Monday, June 25, 2012

9 Days and Counting

My trip to Italy is nearing closer everyday.
In 9 days I will be getting ready to head to the in my cousin and board our flight to Rome, Italy.

It is warm in Italy but I will take their warm weather over Houston's warm weather any day. Today Houstons high is 102 while Rome's high is 85 and their nights in the high 60' it really doesn't matter, I'll be in Rome.

Trying to figure out what I need to do to have my last minute items taken care of.  Then I still have a unfinished project at the store I need to finish and papers from market to go over before I leave.
Having a hard time getting it all togetehr...too much on my plate....but so ready to get on the big bird and excape for 2 weeks.

The weight is doing good...hoping to get 5 more off before the trip and be in a different set of numbers...wish me luck with staying on track.

Have a great week and stay cool.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Liam's Birthday Party

Liam had his Birthday Party was a pirate theme....
Jenn made the cute...all her food and snack were pirate themed named as well.....for example the pretzel sticks were named peg dogs had pirate sails on them to look like a was really cute.
 Liam loves saying Aaarrr
 there were crafts
 and presents
 and birthday cake
it was a fun time....Liam had a really good time!

Where To Begin....

Where to begin or do I even try....seems like life is a whirlwind....kinda tired of curve balls but starting to realize that is really just a part of life.

Lots going on with the store...some good, some not so good..guess we'll wait and see what happens.
Tuesday I leave for market so hopefully seeing new merchandise will help me get a little more motivated.

My trip to Italy is getting closer so I'm trying to put the final pieces of getting ready for that together. I am so looking forward to getting away from it all and enjoying my trip and some girl time with my cousin.

The weight loss is going good....I'm feeling better about myself...enjoying buying clothes in smaller sizes....I'm hoping to loose 10 more pounds before I leave July 4th. I've been working out with Tammy but not as much as Tammy has, wish I could.

My brother is in town visiting a friend so I saw him Thursday night when he got in and then he'll be back here later this afternoon and tomorrow before he heads back to Florida and I head to Dallas.
Thursday Tammy and the kids came over for a visit so I'll share a couple of pictures.

Tayler and Colton with their Great Uncle John
my brother....little brother at that.
 Tayler and me....I share this picture because I just love it...those who know me well know I don't really like pictures...but this one I really like...when I see this picture it reminds me of this is what I see when I look in the mirror...usually what I see in the mirror and what I see in pictures is not the Tayler really makes the picture shine.
And then myself and brother John with Colton and Tayler....they took a liking to John...a little shy at first and then they warmed up....Tayler enjoyed singing to John and they liked it when he colored with them as well.

Yesterday I had Hayden for a couple hours before we headed to Liam's birthday party
(pictures to follow in another post)
She found a tiara I had and she said....Grams, a crown...I wanna be a princess....
So I let her wear it....
If I do say so myself Princess Hayden does make a lovely princess.

Well, I guess that's it for now...until next time....
It Is What It Is

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tayler Turns 3

Happy Birthday My Sweet Tayler

Today Tayler turned 3 and our family celebrated her special day.
Tammy made her a Tinkerbell cake....isn't it cute?

 she had fun opening her presents
 and then it was outside for a pool party with her cousins.
Today was a very special day celebrating a special little girl.
Happy Birthday Tayler
Muggy Love You!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Liam Turns 3

Happy Birthday To You
My Sweet Little Liam
 Here are just a few pictures of Liam opening his presents from the grandma.
 On the 16th he'll have his pirate themed party with family and friends.
Right now he is so into pirates.

Happy Birthday Liam
Grandma Loves You This Much!!!!

Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial weekend I kept Liam and Noah for 4 nights while Jenn and Paul went to celebrate her birthday and their wedding anniversary in Napa.
Though it was a lot of work I loved the bonding it created.

 Liam really enjoyed the idea of staying with Grandma...whenever we were gonna leave the house, which was not often...he would stand off and say No Grandma, I wanna stay at Grandma's soon as I reassured him he wasn't going home he was fine.
 Noah, now 10 months old is at the stage of wanting to go and not understanding why he can't do it all. He did keep me on my toes... every time I put him down he would slither away, that I finally came up with the idea of putting 2 ottomans together to block him in so i didn't have to keep getting up when he crawled out of sight.
Liam liked the idea of a fort...that's what we called it.

 And the bouts in the playroom....when we were tired of the living room we would retreat to the playroom and vise versa.
 Trying to take a picture of both boys together is not an easy after several pictures they both fell over and this picture is the result...they thought falling over was cool.
They do like to rough house together, Jenn is gonna have her hands full.
 I love this picture of the boys playing together
 and more play....
 On Memorial Day Colton and Tayler came over for a play date....I think Liam was happy to have someone else to play with besides Noah and Grandma...Liam played hard that after the play date was over he fell asleep on the couch at 6:30 with a chicken nugget in his hand and slept until 8 the next morning.
 Noah also joined in with a little pool time...he loves the water.
 We had a good time...but we were all happy when Mommy and Daddy returned.