Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas...Come and Gone

Christmas this year was a little different.
Jenn and family left on the 20th for Ohio to see Paul's side of the I did Christmas early with them.
I have been so busy with the store this year (since August) that I decided I wasn't even going to decorate. Even if I wanted too I can't get into my garage to get to my Christmas stuff because of all the boxes in there that are store related.
So, since one family was going to be missing I decided I would take it easy and not do anything at my house...that was my excuse...I would go to Tammy's...but things changed some when Kyle was going to be on duty for Christmas.
I still went to Tammy's and it took me an hour (I am not exaggerating) to load up the Yukon with presents, stockings and food...something I don't plan on doing again...that was too much work on top of the other things I had to do to get ready.
Josh had came over with Hayden prior to me going to Tammy's.
I did enjoy sitting on the couch and watching the kids open their presents while drinking my poinsettia drink.
Normally with all the kids it's hard to watch them all open and get seems like work and not relaxing, though I do enjoy it and missed it this year.
With this coming year I plan on things seeming more normal.
This past year I feel like my life has been chaotic and I don't want another year like this one.
I need some normal in my life...the old normal not the new normal.
Though Christmas was different this year,( I knew that one day it would's only normal when your family has their own family) I did enjoy the time I had with each and everyone one.
So starting Christmas Eve night I went RELAX mode...I had planned that the time I had alone would be spent resting and chillin'...I have been so busy that I just wanted to chill and chill is what I have been doing....I'm still in my pajamas as I write this.
The store was closed today for a much needed day at rest and tomorrow we start all over again. I'm hoping tomorrow I will have a new fresh outlook.
Below are just a few pictures....

 Liam and Noah
 I had new stockings this year for all the kids cause I couldn't get to my Christmas stuff in the garage...they were big this year as you can see the stocking is a little bigger than Noah.
 or should I say Dr. Liam...he had played with a doctor set Hayden had some time back that I knew he would like this...he went straight to taking blood pressure results.
 Noah and his new drum...not sure if Jenn is gonna like it but Noah sure did...he made noise as he banged on it...too cute!
 Dr. Liam opening his presents
 Hayden and the stocking
 Hayden opening her goodies
 and her doll with her name on it
 and then the fun doll
 Me with Tayler and Colton and the present they made me...Colton painted and drew the tree while the lights going around the frame are Tayler's finger prints...such a cute present and I loved's in my living room proudly displayed.
 Colton opening presents
 Tayler opening presents
 and Tayler with her new doll
 Colton and Tayler opening up a joint gift
 Colton and his Christmas load
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Blessed New Year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merry Christmas From Mine To Yours

This year I haven't taken the easy way out on all things,

No decorating this year...Jenn and family are going to Ohio for Christmas to see Paul's side of the family.

I've been so busy at work and Christmas there started early.

So, I will see Tammy and her family at her house Christmas Eve and then I will see Josh and Hayden.

 But.. I just couldn't resist the Christmas card, though not many send them out anymore.
So, I decided to do an e-card...after all, isn't everything done over the Internet or through a cell phone?

So, here it Christmas card including those I love (minus the son in laws)... my children an their children, my beautiful grandchildren.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa's Wonderland

