Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something Strange

Late this afternoon my friend and neighbor Kelley called to see I could take her to pick up her car...and I did...so I figured while I'm out I should go ahead and get one of my errands done...and so I did. I went to the Wal-mart...not one of my favorite places but it was the closest and I could get what I needed there.

Upon coming out of the doors and with sunglasses on I was like...what time is it, it looks dark. I looked at the time and it was almost 7. So, I took my sunglasses off to see that it was cloudy and out in the distance there appeared to be rain clouds. They also looked as though they were in the direction I was soon going to be heading.

About half way home I came up on "Something Strange"....RAIN!!!! and hard rain. As I got closer to home it had stopped but picked back up again but not as hard.

When I pulled into the drive it was raining a steady rain and has pretty much throughout the night...nothing hard but a nice steady light rain. So strange to see rain. You just can't believe (unless your from the Houston area) how hot and dry it has been and the ground cracking and the green grass all brown...it's awful...so it was nice surprise to have rain.

Now hopefully we won;t wake up to mosquitos...especially at the beach this weekend.

Thanks for letting me share...now it's off to bed...tomorrow I'm watching Hayden and I think Colton as well but only for a couple hours. I'll share pictures later.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Dinner

This evening I met with Josh, Jessy and Hayden for a birthday Dinner for Josh. We had a nice time...ate at Cafe Adobe. That Hayden is sure a cutie and was so good while we were out.

She wanted big people food, that's for sure.

After dinner we went to Babies R Us where I had Hayden's picture taken at the portrait studio they have in the store...needless to say her pictures are adorable. She was so good for the camera. Maybe I can find a way to share when I find time to mess with the scanner and all.

This weekend the family will gather at the beach house for the holidays weekend. I also have friends that are renting a beach house a couple houses down. Hopefully it's not a sign of what's to come. Last July 4th they stayed in the house that was right next door to where they are staying this week....notice I said "WAS"...that's because that house floated away during hurricane Ike never to be found.

Anyway...I'm hoping there will be a chance since all grandchildren will be under one roof to get a picture of them all...should be an interesting task to say the least.

Well, I'm off to bed...well..actually to lay in bed while I watch tonight's episode of The Bachlorette...I had to record it tonight since I was gone. I love that show! Ha!

Have a good one....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua

Joshua Todd Harris
June 28, 1988
"It's The Big 21"

Appliance Shopping

Well...I needed a new washing machine for the beach house. The one there is no longer working and hasn't for the past month. I don't have time to go out and purchase one so I decided to do it on line.

I didn't go with anything expensive, just something basic to do laundry while at the beach. After reading reviews I made my choice and it was a good choice money wise as well.

But of course after paying delivery charge, taxes, haul away fee for the old one and the in home installation fee I could of bought two washers for the price of one.

So my reasoning for this is...I need it before the kids arrive for the July 4th weekend so I can get the laundry done, I need someone to bring it up those stairs and hook it up and I need someone to take the old one away....all things that I can't do nor do I want to worry about getting someone to do it for me...this way..."It's Done" and "No Worries".

The next step is a new frig but I'm trying to decide if I want a new one here at the country home and take the old one there to the beach house...again...my dilemma is getting it hauled up those stairs and the old one hauled off.

Hope your having a wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Meaning To The Word "HOT"

Hot as Hell! That's what it's been around here lately! And that really doesn't even begin to describe it.

I got up this morning to let Bailey out and I saw some wetness on the porch and thought...what's this? Looks like we had a very and I mean very light shower. Not enough to do anything but still...there was water.

It has been so hot and humid here that you just can't stand it. I have even felt a little sick at times being out for 5 minutes. The air is like you can't breathe.

Anyway...so I thought...rain...are we finally gonna get rain. So I went to the weather channel and there is a slight chance but I don't think anything big....I think mainly because of the heat.

So...the high temp for today is 102 and 110 with the heat index and we aren't even out of June yet.

There's No Place Like Texas!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures of Liam

I just realized today that Liam is 2 weeks and 2 days old...oh my....where has the time flown?
Here are a couple pictures Jenn took that I stole from her to put on the blog so you can see.
Isn't he so cute sleeping...he looks just like Paul.
And then this is precious...Howie and Liam.
I have no news to report....just pictures.
Have a good one!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Update Time

All has been well...just busy. I did find time to head to the beach house this weekend and was joined by my good friend Stacy and her husband Albert. It was hot at the beach but as long as you were on the deck you had a wonderful breeze. Needless to say that's where we spent most of our time. It's too nice and relaxing not to spend time there.

