Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Happy Birthday
Jennifer Marie
May 26, 1983

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Greetings From The Beach

"Happy Memorial Weekend"
Hope you had or are having a wonderful holiday. This weekend we spent it at the beach.
Tammy, Kyle and Colton came down Friday night.
Jenn and Paul made it down Saturday at noon and Josh, Jessy and Hayden didn't make it...Josh wasn't feeling well...they were all missed. I was hoping to have "ALL" the family together but maybe next time.
Paul BBQ'd...we had fajita's and lots of stuff to go with it it....Kyle did some honey do's...changed some locks and fixed a couple doors.
The weekend also brought rain...yesterday just a little but today was on and of until around 2 and then it just kept raining.
This was our last run to the beach before the rain began....Colton loves the beach...I couldn't help but write in the sand...I think I will blow this up and put it in the beach house.
Below is Bailey just chillin' on the beach takin' it all in.
And below Colton pulling his beach wagon with all his sand toys...he's set and ready to go.
Jenn and Paul with Howie....she has about 5 and 1/2 weeks before Liam's arrival...that is if he decides to come on time.
And here's my little man making sand castles...he LOVES making sand castles.
And here he is with his mommy and daddy (Tammy and Kyle)...Tammy is expecting Tayler's arrival a week before Jenn but I think Tammy is expecting her earlier than her arrival date...hopefully they'll all wait until I get back from Florida next week.
Now everyone is gone...Jenn and Paul left earlier this afternoon and Tammy and crew a couple hours ago...it's just me and Bailey and Bailey is knocked out...it was busy for him this weekend...I'm a little tired too. It's funny...I love having my family around but I also love the quite...and guess that's the best of both worlds.
Tonight we'll rest ...in the morning we'll clean up from the weekend mess and then head home to get ready for Florida.
I'll be leaving this week for Florida...going to help take care of my mom....I'll be gone almost a week....I hope to post at least once from Florida....
Until next time....
Take care!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Love Island Time

I'm at my favorite place...The Beach House. Bailey (the dog) and I came down yesterday morning...I think he likes the beach as well.

Today we walked the beach for an hour. He was so tired when we go back he took his longest nap yet.

Later on we cut dead palm tree branches...not an easy task...it took about an hour and a half but it looks so much nicer. I have like 3 more branches to cut but they are too high to reach so I'll need to bring a step ladder back next time. I need to buy one for this house anyway.

Today was a gorgeous day...not so hot...a wonderful breeze. Right now Bailey and I are on the deck...I took a little snooze and Bailey is still taking his.

I'm enjoying a Tortuga Rum, (banana flavored) made in The Caymans....I bought it when I was there 2 years ago...I love it...it's like drinking a banana snow cone. I love banana flavors...laffy taffy especially. I need to see if I can find any of this rum in the states...I've never seen it in the liquor stores...I'm almost out. So, if anyone is going to the Caymans you know what my souvenir needs to be.

Hope you had a nice, peaceful, relaxing day and if not, don't worry....I didn't enough for the 2 of us.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Deer Is Gone

Today I went to the back of the property and out from under the old covering that we had for the horses (which I no longer have) ran out 2 deer and then the baby deer. So...I knew the baby deer was still trapped on the property even though I had left the gate opened.

Tammy, Kyle and Colton came over and I was telling them my stories...so Kyle walked out to the back and the baby ran towards the front and he was able to get the baby to run out...so then we shut the gate so it wouldn't get trapped in again...hopefully that family will stay gone. That momma was starting to scare me some...she was getting aggressive with the dogs...she got Bailey and Howie once with a kick....the good thing about that is that Bailey has seen deer twice since that encounter and has chosen to turn away instead of running forward.

Anyway...thanks to my son in law for getting rid of the baby deer.

Tomorrow...I'm hoping to head south towards the beach. Hope all you mother's had a lovely day. Mine was relaxful...I did see all of my children and my grandchildren so that was nice.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Another Day

Today was just an average day....The yard looked wonderful, after all I had workmen yesterday. Today I drove around the property and it looked great.

All day today I have had a baby deer in the yard that couldn't get out...all the holes in the fence are fixed so the only way out is to jump.... which the deer is too small... or to go out the front gate. So...I tried getting in my truck and drove around the back and front yard trying to get the deer to run out the front gate...I'm sure any neighbors driving by thought, what's up with this lady...but after an hour of driving around I gave up...the poor thing just couldn't find it's way....and you could tell it was scared. I even left the gate opened for some time hoping it would leave but no, still here. I hope it's gone tomorow...the dogs keep trying to chase it.

I made a run out to the beach house...had something to take care of...Tammy, Kyle and Colton are there...they were on the beach making sand castles and looked so cute...Colton was enjoying himself. I let the dogs play for a bit and then off we were.

On the way back home Jenn called to tell me a funny story about their trip in San Antonio at the Safari Wild Life Park...she laughed so hard she had me laughing. I like it when you have a story and no matter how many times you tell it you laugh every time.

After getting back home I started to trim some bushes that needed to be trimmed...I got about half way done when I thought I heard something in the bushes...so I stopped. I will try again tomorrow.

Also tomorrow I plan on working on my breezeway and garage...it's full of stuff....time to get it out.

I hope you all have a enjoyable weekend...thanks for letting me ramble.

****It's the next day...and the deer is still in the yard****

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Have Workmen!

Today I have workmen at the house...I haven't had workmen in FOREVER! if you've ever had them and then lost them then you would know why they are so important. Since Todd's been gone I haven't had any BUT today I have a couple from the old office that are here working....I have to pay for their time but it's worth it. Especially since I know they'll work a full day and at the end I'll be able to see all that has been done. I'm so excited! Josh has tried but he's not what I'm use too so today is a good day and I just had to share my excitement.

Things on the list to be done...cut trees that are down...pick up huge tree limbs scattered across the property (5 acres)...repair fencing....weed eat and if their is time mow the back 2 acres. I can mow so if that doesn't get done it's not a big deal but I'm sure they'll have it all done...they work good.

As I said...I'm so excited!

I haven't posted in awhile...I think by Fonda's blog it says a week...Life is just crazy. I have a lot of personal stuff going on. I'm also looking into have some remolding work done in my house...which I think I'm gonna pack all my stuff as I'm moving, throw some stuff out and have a huge yard sale and then move to the beach...then I'll move back in as though it's a new house...lots on the agenda.

Then I'm going to help take care of my mom the end of this month. Also I have new grand-babies due ...one around June 27th and the other July 2nd. So right now not alot of exciting stuff to share (except for the workmen) just busy stuff.

I'm also taking care of Howie this weekend for Jenn and Paul...they are on their way to San Antonio for a last get away before the baby is born....so my work is cut out for me with Howie and Bailey (my dog)...Howie isn't any work but Bailey is extra work with Howie around, he's even more excited than usual.

Then Tammy and her family are headed to my beach house for the weekend for their little get away before their baby arrives. Josh (no babies on the way) is good...He may be bringing Hayden by this weekend for a little visit.

So...there you go...I've updated my blog...shared my excitement over workmen and then I gave you nothing but ramblings...hope you enjoyed. ha!

Enjoy your day!