Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colton and Tayler

Last night the family came time to spend time with my was his last night to be in town, he leaves this afternoon.
So since last week I have been wanting to update you on the grand-babies and let you see how they've grown and how much more beautiful they have become.
So, here's my Colton and Tayler.
Such a handsome young man...hard to believe that next month he will be 5...time just goes by too quickly.

And Tayler and Colton looks like such a beautiful day (and it was) but by Tayler's hair you can see how the wind was was a little chilly and it was hard to get her to stand still, she was ready to go in...but can see how precious she is....they both are.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

My brother is in town and Sunday night we went to Jenn's for dinner.
Her in laws are also in town so we weren't sure how our visiting time would be for my brother to see her and the night was the night.

I took several pictures but these 2 of Noah I just have to share.

I know!!!!!
Just too darn cute!

Tomorrow I will have more pictures to share of my other grand-babies.
Thanks for lookin'.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Saturday afternoon I sent Fonda a last minute text and said...I know it's last minute but I get off at 2 and was planning to go to Garden you wanna join me and do a late lunch early dinner.
I was sure she would be busy and would have to decline but I was so happy when her text said...
I was just thinking about you and yes I'll join you.

I was wanting to get some scarecrows...I was in the mood to decorate for fall. So I loaded up with scarecrows of all shapes and sizes...Fonda found her some Halloween decorations...then it was time to check out and head to eat and have some girl talk.

Afterwards we went our separate ways but before heading home I stopped at the garden center and picked up some pumpkins....23 large and 9 small....if my grand-babies don't make it to the pumpkin patch this year they can come over here and pick out a pumpkin.

So...yesterday I decorated the front yard which took forever...after each item I put in the ground I would have to walk to the street to see how the view was....I think I re-arranged it all 4 different times.
Here is the end result.

Today I did my back yard as faces the lake so it's open to see...I didn't get pictures but tomorrow I will and will post those as well.

Thanks for the wonderful play time Fonda!

"Happy Fall Y'all"

Another Kodak Moment

This one is of Hayden...taken before I took her to pre-school....I got her a Tinker Bell outfit and she wore it to school...she loved it...she loves Tinker Bell and all the Princesses.
I think he's a little princess herself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kodak Moments

Sweet Little Boy

Liam and Noah

Look at those BIG beautiful eyes

He thinks his Grams is so funny

I see you
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Noah (and the one with Liam)...I watched the boys last night for Jenn...I plan on getting pictures of Hayden and then Colton and Tayler by this weekend and will update you on them....I know it's been awhile since Ive shared pictures...I've just been so busy...
Until next time....