The last couple of years my friend Fonda has taken her grandchildren to Santa's Wonderland in College Station.
Her stories and pictures all sounded and looked like so much fun and wonderful memory making moment. I wanted to take my grandchildren to such a place, of course with their parent as well. I wanted that magical memory moment.
Well, I think after you read this and then go to my friend Fonda's blog after this weekend when she'll take her family you'll see that our memory making moments are so totally different.... sometimes those moments just don't turn out like you think they will.
 Here we are waiting to get in...we bought our tickets on line to avoid the ticket line I read about...well the ticket line was short compared to the line we had to stand in for us that bought our tickets on line.
As to Fonda's advise we headed to Santa's place in hopes to get a family picture with Santa.
Oh no...Santa had a line with about 80 people or more in line...
the kids were too wound up to stand in a line for that amount of time.
So, we headed to get some food in hopes the kids would calm down just a little,( they get excited when they are around one another) everyone was hungry.
While eating Sheriff Frost Bite came out and the kids were able to get a picture with line at all.
 Above is Colton and Tayler and below Liam and Hayden
After eating we decided to check on Santa and the line was way longer than before and we were still not willing to wait it out...the kids were just too hyper and every time we were still they wanted to run around.
We made a potty break and while trying to figure out the next plan the kids found a trash can that they enjoyed running after each other around. Below is Noah doing his own kind of running.
 We decided I would get a family picture (meaning my kids and my grandkids) in front of the Texas flag of lights since they are all
since it didn't look like we were gonna see Santa...which was fine, we had Frosty pictures. 
And of course Liam turns as I take the picture in the first one...second one not too bad.
After the picture we were trying to get Noah back in the stroller and get ready to head to the petting zoo as we then noticed in a split second Liam is missing.
Both Jenn and I look at each other with a trying to be calm look and then we head in different directions.
He wasn't far...there was a mechanical bull next to the Texas flag photo opt and he wanted to ride the bull so off he went to get on the bull. So thankful he didn't wonder any further as that place was packed which made things a little too nerve wrecking.
I think we were all a little stressed...had to really keep your eyes on the kids and your surroundings....which we thought we were doing good until Liam took off but we didn't miss a beat after that...we had death grip holds from then on.
So as we headed to the petting zoo it was a little crowded but the line for the hayride had gone down and if we got in line then we would be able to make the next ride that was hayride it was.
We parked the stroller and Jenn goes...what about the kettle corn.
You see...Fonda suggested kettle corn to help the kids when they got tired looking at lights.
 Well...our kids enjoyed the lights so much that they didn't need the kettle corn (thank goodness) and they were actually pretty calm (for our group anyway)...they liked the lights and different scenes they saw along the ride.
Though I did mention to Tammy that we sounded like that annoying family we talk about when they are out with all their it was well, that'll teach you talk smack.
Above Tayler, Liam and Hayden enjoying and being wowed by the lights...they were also enjoying picking the hay they were sitting on and throwing it out calling it pixie dust.
 Noah loved the lights and lets just say he was the most well behaved.
Tammy, Colton and Tayler
 The most breath taking of all the lights
 He Is Risen...
the picture doesn't do the look in person any justice.
Colton enjoying the hay ride with his Uncle Josh
After the hayride we were gonna head to the petting zoo and pony rides as it was just outside from where the hayride is but it was so packed you could barely walk to get where the line was so we decided to go back into to Santa's town and see what was next...the line to see Santa was still a ridiculous snake around line...we decided to go into the shops and everyone picked out what they wanted...lets just say those shops were hot- hot -hot, no a/c working and it was warn outside.

Noah was worn out that he fell asleep.

 but these kids were playing with their goodies from the shop...running around...being loud and kicking up dirt rocks....just being kids.
We decided we had enough, we came, we saw but did not conquer Santa's Wonderland...I think it conquered us.

Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't what I expected.
The lady in the fudge shop said that it was more crowded than usual though the weekends are their busiest time but she had said the night before was even more packed.

I think there were more adult groups there than adults with children. I could see where you could have a nice enjoyable night even with the crowd if you weren't worried about small children and super crowded lines that children can't be still in.

Tammy had asked what I enjoyed more that we did with the kids....Disney On Ice, the mall when we did pictures or Santa's Wonderland and I chose just in that order.

I think if the kids went on their own without their cousins it may of been different but not as much fun...and I will say...though it was stressful the grand-kids had fun and I guess at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Josh when he left my house said even though it was crazy he had a good time...and I think the bottom line is, no matter how crazy things get...being together is priceless, that's the thing that means the most.

So, I asked does Fonda do it...was it because she only had 3 grandchildren at the time and more adults in hand than we did...we had 1 adult per child...I think she gets 2...whatever it is you go Nonna! (that's Fonda's grandma name)...You rock for making this your yearly thing.

So, did we have fun...yes, though crazy it was fun...did we enjoy our time together as a family...yes, we did...did we make memories...yes we did and even a funny story or two...will we return next year???

It's not on my list of bonding things to do.

Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. I still wanna do The Build A Bear thing... lol