Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What A Week...Or 2

*****UPDATE***** added at the bottom since original post was made*****

Crazy would be an under statement!

Besides my usual time with grandchildren....I have decided to start a business. It's time I try to do something and at my age and this time in my life hitting the pavement to try and find a job isn't that realistic. So...with the help of Jenn (finally getting some use out of that marketing degree we paid for) I have decided to open a gift, decor and more boutique.

At first we decided to go the route of home business based....do some big shows and home parties and test the waters but after going to market my thought was....maybe I need a store. Today we went and looked at a home that is used for commercial...thinking I may just lease it out and give it a shot. It would be easier than loading things up and tearing down for shows. Plus I like the idea of a home instead of a shopping strip. Plus the cost is lower. It's in the right place so i think it will do good....at least I hope it does.

I've always wanted to own my own little store....I guess that time is now.

This past week Jenn and I went to market in Dallas and had no idea what to expect. It was scary, fun and tiring. We hit it hard for 3 days and still needed more time. Now that we are getting ready to open a store we need to hit another market. We not only need more items but more items that will work in a store that wouldn't of worked in a show.

As the time gets closer I will share with you the name, the location and the types of items I'll be carrying...hoping you all will come and check it out.

This is a scary and exciting time in my life...wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

I have a feeling this may cut into my travels some. May have to plan around market dates.

The the grand-babies and their parents are doing good....growing by leaps and bounds. Josh turned 22 yesterday...hard to believe. Time just keeps marching on.

Thinking about heading towards the beach this weekend. After this weekend it's gonna be full steam ahead. Want to have the store open in about 2 months if possible.... As I stated earlier......CRAZY!!!!!!


Looking into another place so may not be moving quite as quick....it's okay to take time...I wanna get this done right if I can....planning more market dates right now....I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Make-Over

Last night I found a new background for the blog that matched the header and thought...let's do a blog make over....What a nightmare...Blogger has changed the way it use to be done and if anyone knows me...I don't like change! Nothing fit on the page right, things went in different order, couldn't get colors right...finally I was tired and needed to get to bed and just said....I'll worry about it later....so don't worry...when I get back in town I'll play around with it some more and maybe it won't be such an eye sore. I'm heading to Dallas, will share more about that later.
Enjoy your week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tayler Turns One

Happy First Birthday Tayler
Born June 10, 2009 Miss Tayler in her birthday tutu..
I think she liked the strawberry birthday cake her mommy made...
she was so cute rubbing it all around her face...it doesn't look like it but she did eat some as well.
And trying to make sure no crumbs are left behind.
Happy Birthday my sweet grand-daughter
it's hard to believe a year has done by
I Love You!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All My Grand-Babies

Beautiful... Beautiful... Beautiful
Here are ALL my grand-babies.
Liam who turned 1 the day after this picture was taken, Tayler who will be 1 in 2 days, Colton who is 3 1/2 and Hayden who is 1 1/2. The above picture we got while playing peek a boo...Tammy had the blanket and who raise and lower it and do peek a boo...they loved it though not everyone is looking this is by far the best picture we have been able to get of all 4 together...especially when they don't want to sit in place.
My 2 beautiful grand-daughters playing and
My 2 handsome grandsons playing in the pool.

All four loved playing in the pool together and did very well...no body got hurt, no body cried and not sure any body wanted out when it was time.
Grand-babies are just the

Monday, June 7, 2010

Liam Turns One

Happy 1st Birthday Liam! I went to Jenn's this morning to see Liam on his actual birthday
to sing him the birthday song and
to take him his birthday presents.
I think he likes the turtle sand box that will eventually find it's way outside.

this toy his daddy was putting together when I left.
Such a sweet little boy...hard to believe a year has gone by.
Love you Liam!

