Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Are These People?????

Back in January I celebrated my 50th birthday,
Jenn rented a photo booth which to me was the highlight of the evening.
Well, today I finally got those pictures from the photo booth, some 200 plus pictures.
So that means too many to share so I thought I would just share a couple of the family.
Below are me and the kids....Josh, myself, Jenn and Tammy.
As you can see we had a blast...this was the last of the 4 pictures we took so you can see we are cracking up. Then myself with my daughter in law Jessy
Me and Jenn

Then myself with my son in law Paul and Jenn
and with Tammy and my son in law Kyle

Tammy and I ....
they had all types of props to us to take pictures with

It was a blast...I would suggest a photo booth for your next party....I just wish you could see all the fun and crazy pictures that were taken...I may post a few on my Facebook photo album but if you wanna see them all you'll need to come over for a visit.
Your welcome anytime!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Muggy and Colton's Day of Fun!

Today I took my oldest grandchild Colton (age 3) out to the grounds of
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
We met Stacy and her grandson Charley.
Oh...and the title...Muggy? That's what Colton calls me...that's my grandma name.
When I went to pick Colton up this morning he was outside waiting for me...too cute...and he looked so handsome in his cowboy boots and belt.
The first thing he says to me....Muggy will you buy me a cowboy hat?
So as soon as we hit the rodeo grounds that's what I did...bought my boy a cowboy hat.
There he is in the above picture with Charley....Two handsome little cowboy dudes.
Above is Colton and I waiting for the pig races to start.
And below us on a year old Muggy riding on a camel...not sure I would of done this with my kids....oh wait, I didn't... When mine were little Todd did this but he was able to ride with all 3 kids and himself...must of been a bigger camel.
Then we stopped and played a couple games...we didn't win.
Face painting...Colton wanted a crab so a crab it was.

And the pony rides...the line for this was long but moved pretty good for how long it was ...I didn't time it but I would say a good 40 minutes...but it was worth it to see my little wrangler on that pony.
Colton loved it!

Then we went to the farm tractors....pretty big machine, especially when you see how small a 3 year old looks riding one of these bad boys.
Afterwards...Stacy and Charley left us and we stayed a little bit longer to ride a couple more rides.

And get a Funnel Cake and drink for the ride home.
Colton loved his funnel cake...made me think of Fonda and her carnival food review...
Colton gave it a thumbs up.
Then when I took Colton home I got to see this beautiful little girl. I swear she's grown since I saw her a few days ago.

And that's the end of Muggy and Colton's Day of Fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun At The Beach

Look who made his second trip to the beach.
First time he was just barely a month old. He loved the water but as you can see below...
he really liked the sand.
We didn't stay out long at the water as it was a little chilly but other than the water it was the most beautiful day,
Such a handsome beach babe
After we were done at the beach Liam was worn out and went and took a nap.
Jenn and I were able to get some deck time in and enjoy a couple hours just talking, soaking up the sun and enjoying a drink.

Then Liam was up and it was time to start the cleaning process and head back towards home.

Tomorrow will be a fun day with my other little man....Livestock Show.

Another Birthday For Bailey

One year ago Bailey became part of my family.
I was also here at the beach when I went to get him and this is where we spent our first days.
How fitting we share this day here at the beach as we did one year ago.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let's Rodeo

Friday Night....Good Friends
Some RodeoA little Toby Keith
And Cowboys
God Bless Texas!

Mystery Solved

Back in February when packing for my trip to Los Angeles I couldn't find my Coach purse.
I wanted to only take one purse and it matched most of my clothing.
But where was it?
Come to think about it...I haven't seen it since I moved.
So I mentioned it to Fonda...her response was...Did you sell it in the yard sale?
Of course not!
See, when I got ready to move I sold almost everything I had but that would have not been one of the items.
Needless to say Fonda mentioned that idea more than once.
So, I called Jenn to see if she borrowed it...her response was no, I have my own...maybe it's still packed in a bin in the garage.
My thought was, I have unpacked everything.
Only thing left in bins were craft items, no way it could be in there.
So, off to LA I went with two different purses.
Since then I have taken on the task to organizing my garage. Didn't like the way I had it.
I have a 3 car garage and basically things were storage in between the third and second garage.
After time I didn't like that. Still wasn't able to use the third garage so I figured that I needed that area
to be my storage area.
I wanted all my craft stuff better organized and out of bins where I had packed everything.
I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this.... a bin with craft items was....

