Sunday, April 24, 2011

All My Peeps

Happy Easter!

Today I had all my peeps over...such a joy to have your family around and having all grand-babies together is such a blessing and joy and not to mention...FUN! It was hard to decide which pictures from the day I would share with after narrowing it down these are the ones....I may post a view more in a facebook album just to share more.

We start with pictures of the oldest...Grandchild #1...Colton...such a handsome young boy and oh so ever sweet.

And here he was with his bucket of eggs...he needed to know what was inside of them...all the babies got 20 eggs each

And then we have Grandchild #2....Miss Hayden....One beautiful little girl with a mind all her own. I know who the boss is in her house.

She was ready to eat when she arrived.

Above finding Easter Eggs and below laughing at the animal she got in her basket...a bunny that sang an Easter song, Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail and the ears move up and down.

And then there is Grandchild #3...Liam...handsome as can be...and a very sweet energetic little one.

Finding Easter Eggs

Liam looks like his mom (Jennifer)when she was his age but today in this picture he looks like his dad (today). So grown up looking.

Last but not least...Grandchild #4...Miss Tayler so sweet, dainty and beautiful, she's gonna be the one you'll need to watch out for...the headband didn't stay in all day so I'm glad I got this picture when I did, when she first got there.

And this little girl loves her eggs

Eggs anyone?

And then there is me trying to get all the grand babies together for a picture...still hard to should of seen it trying to get them all together with the parents to take one of them all then it was the end of the day, babies were hot and tired so most are not looking so we won't post any of those.

But we will post the individual families....

Liam with his mommy and daddy...Jenn and Paul who are expecting my 5th grandchild this August

Hayden with her mommy and daddy...Jessy and Josh

And Tayler and Colton with their mommy Tammy...their daddy Kyle couldn't be with us because he had to work today.

I tried to get a picture with all grand babies but this was all we could get that came and my boys. They were drinking hard cause they were hot from outside....their little faces are all red.

Today was a wonderful day of fun and family but not a day forgotten why we celebrate ...for indeed

He Is Risen!

Thank you Father for Your sacrifice in Your Son and Thank You that 3 days later

He Has Risen !

Fun Day At Muggy's

Last Sunday Colton and Tayler came over for a visit and we had a fun day of play. I actually tried last week posting pictures and a write up of our day but some how posted it wrong and wasn't able to transfer the post so instead of searching for my words again I'm just gonna share the pictures. You'll have to wait for my Easter post to read me speak.

Colton so handsome and Tayler so beautiful....took me forever to get that one picture of soon as she sat down she would hop back up...she loves outside so much she just couldn't sit still.

I just love this picture of the 2 of them...they both seem to be in their own little world or they are thinking about how much they love their Muggy.

It was a beautiful day spent with special babies.