Monday, September 30, 2013

A New Chapter

This past Wednesday I closed on a new home for me.
For some time I have been contemplating about moving, down sizing a little and just wasn't really in love with my home.

It served it's purpose during the time that I needed it to.
I moved quickly when I bought it.

This time around I had been looking for some time.
I didn't tell anyone as I just wanted to do this on my own with no comments good or bad to cloud my mind.

Then after our family vacation in Florida I knew when and if I found a home I wanted it to have a pool. Something I'm surprised at my age I wanted but that's what I wanted and I wasn't sure I really liked the home I was in enough to go through the expense of adding one.

So I found this home in the neighborhood I really wanted...I'm still surprised I found it but so happy I did.
 Above is the front of the home and below is a shot of the pool.
I'm really looking forward to decorating this area the most and making it the perfect oasis.
I have a few small things I want to do in the home before moving my furniture in and I have a lot on my plate right now that the goal is to be moved in by the middle of the October at the latest and then to have my other home put on the market.

Can't wait to have you over for a pool party!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Boys Of Summer Comes To An End...or a Fizzle?!?!?!

September 14th I took off for a quick trip to Tampa.
Back in July I went to Florida and took the family and Kid Rock came to town the day I left....
poor little heart broken me...

So to fix that problem I decided I would go to Tampa to see him on the close of his tour and throw in a visit with my mom.
My cousins Lonnie and Cheri were going to join me at this show and I had a extra ticket so I had called my sister in law who lives in Jacksonville (3 hours away) to see if she would like to join us...she loves her some Kid Rock as well...Of course she said Yes!

We had relaxed at the pool the day of the show and then got ready that evening.
Lonnie's daughter Christina played the role of our limo driver.
Above: My sister in law Laura, my cousin Cheri, myself and my cousin Lonnie.
Cheri and Lonnie had never seen Kid Rock before and not sure they knew that much about him but regardless what they thought...they were entertained.

Having some fun waiting for Kid to come on...
Uncle Kracker opened the show.
ZZ Top was next....and they were awesome!
Most bands like this when they become a certain age should put their guitars away...this was not the case with ZZ Top
And then it was time for the man himself.
I'm still torn between Kid and Bruno...

It was a sold out show.
 As usual it was a good show
 but over way too soon.

The next morning Cheri, Lonnie and myself had a 8 am flight to Vegas. We had originally planned this trip for August but we had rescheduled as we were also planning on seeing the Donny and Marie show and had passes for a meet and greet...this was a birthday treat for Cheri.

Well their show was cancelled due to a injury Donny had so we rescheduled.

Once we arrived in Vegas we were picked up in style...all girls trips should be in style.
Our driver greeted us with a bottle of champagne and opened it for us.
Also waiting was a red rose for the birthday girl.
 First stop before arriving at our hotel...
The Vegas sign.

All my trips to Vegas I have never seen the sign or made it there and this time it was on the list as the first stop.

It took awhile to get checked in to our we had lunch, walked around..etc..
We had tickets that evening to
our seats were front row and center....excellent. 
Above: Us at the bar prior to showtime.
It was a great show....not the same as a strip club where you put money in the g-string...
we had a great time.
 Above is me with the guys and below the 3 of us
I can't share all our adventures as we are in Vegas and as the rule goes What Happens In Vegas Must Stay In Vegas...

The next day on our list was a day of
and that's what we did.
We stayed at The Mirage and they have 3 pools....a main pool that is big with lots of chairs side by side with lots of people besides you...
The Oasis Pool which is more secluded and houses about 40 people with a small fee
which is what we did and so worth the cost.

We were waited on, they gave you floats there were only about 12 people there including can't get any better than that.

The third pool was The Bare pool...sorry...not for
 Above: Cheri and I chillin in the pool and below Lonnie chillin' poolside

That evening we decided to go to a show and dinner...we stayed at our hotel and saw Terry Fator, who won America's Got Talent 4 or 5 years ago....he was fantastic.
While in Vegas we did lots of walking and saw lots of things but also got lots of relaxation in as well.
Above is the the fountains at the Bellagio.

For our last night we were scheduled to see Donny and Marie.
We went a few minutes early...had a drink at the bar.
Got to our seat...Best seats in the house...up close and personal.
Was a great show..and then...
the usher comes over to our table as we were to wait there after the show to be taken to the meet and greet.
I'm sorry the meet and greet has been cancelled..they don't feel well...I think...
I was so mad, to put it mildly...there was only 15 of us...they did well in the show....I know things happen but come would of taken 30 minutes.
So disappointing and especially for Cheri who was so looking forward to finally meeting Donny.

I'm still a little mad but I'm willing to try for Cheri one more time and if the same thing happens again then I'm done.

See...Donny was my first love...way before Tim....way before Blake...way before Kid...way before Bruno...and I thought my boys of summer was gonna end with a bang...was gonna end with the one that started it from the beginning...
So...our trip came to home the next morning...we did have a great time, we had fun just being with one another....I look forward to our next get together....I have enjoyed spending time with my cousins here in recent time...cousins are the best
Donny not so much!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boys of Summer.....Backstreet's Back...Alright!!!

Saturday August 31, 2013
Destination : Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

I took my daughter Tammy, her friend Ashley and my friend Kelley to see....
Ashley, Tammy, Me and Kelley
 The Backstreet Boys
 We started out early cause we had a 3:15 check in which ended up being a 4pm check in...
Our tickets allowed us to have front row center to Sound Check and Q&A
 It was really a cool thing to sit through and I found myself taking loads of pictures of this guy...the youngest (30 years old now) Nick Carter.
He is kinda cute!
 It was fun sitting through this with my daughter as her and her friend recounted their pre-teen days when they liked The Backstreet Boys and N'Sync.
As I know the feeling as I was a huge Donny Osmond (The Osmonds) fan back in the day and I still am....One thing you should know about me if you haven't already figured it out...I like all kinds of music and entertainers....if it's good...I like!

It's cool to be that close to someone you like or use to like and I'm just glad I got to share in the moment and one day a memory.
But our ticket just didn't allow us to a sound allowed us a meet and greet as well.
 All the guys were very nice and very humbled...they are a good group of guys...and yes that young cutie pie is a little cocky like he's all that and a bag of chips...which he is...he is still a very nice guy.

Concert time....
The show opened up with Brian's son (one of the Backstreet Boys) opening the show, I think he's like 10...sounded like a 10year old Micheal Jackson or Donny Osmond...and then this group was next...
They are called "B-5"....very fitting for 5 Boys.

They sounded good and had some great dance moves...I expect we shall see them very soon in the music scene with the younger girls.
 Pauly D from The Jersey Shore was the next act to open...he did a DJ thing which was loud and very cool.

And then it was Backstreet Boys time....
 They put on a really good show....the place was packed...needless to say it was a sold out show...I don't think I have ever seen this venue so packed.
 One thing I don't have pictures of is we were also (because of our ticket) allowed to go on stage (there was about 30 of us) during 3 songs...we sat on risers behind the boys as they performed an acoustic set.

It was very cool...we had a different view and got to see where the boys go behind the curtain with all the equipment back there....not a lot of room...
It was a great time spent with my daughter and friends and listening to some good and fun music.

I know summer is technically over but I have 2 more shows next week... that to me will end my 
Boys of Summer...stay tuned for my recap.