I have pictures of Hayden and Liam to post but right now my memory card won't load with my printer...I guess it wants a time out so I will try tomorrow and then post you some pictures.

I took Jenn last week to a hair appointment so I was the one taking caring of Liam...it was so nice having him rest on my chest. Nothing like holding a baby, especially one you don't have to keep. Ha! All you older moms get it. Liam is growing but still so small.

Then Josh brought Hayden by for an hour...she is growing so much and such a cutie. She makes all sorts of noises.

Below is a picture of Tayler and Colton...Don't you just love it. Tammy took it. I saw it on her facebook and she also has it on her blog (you can click on her name on the right side bar of this page to go to her blog) so I saved it to my computer cause it's so cute of the 2 of them together.

Hope all is good with all of you...I'll stay in touch. Until next time....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Visit's With Grandchildren

Yesterday I went to visit Jenn and Tammy and see the grand-babies...the only grand-baby I missed was Hayden but I'm gonna see I can stop off Thursday for visit after i take Jenn and Liam out and before I head to the beach house.
The picture below is of Colton...he wanted his picture taken where you could see the candy in his mouth.Then here's sweet baby Tayler
And her again
and then we have sweet baby Liam already a week old
And content in his Grams arms.
Gotta love grand-babies!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

And How Was Your Weekend

I had a very nice weekend.

I had a friend come over Saturday afternoon who also spent the night. We caught up and just enjoyed girl time talking. Also my friend across the street was able to sneak away for a bit and join us for a drink until her youngest child sought her out and found her. Still a nice girl time.

The purpose for the getting together was to help me start packing up stuff. I'm planning on packing things up in the house and getting ready to do a little remodeling. I figured the best way to change things up was to act like I'm moving and cleaning it all up....getting rid of what I don't need and all that good stuff.

Got some of that done...but I think we visited a little bit more than we worked.

I also caught up on some much needed rest...after all...last week was a busy week around here.

Tomorrow I'm off to see grand-babies...hopefully I will be able to post some updated pictures for you.

Oh...and one more thing...I did a Face book account...still learning it...it's different than what I'm use too...but it's also a way to reunite with old friends. We'll see how it goes.

Until next time take care....Oh...and this weekend...off to the beach...Yippee!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday I went to the hospital to see Tammy and when we got there the hospital photographer was there taking Tayler's pictures....so when they photographer snapped her last picture I snapped this one...isn't she precious. Colton saw the bow in her hair and related that to a princess so now he calls her princess.
Tayler also has brown hair and right now the eyes are blue...we think
After stopping by the hospital we then left to visit with Jenn and Liam. He was resting very comfy on his mommy....here's this shot of him...another precious little grandchild. He makes so many different facial expressions, so cute....in some he looks like Paul and otters like Jenn.
And then after visiting Jenn on the way back home we stopped one more time to see Tammy and Tayler...I wanted Colton to be able to see them enough as not to feel left out. So we were able to get this family shot of them.
After all our visits and Colton being some what of a cranky butt we headed home and of course he fell a sleep about half way home holding his big sticker book...he looked too cute I had to take his picture too.
We got home...had some dinner and after he helped get Bailey (the dog) wound up some more I decided it was lights out...I was exhausted...so off to bed we all went...after about 15 minutes they were all out and then so was I. It's been a busy, draining, exciting week...I'm looking forward to a little down time.
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a Girl!

