were done we went back to the hotel where Liam enjoyed another dip in the pool.
My brother came in around 4 from after visiting for awhile we all headed out to get a bite to eat and head back to the Pier. They had advertised that 2 hours before and after dusk they have vendors on the pier selling their homemade goods.
I forget the name of the restaurant was nothing fancy but the food was good...well at least the Alaskan King Crab Jenn and I had...Yummy!
Here we were trying to keep Liam occupied before our came came...he tried a lemon....
sour face after biting into the lemon....

Had to make another stop for Liam to get his swing in.

Along the pier....the sights were beautiful. My brother said this is an original Clearwater
hotel and is in all the postcards and did make for a pretty picture.

Vendors and the crowd along the pier...sorry...they had nothing good to buy...bummer.

Then we headed back to the hotel to enjoy a beautiful sun set and visit

Well that is it for Thursday...wish I had more to report but so far it has been a very relaxing trip...I will post again later to sum up the rest of our trip.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Florida and Family....Part One

Wednesday I took off for Florida with Jennifer and Liam.
The reason for the trip was to visit with my mom. I thought we'd make it a mini vacation and I rented a room at The Sandpearl resort on Clearwater Beach and brought my mom from Tampa to stay with us so she could have a little vacation as well. It was a beautiful 2 bedroom suite.
Liam had his own seat. I paid for Direct TV so he could watch some cartoons in hopes that would keep him occupied. In the picture below it looks like the cartoons are working. That's what they are deceiving. Ha! Lots went on trying to keep him happy and keeping him from bothering the people in front of us in between the screams.
Finally he flew asleep....30 minutes before was a 2 hour flight nit counting the time we sat on the plane while people were boarding. He did fall asleep on Jenn but I ended up taking him.
I know...sweet baby!
Once off the plane we got the rental car and headed to the hotel to check in and grab some lunch.
Below is the view from one of 3 balconies we had.
And a view of the pool from the balcony.

We then headed to the grocery store...once back we got the groceries put up and we made the 40 minute drive to Tampa to get my mom. We got her and then stopped at the store so Jenn could get some toys for Liam.
Mom and I stayed in the car while Jenn went in.
When she came out I told her I thought the baby went potty. She got Liam out and layed him in the front seat. Next thing I knew she was gagging and saying mommy please...needless to say I had to get out and clean a messy was not pretty...and it was dark outside to boot.

Once we got Liam fixed we headed back to Clearwater but not before the GPS man took us on a little 15 minute detour of wanting us to turn right and there was no right. Finally got on the interstate and back to the hotel.

Next morning...this was the place to be...on the balcony enjoying some quite of my favorite things to do.

Today was spent relaxing. We walked down the street and hot a couple of shops and came back cause it was so hot and I didn't want mom out in the heat for too long..
My cousin came and visited. We had lunch and talked for a few hours
Later we took Liam to the pool...he just loves water.

Late that evening Paul's flight got in....Jenn went and picked him up while I stayed behind to listen out for Liam.

So far the trip has been very relaxing...something I think I really needed.

More updates tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On The Road Again

Crazy...that is what my life seems to be at the moment...One Big Crazy!

I'm trying to get my house cleaned and get myself packed. Tomorrow I head for Florida to see my mom. Also planning a dinner so I can see other family members as well while I'm there. I will be staying on Clearwater Beach...I have to make this a mini vacation and stuck in Tampa (where my mom lives)....I'm bring her to the beach.

This trip I do not plan on bringing my lap top as I think I may be too busy to post and once I'm back I will update you.

Still starting up a business....more on that as well.

To my lovely friend Fonda...regarding your blog challenge...all I can say is...I will try. And as far as the question...what does summer this very moment it means...Crazy and Hot!!!!

Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mourning A Sister In Law

It is with great sadness that I write this today.
My sister in law Helen passed away last night.

She leaves behind her husband of 45 years, 3 wonderful children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

My sister in law was a character as I'm sure we all are to those that love us...and loved she was. I am thankful to of been with her recently, laughing, talking and catching up...she will be missed.

You are loved my sister my friend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making A Comment

I love comments so please feel free to make them whenever BUT if you haven't signed up for an account and leave a post as "anonymous" ...PLEASE write your name after the comment so I can see who you are regardless if I know you or not...It's nice ti know who is keeping up with your blog....Thanks and have a wonderful holiday weekend....we are wet here....still trying to decide if I'm gonna head to the beach house or not.