Sunday, May 26, 2013

Girlfriends Getaway

May 9th
Lisa, Jeanette and I were Melbourne, Florida 
bound to see Melinda.

We had a car pick us up cause every good girlfriend trip must start out with a driver and Bloody Mary's.

Lisa and I were picked up at my house and then we headed to get Jeanette who had Bloody Mary's ready for us upon our arrival.

Once at the airport we had time before boarding so we headed to United Club and continued with the Mary's...they were good but not as good as Jeanette's...she makes a mean Blood Mary.
 Once on the plane we had good conversation and continued with the Blood Mary's cause Jeanette had stash...(inside joke)

Melinda picked us up at the airport in Orlando and we were ready to roll.

She showed us where she worked and took us to a couple places along the way as we headed towards Melbourne.

I forget the name of our first place but it was a cool place...I so enjoy the sitting outside, near the water and having a drink and catching up with good friends.
Below is...Melinda, Lisa, Myself and Jeanette.
 Our next stop was Cocoa Beach, and again I can't remember the name of this place....I think because all these pictures are from my phone or from one of the girls' phone...I'm having an issue loading my camera pictures to my computer.

We hung out at this place for awhile and had a few drinks...this place sat on the beach and we had a wonderful view....and we had a lot of laughs.
 This was another one of our views...creepy lady at the bar who for some reason would not stop starring us down...I took this picture and posted her on Facebook...not really sure what her problem was...maybe she was jealous that good friends were together having a great time...but I will say she was getting on my nerves and trying my patience.
 Once we left Cocoa Beach we stopped at a beach in Melbourne..
Here is Melinda and Jeanette
 and then Lisa, Myself and Melinda...Jeanette took this picture in which she had us waiting for the wave to hit us that we were unaware of.
 Before we headed to Melinda's we made a stop at the grocery store and liquor store, we had to get our priorities in check.

Melinda cooked us a wonderful shrimp dinner, Lisa and Jeanette helped at times, I didn't but insisted on buying the shrimp cause I knew I wasn't gonna help cook, that's just not my thing.

Anyway, we drank, and ate and had a wonderful night visiting.

Next day we headed to the beach and had some beach time...before heading back to Melinda's we stopped at Bone Fish Willy's for lunch.
 We had a wonderful view .
 Once back at Melinda's we hung out at her pool and then that evening we headed to Melinda's "Cheers Bar"....Captain Katanna's

It was such a cool place and right on the water, wonderful breeze and a great time with the girls.
 There we are...Girls just wanna have fun and fun was what we had...when we were done there we went to Mexican Restaurant for dinner which was really good, we had left overs for breakfast.
 Now it's Saturday and our last day to spend with Melinda...we hung out again at the pool...we went and met some of her friends and then we went to Caden's (Melinda's son) band program which was wonderful. After the program we came back to the house and we had wine and sat on the back porch and talked and laughed and cried and had the best time.

I think that was my most favorite part of the trip...hanging out in the evening before bed, having a drink and just talking making the bond of our friendship a little more stronger.
It's now Sunday and time to head to the airport...I had a wonderful time...thanks Melinda for having us...I think I can speak for us all in stating...We had a blast!

Oh...and there were some crazy moments but what kind of girls trip would it be if I told the whole know a girls gotta have secrets.

30 Years Ago....

Yes, 30 years ago...I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
 Little did I know that this beautiful 8lb-14oz little bundle of joy would forever change and rock my world.
Happy Birthday Jennifer
I'm so proud of that little girl that grew up to a beautiful woman.
I Love You More!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Friday night we went to 
The Arena Theater
and saw Trace Adkins.
 Kelley came and was my date...she's such a great friend!
 While Fonda and Stacy brought their husbands, Jim and Albert.
We all had a good time.
 Trace Adkins put on a good show...I was surprise he didn't really interact with the crowd, he sang and smiled....I had never seen him in a concert before but I think I was expecting a little more but he did put on a good show. He's tall but not as built as he seems, he's  a lot smaller built than I would of guessed but them jeans were pretty skin tight.
 Next on the agenda...Tim McGraw in June, Bruno Mars in August and my Kid Rock in September...
going to Tampa to see that one with my cousins and make a quick trip to see my mom.

I do love a  good concert!