Happy Birthday Liam

Happy 1st Birthday Liam
Born June 7, 2009 Wasn't crazy about his hat...he had a party yesterday....more pictures to come later.
Happy birthday special little boy...my how a year has flown by.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Favorite Boys

Last week I had Liam for 2 nights while Jenn and Paul went to Lake Charles to celebrate her birthday and their 5 year anniversary....Seems odd that my child had been married 5 years but what is really odd is that she's 27...what happened?
On the last day of Liam's stay Tammy dropped by for something and I met her outside so she didn't have to leave the kids in the truck or take them out.
Colton had already called during Liam's stay to come over and play but things were busy with Liam and Bailey (the dog) and having guys working on the yard....but when I opened his side of the door to give my baby a kiss he said....
Muggy (again, that's my grandma name he calls me) I want to stay at your house...I was like Muggy has things to do I don't know if I can take you home later.... again I hear, Muggy I just wanna stay at your house I don't like my house, I like your house... anyway, after a couple minutes I of course gave in, he knows at such a young age how to pull those heart strings. Saying no is very hard for me to do. So...we spent a lot of time in the playroom...did I tell you I love having a playroom in the house....best thing I did in the house was to make a playroom.
Above Colton coloring...something he loves to do...I wonder if he'll be an artist?
And above Cousins showing the love...it was cute...Colton would go to give Liam a kiss and Liam would take both hands to Colton's face and open his mouth wide as babies do for a big kiss but my camera would never flash quick enough to capture it....then Liam went from wanting to kiss to grabbing Colton's head and pulling hair...that was when affectionate time was over.

Then we played peek a boo and both boys were loving it...putting covers over the face and pulling down for peek a boo.
Love those boys!
Being a Grams (aka Muggy) is the BEST!!!!
Just wanted to update you on the babies...next I'll have some pictures of the girls.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backyard Makeover

Last week I had a backyard makeover ...when I bought the house the backyard was very plain. It had 2 small pine trees, about 5 shrubs in front of the living room (which I had Josh dig up and plant at his house since he had some bare areas in the front that needed a little something).
And then the patio. Which you can see by the picture below is somewhat closed in. My plan was to open it up so you could sit in a covered area and out in the open and be able to see from all directions instead of just straight. Here you get a better feel of how the original porch looked....and what is going to be added.
Concrete has been poured for the porch and flower beds dug out. Also had to have my sprinkler system
re- done a little to accommodate the new areas that need water.
Another look at the porch area

In this picture you can see the 2 pine trees I had...not very big and no shade at all...need a little shade when you sit outside.
It's starting to take some shape now...you can see the porch has color....I had the stamped concrete done...flower beds are starting to take shape though there are no flowers yet.

The pine trees have been replaced with Red Oaks...I love them so much...so pretty and full...I had 4 put in the back yard.

Another view

This is the side of the yard where if you came from the front gate to the back.
I had this area gated off as you can see from the right side.
My plan was to put Bailey here if I needed to go out and leave him out as I can't leave him a lone in the landscaped areas.
My other plan is to also maybe put a few outdoor play things in this area for the grand-babies. If I put them down by the gate area I would be able to watch from the porch.
I already have a kids size picnic table and slide, now I may get a sand box and playhouse.
This is a view of the other side of the house. Here I had the pine trees moved. I'm also thinking of putting another tree, but a shade tree....this is also another area that I can put Bailey in while gone.

The yard from the back side...there is a little bit of a flower bed area behind me.
Outside my bedroom window
Another side view ...I am still standing on my property...probably where I will put the outdoor play area for grand-babies...along with another tree for shade.

Standing on the new porch looking out to the side.
On the porch looking off to the other side.
Don't you like how that stamped concrete looks?
I love it....has such a clean look.
I also had a water fountain put in. Wasn't sure if I was gonna like it or not...but I'm so glad I went with it. If I had kids living at home not sure I would have so hopefully I can get grand-babies out of it.
When Colton saw it the first time he wanted the rocks around it.

Here is the water fountain lit up at night...still doesn't show how pretty it really looks.
If you see the extension cord...it's temporary...the electrician has to come out and run the power to the house where no wires show. He is suppose to be here tomorrow.

I also have lights in some of the trees and landscaping...looks pretty. Please come over and sit awhile....your welcome anytime.
Today the gutter man is coming out. The house only has gutters on the front so this is something I need done to keep my flower beds looking nice, no marks on the concrete and to keep the ground from getting nasty.
The yard is pretty much done except for some grass in areas they need to bring out and that should be tomorrow as well....now I just need to get my patio furniture moved from the garage back to the back and see if there is anything else I need.
Thanks for letting me share.