Tayler Lee Sheard
Born 06-10-2009
12:51 PM
7 pounds
4 ounces The proud brother big
Colton Curtis Sheard
Tayler is a sweetie and seems so big compared to our precious Liam.
Colton did really good with her and I think they'll all be fine...I was a little worried but I think he'll be fine. Tomorrow Colton and I will go back for a visit...probably 2 of them along with going to see Liam.
Tammy is doing good and had a better experience than she did with Colton so that is good.
Jenn and Paul took Liam home today so they are settling in. Tomorrow I should have lots of pictures to share.
Well...needless to say I am very tired so I think Colton and I are gonna go and chill before bed...will share more tomorrow.
Needless to say I am a very blessed Grams (aka: Muggy)

Sweet Liam

Here are a couple pictures of Liam that I took yesterday while at the hospital visiting Jenn and Liam. Isn't he just precious? He loves laying on his mommy.Today Jenn should be leaving the hospital...not sure what time. Once I know they are on the way home I'll head that way to get Howie home for them.
And look at all that hair...to me for a white baby he has a lot...Jenn was bald until 18 months and even then it wasn't much.
*** A Tammy update...she is at the hospital...I haven't talked with her this morning. She's suppose to send me a message when she knows about when the baby is coming. I will keep you posted!
Colton is here and sleeping still...I may need to get him up soon so we can start the process of cleaning up so when I get those calls that Jenn is leaving hospital and Tammy had the baby...I'll be ready to do what I need to do.
Oh...and did I say..."I'm tired"? Makes me wonder how my grandmother kept a ton of us grandchildren at all ages...and even took us out in public. Bless her!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Grand Baby Updates

So...today I watched Colton while Tammy went for her doctor appointment...she calls afterwards and says...I've dilated to 2 and my fluid is low, I'm going into the hospital tomorrow night and they will induce Wednesday morning.
So...after I clean house some tomorrow and run errands and go visit with Jenn and Liam I will go and pick up Colton. He'll be staying with me while Tammy and Kyle are at the hospital...they should be released Friday.
After Tayler makes her arrival I will take Colton to the hospital to meet his new baby sister.
So...the 2 newest grand-babies will be 4 days apart.
"I'm already tired"
So...I have Howie...Jenn and Paul's dog, who already knows something is going on...I will take him home after Jenn and Paul go home on Wednesday.Then Colton and I will go to the hospital (hopefully)...Oh...and tomorrow...we need to figure out sleeping arrangements...Howie is sleeping with me so I can keep him and Bailey (my dog) separated cause Bailey wants to play all night..now I need a place for Colton to sleep...so it may be Howie, Colton and me in the bed...I'm sure we'll find something to work.
So...I went this evening to visit Jenn and Liam (Paul too)....and the photographer for baby pictures was there...while she was trying to pose Liam I was able to snap this shot...look at him...around 30 hours old and look how far he has that head raised. I'm tellin' ya...he's ready to go!
And here I am with Liam saying my good-byes until we meet tomorrow....actually I'm Eskimo kissing him...something he will grow up knowing he and his Grams will do.
I will keep you posted on all the happenings of our family this week. Oh..and I have a friend coming over this weekend...she's gonna help me do some packing up while I prepare to get the house ready for a make over....so I'm busy
day this week.
I think it's time for a vacation!
What do you think?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome Our Newest Member Of The Family

Liam Jude Marker
10:46 AM
6 Pounds
1 1/2 Ounces
19 inches
Blue Eyes
Blonde HairProud Parents
Jenn and Paul
Just about the sweetest thing there is...
In his momma's arms
And with his eyes open thinking...
Here's looking at you you Grams!

Jenn and Paul (and baby Liam) are all doing fine. The couldn't be any happier.
I got to the hospital about 9:40 this morning and left at 4:30. I plan to go back sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Liam looks like Jenn when she was just born...her baby picture looks just like him.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post more pictures so you can see how much he grew over night,
Good night from a proud Grams!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Hayden Time

I think we have a looker on our hands.
Josh brought Hayden over yesterday for a visit yesterday and I must say she's just about the cutest thing ever!
I swear every time I see her she gets prettier and prettier. Plus I'm starting to see some resemblance to Joshua.
We had a nice visit.
Look at me Grams .... I'm a cutie!
And I can sit up on my own...I'm a big girl now.

Hayden is almost 7 months old....my how time just flies.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Grandsons Arrival

No...Liam isn't here yet ..... but his arrival is due this Sunday, June 7th. He will now be grand child #3 and not #4.

Jenn had a doctor's appointment today and has dilated to 2...so our little Liam will arrive 3 1/2 weeks earlier than expected.

Jenn is fine...she will do a bed rest thing until Sunday.

I will keep you all posted....I should have news for you by Monday morning...more than likely Sunday evening but for sure Monday.

Keep Jenn, Paul and Liam in your prayers!