My Coach purse.
And not only was this purse what I found in a bin....I also found 2 other Coach purse that I forgot I had along with a couple Vera Bradley bags and couple of other purses.
How do you forget you have these things? Out of sight out of mind. I think maybe we (I) have too much.
Thanks to cleaning and organizing the garage there are no other missing items.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's A Grams Week

Well this week is starting out to be a full week of Grand-babies.
Monday was my regular day to watch Colton and Tayler while Tammy has class in the morning.
After the kids left I ran bailey to the Doctor for his check up. He's doing good. Got off another one of his meds and cut back on 2.
Tuesday it was my morning to watch Colton and Tayler while Tammy had class again.
We had a visitor...Liam.
So had visits with 3 out of 4 Grand-babies.
Below is Liam, Colton and Tayler.

Liam and Tayler playing.
Then today I watched Hayden for a couple hours while Jessy had a eye appointment.

And then Liam showed up while his mommy (Jenn) had a hair appointment.

Today was not my day to have Colton and Tayler so it was like a trade day....I had the 2 of them (Liam and Hayden) at the same time but Liam stayed longer.
Now I feel like I'm running out of steam. I feel like I'm trying to get sick. Not sure if it's a cold, or allergies or what.
We've had such crazy weather but now at the end of it, it's my turn to catch something.
I ran over to Tammy's and got some night time meds so hopefully they will kick in and all will be well.
After all I will have Colton and Tayler in the morning until noon. Then they'll be back around 3:30 for Tammy's night class and Liam will be joining us at 4 while Jenn and Paul head out to the rodeo.
I think Liam is spending the night.
Anyway...I can't get sick. I have a date Friday night with my girls and Toby Keith!
Always something in the life of this Ole' Grams.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where Has It Gone?

Time..Where is it? Why am I so busy or at least feel like I'm so busy?

I have been trying to make it to the beach house for 6 months or more now. What is that all about? Today was the day I thought I would make it but instead I delivered rodeo tickets and then cleaned around the house. Projects that needed to be done or finished.

I had Colton and Tayler all last week and they come again tomorrow so I needed to prepare for them.

In a week it will be Spring Break...That is my goal...beach during that time at least a day...we'll see. Lately seems when I feel I have a day to myself, something happens and changes my plans.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining...I just don't understand it.

Tonight I was finally able to sit downand do bills. Something I've tried to do for the past week. It's a good thing nothing is going to be late.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest...Now on to fun stuff....getting ready to make my Canada reservations...So excited!

Hope you at an enjoyable weekend. We FINALLY had beautiful weather.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Blog

I have a new blog!

I'm going to do the Project 365....basically a daily blog that consist of pictures of my day to day life over the next 365 days.. I will post only one picture per day that has something to do with what I'm doing, something I love, somewhere I've been, etc...if that day deserves more than one picture then I will post it but I plan on only one picture a day.

The new blog will tell you it's purpose.

I will still share stories and pictures on this please keep stopping by. This blog will not change. And it will also be the place you'll see the most pictures.

So make sure you keep the address to the new blog handy BUT you can look on my side bar of this blog and find the link under Blogs That I Follow and click on Robin....Project 365 and it will take you straight to that blog.

Bare with me as the blog page is still not finished but finished enough for me to get this project going.

I hope you enjoy. I'm curious as to see what kind of life I have...should be very interesting.

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I have posted any pictures of the kids so I decided it was time to share the most recent.
Below is Mr Colton. He showed up at my house this past week in the morning with stickers across his forehead. He had 4 when he showed up and at the end of the day he only had 3...yes...he kept them on ALL day.

Then Miss Tayler with her big beautiful blue eyes.
She loves being able to pull herself up.
Then here's handsome Mr Liam. I just love this picture. We had such a good time eating our corn and squash.
He's such a ham...he takes after his mommy that's for sure.

And the gorgeous little Miss Hayden.
She is walking now like nothing...trying to get words out and doesn't sit still for nothing

I will post more soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Canada

Just had to share cause I'm so excited...going to Canada in May with my cousin. Going to see Niagara Falls. I have wanted to for a long time and now I'm going! So excited! Also wanna see some of those Mounties as well.

Next month I have a one nighter in New Orleans with Stacy and Albert for out cowboys! And then it will be Canada...get another stamp in my passport.

For now...Rodeo tomorrow.