Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So...this year I made no resolutions but what I called Reflections.
One of these reflections was to reflect on things that are or not in my life and around me, rather they be human or not... and make the change,

Yesterday I was invited to join a on line facebook bible study to read through the bible in a year,

There Reflection One came to light.
You need God in your life more than He is...You need to spend time with Him by being in His Word....

So thank you friend for inviting me to join this group where accountability lies so I can stay in His Word....


Hopefully I will be able to share more Reflections with you in the coming days and months.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections And A New Year

Welcome 2012....another year come and gone and another year older and hopefully wiser.

With this new year I make no resolutions but I do have some things I hope to change...that is where reflections come in and not resolutions....time to clean house of sorts....that will be for another post.

Now lets see how good I am at a recap of 2011 since I had no letter with my Christmas card this year.

I just finished a full year in business...it's been a learning experience and still is...I know I could not of done it without Jennifer's (my oldest child) help....hoping that 2012 is a little smoother.
Had a good first year in business and a excellent holiday season.
I'm enjoying the working for the most part but I am tired....I still really don't have a social life but I guess having something to get up to in the mornings is better than not having anything.....but I do miss my times when I could come and go as I pleased, even if they weren't that often
When we started this business we had no idea that Jenn would become pregnant and give birth to my 5th grandchild, Noah Todd Marker.....who is the sweetest, happiest baby and who reminds me so much of Todd...I guess his middle name fits him well.

This year brought happy milestones....Colton, my oldest grandson turned 5, my grand-daughter Hayden turned 4, my grandson Liam and  grand-daughter Tayler both turned 2.

Tammy (my middle child) finished school and found a teaching position soon after and is now teaching third grade.

Josh (my son) filed for divorce this past year, it has yet to become final...he sees Hayden all the time so he is not trying to get out of his daddy duties.

I haven't travelled as much as I wanted...I made it to Atlanta and Dallas twice but those were work related and spent at market...no time for sight seeing or fun....I did spend a long weekend in Boston with my friend Fonda and had a wonderful time....as a weekend in Lake Charles...and I really think that's it....see....I need more travels....hoping I can make that happen 2012, even if they are short trips.

Wow...I think that is it for 2011...how boring...most of the year was consumed with work....

Watch out 2012...I have a lot to make up for....Happy New Year!