Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Can't Wait To Be On The Road Again

I've been in the process over the last couple of weeks when I find a quite moment to research my next trip Italy.
This time will be spent along the Amalfi Coast...with our home base in Positano.
Not too long along I saw a facebook post from Exciting Photos and there was a picture of the coast line of Positano. It was beautiful so I had to investigate.
Needless to say...I fell in love.
So my first thing to do was to find the place. We (my cousin and I) knew we would go around Soring of 2014. I looked at hotels and then decided to look at Villa's because of a review I had read from someone.
This seemed the way to had your own place...all the comforts of home...and the cost believe it or  not was cheaper than an average hotel.
As soon as I saw this place I fell in love with it.
Can you see why?

 I knew this is where I wanted to be with a nice glass of Vino in my hand.
 This trip was going to be more of a relaxing vacation...we would still do day trips and see the town and surrounding towns but still take time to relax and soak it all in and when I saw the views and reviews from this place I knew this was the place. I haven't shone you any inside pictures but trust's just as beautiful.
 I contacted the owners...June was taken (and this is for 2014...they are booked this year through September)...I asked about May and most of it was available...I wanted 10 days, they rent from Saturday to Saturday...I could get 10 days but would cost me the same as a 2 week rental so I opt for a week.
 I then get an email...she has another client that wants 10 days instead of 7...our 1/2 week is shared with their half week taking up a full week...and the best thing is, we got a discount rate to do so, so we won and so did the owners, they don't miss any rental days cause that week is full, that would of been the reason for the higher rent cause most people just rent for a week.
It was meant for me to be on this terrace, in this city, over looking this hillside cliff town and the beautiful coast with Capri just a short boat trip away.

I guess sometimes planning ahead pays off...but I know it will be here before I know it...and I can't wait...I have fallen in love with Italy and can't wait to see this side of it.

Now I'm just waiting for February 21st and I'll be on my Grandma's Gone Wild annual trip...destination...Key West.

I was meant to travel...I need to start doing more of it...just need a travel buddy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Wishing all nothing but love and happiness in 2013