Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Farewll To The Beach

For some time I have been thinking about selling my beach house. Since I moved from the country to my new home (which I have been in now for a year) I haven't spent much time at the beach. Life seemed to be taking me in a new direction...one being opening the store "Mimosa Rose".

You know, the beach house came along in a point in my life where I needed it. My first nights sleep in the beach house was the first time I was able to sleep through the night since Todd's passing. It as a place where I found peace and didn't have to think of the past or what the future held.

It wasn't until I sold the country home that I realized it was that home I was escaping from to the beach. I wasn't ready when I bought the beach home to let go of the home that Todd and I shared, the place we were going to grow old at and drive around in our golf cart looking at the property. After moving into my new home I have come to realize that the beach home was just a transition.

I finally realized it was time to sell the beach home, it had served it's purpose, it was my place to escape when I wasn't ready to let go of the home Todd and I shared.....but finding the time to deal with it was becoming increasing hard with starting up the business and such....there was just no time.

So one day I got a text from my beach neighbor saying...I know this is a long shot but have you thought about selling your beach house, I have a friend that is looking for a house. So I said yes, etc....long story short...I get a call one morning while getting dressed for work and it's my beach neighbor saying, we would like to buy your house, our friend can't afford it but we want it, this is what we want to pay, cash money, no inspection, as is....my response was "SOLD"...they had offered what I wanted. So before the end of year the beach house will be no longer.

This past Sunday Kelley and Stacy went with me and we took my personal belongings etc...so now the house is ready for it's new owners. I didn't fill sad when time to leave....it was time....there's to be said about timing.

So...we took Kelley home. Kelley was with me in my Yukon and Stacy was following behind in my truck. On the way to the beach we had met up with Kelley so I didn't have to detour to pick her up but I had planned to take her home on the way back. Kelley was my neighbor from the country home.

As I drove past my old home and into Kelley's drive way which was across the street, I got out of my truck and had a wave of emotion come over me that I had not expected. This was the first time I had seen my old home since I moved last October. My eyes swelled with tears ...I guess being reminded of what could of been got to me....something I had not expected....but I am happy where I am and I know the choices that were made where the right ones for me at those moments.

So...that's what is going on here with me...now to prepare for Christmas...Oh my!

Friday, November 26, 2010

November Birthdays

Happy Birthday Colton!
Colton turned 4 on November 5th...my, where has the time gone? Look at that sweet face....he's just precious!
Colton got to go to Sea World for his 4th Birthday so when he got back home he came over to get his presents from me....he was so cute when he got here...he took my hand and said...Muggy, you got presents for me?
Of course Muggy had presents for him.

Happy Birthday Hayden!
Hayden turned 2 on November 17th

I met Hayden and her family at Gringos to have a birthday dinner with Hayden and to give her, her birthday presents. Look how grown up she looks in her leggings and boots.
You know when you reach 2 sometimes going out to dinner can be a challenge.
It didn't take long for Hayden to become antsy so it was time to open presents.

Hayden loved her baby doll, after opening it she didn't want to open any more....she was happy.
Other November happenings...
Happy 1 year anniversary to Josh and Jessy
Happy Birthday to my Mom
Happy Birthday to my son in law Kyle
And if I forgot anyone...Happy To You Too!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day Of Thanksgiving

Since today is Thanksgiving, I thought my post today would be about Thanksgiving
and not the turkey kind. I am thankful for my beautiful children....blessed is an under statement.
They are my world. A love a Mother has for her Children does not decrease as they grow older it only deepens. I am so proud and thankful. I am thankful for the most beautiful grandchildren in the world. I could not imagine life without them.
There is no other feeling like it.

I am thankful for the friends in my life....but especially for...
Kelley, Fonda, Stacy and Teri.
All very different and each who bring something very special to my life.
My world would be so different without these special people in my life.
Not sure I would be able to survive without them in my world.
I am thankful for friends of my youth that I have reconnected with....sometimes moving backwards is a good thing.
I am thankful for extented family those still here and the times I had with those no longer with us but not forgotten.
I am thankful for my mother whom I wish were closer and for a my brother
whom I always didn't appreciate growing up but now appreciate and love more than I could say.
Though bitter sweet I am thankful for the time I was a wife. It's true what they say....
You don't realize what you got til it's gone.
I'm thankful for a new start in life.

I'm thankful that My God loves me unconditionally.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Dream Becomes A Reality

Yesterday was
Grand Opening
day for
Mimosa Rose
Thanks to Paul who took these pictures for us since we were busy with last minute preps before opening the doors....I must say, wasn't sure it was going to come together.
Jenn and I were at the store the night before trying to get ready...we ended up leaving at 4:15 in the morning, just time enough to get a couple hours sleep and get ready for The Grand Opening.

We had some bumps along the way but we were still able to open the doors.
One of our bumps was the counter area. We didn't have counter tops on until 6 days before opening. That's another contractor from hell story for a later time.
Anyway...Paul is finishing the work, painting and staining them for us...we got enough done to get open.

The store looks really nice with all the merchandise out in place but there is tons more that needs to be put out...some in the back room of the store, some at the storage unit and some still here at my house...just wasn't time to get it all out but every day for the next couple weeks the store will have a different looks as more merchandise is brought out to the floor and walls.

Love this section of the store
A section of our baby, tweens and teens section.

And some of our customers shopping and checking us out.
About 20 minutes before we were to open there were already people outside peering in as we were messing with getting the register to work, getting our snacks out and drinks ready, cleaning up champagne that spilled everywhere.
As the 20 minutes started counting away I was reminded of the old Mervyn's commercials where shoppers were outside ready for the store to open....
Needless to say we had no idea the line went all the way down to the cleansers that was 3 store spaces from us.
Not sure what we expected that morning but that wasn't it but it was a wonderful surprise.
People seemed generally excited to have a store like this in the area and close to home.
Hopefully Mimosa Rose will be a success...so far we're off to a
If your in the area stop by and check us out.
Today I could of gone in and done some work but decided to rest instead, rest was something I needed...I've been falling asleep all day today and it has felt