Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grandma's Gone Wild comes To An End....

 February 18

So today is the last day of Grandma's trip.
We cleaned up and finished packing and  then it was time to pack up the Yukon.

Since I'm a pretty good packer and can make a lot of stuff fit in a small space I loaded up the back.
Trying to pack where our bags, our giftables and wines fit neatly and safely while also making it easy for when the first Grandma is dropped off it's easy to unload.

If I do say so myself...I think I did a damn good job...
What do you think Stacy and Fonda?

Once packed we headed out as we wanted to hit a couple of wineries on our way out of town. was 10am and they didn't open until 11 or noon.
So we turned around and went back to town and had breakfast.

Also by the time we were done the brewery had opened so we went in to get these huge giant beer containers filled with beer for Fonda and Stacy to take back home. 

By then it was time to head to the wineries.
First stop was Woodrose Winery
 It was a nice little place but I wasn't really crazy about all the wines but I did by a bottle...
by this point we were trying to hit a goal of 99 bottles of wine

Back on the road we stopped at 
Texas Hills Vineyards
This was such a beautiful place...loved the landscape and the land.
 Wasn't too crazy about the wines here but found a couple I liked and bought them.
But I must say I opened a bottle recently and while drinking it I thought to myself
I thought I liked this?

Back on the road again...we stopped in Dripping Springs.
We were headed to Dripping Springs to make a stop at Hamilton Pools
 the above set of pictures is the Hamilton Pools and the area surrounding the walk to get there...
and then you see the vehicle, I show you this picture because that is Stacy and Fonda sitting in the vehicle while I parked and crossed the street so I could get a picture of the Dripping Springs sign.

Then it was time to get serious about heading home...It was time for a potty break and we stopped at Buc-ee's.

Buc-ee's is very popular in Texas and the only one I have ever visited was down in Surfside Beach but it's nothing compared to the ones they build now.
This sucker is a grocery store and mind you, it's a convenience store.

But then again...EVERYTHING is BIGGER in TEXAS!!!

We got dinner here...we got snacks..I got a 5 pound bag of pecans...I must admit...I was loving the pecans but I was really loving the Buc-ee' could get anything you wanted.
20 people at once can get a soda with no one waiting on the's crazy.

 Buy clothes, picture frames, toys, etc...all I know is that I'm going to Buc-ee's next Christmas and getting my gifts and stocking stuffers.

You know they have single bags with just one flavor in each bag of Laffy Taffy...
Now how great is that.
Everyone knows banana is the favorite flavor but when you buy a bag there is hardly any banana compared to the other flavors...well at Buc-ee's you can get a big bag of just banana flavor.

I know!
 Needless to say Robin loved the Buc-ee's and it was my most favorite thing to visit on the way home.
 I got everyone home safely....well...I got them home.
Fonda was dropped off first and then Stacy.
I had about a 45 minute drive home from Stacy's...

Our 3 1/2 hour drive from Fredrickberg took 12 hours....We attempted to leave at 10am and I got home at 10pm...I was one tired Grandma but had the best time with my Grandma's...
Can't wait for 
Grandma's Gone Wild 2015
with airplanes and limo's and not me driving!

Oh...I almost forgot..we almost made it to 99 bottles of'll have to ask Fonda the final count...last I remembered hearing we were at 77 and that was before any stops along the way home.

I wonder who walked away with the most bottles purchased?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grandma's Gone Wild....Part Three

February 17

Today we set out to do a little shopping on main street.
Didn't buy as much as you would of thought, saw some cute things but nothing we all really needed to have.
Sometimes window shopping is the best.
 We did do some wine tasting at few places that sold fun...
and of course we had to buy some more.

We went to The Fredricksberg Winery
and tasted their wines....they had a wine that is their Christmas wine...
has a wassel taste to it and oh my....
So good!
I had to buy several bottles of also drink it warm like wassel...

 In between shopping and wine tasting we stopped at Silver Creek for a little music and a small bite to you can see it was a most beautiful day.

When done we got back to the house and unloaded the new wine to go with the wines we had already bought and decided we were gonna get dressed and head out to Gruene Hall.
 We set out for Gruene by taking the long route during 5 o'clock traffic...always need some adventure
and a Grandma's trip.

We had dinner first at the Gristmill.
 Then went into the Oldest Dance hall in Texas.
This place brought back a lot of memories as it use to be one of my old stompin' grounds back in the late 70's early 80's.

Listend to a lot of Clay Blaker and The Texas Honky Tonk Band and The Ace In The Hole Band...
which later would become 
George Strait
and The Ace In The Hole Band.

Both great country music!
We listened to a little music and then decided to head back to Fredricksberg.

We got a map and took a different route back...hoping to be a faster route...I'm still not sure if it was faster but it was a interesting drive at that...
dark lights...roller coaster roads....
sharp turns....nothing in site...screams...oh shits and pig-coons...
Grandma's had their adventure.

Back at the house we gathered in the living room as we did every night...talked...planned our next day..checked facebook and email and then hit the sack.

This would be our last the morning we head home but with stops along the way.
Good-night Grandma's.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Grandma's Gone Wild ....Part Two

February 16

We started our day by being picked up by 
Fredricksberg Limo Wine Tours.

We were headed out to the famous 290 Wine Trail.

Our first stop
Grape Creek Vineyards.

It was a beautiful place and my favorite on the tour.
We visited several winery's on our tour and on our own while on this trip and this was by far my favorite.
It was also the most beautiful sunshine day....something we haven't had much of at this time.
Next stop was Hilmy winery...this was my least favorite...but still a fun time...
The only pictures taken here was this one of the 3 of us in front of the winery.
 Next stop was William Chris...was a nice place but they deal mostly in Red wines and that is something I haven't really acquired a taste for but still enjoyed the tasting and the atmosphere and of course our photo opts.
 Always have to have a great photo opt.

Our next stop was Becker Vineyard.
This was a very nice place inside and out...loved the grounds outside and loved their bar inside.
Our guide Derek (aka Guillermo)  was wonderful throughout our trip...he carried all the wines we bought to the limo, he helped us with the wine selections and what he thought we would or wouldn't like and just a lot of fun to be around.
 We decided to make our last stop in Luckenbach instead of another winery...lots of bikers and great country music...we stayed and had 1 drink and off we were to head back to the house.
Did I mention it was a beautiful day?
Derek got us back to the house, unloaded all our wine...and man did we have some wine...
and this was only round one.

After the wine was put inside our driver waited while some of us changed and then dropped us off in town so we could have dinner....
after all, why walk when you could be dropped off, especially since we had to walk back.
We had a great dinner....I can't remember what the girls had but I had quail and it was so has been a long time since I've had game for a meal...I think I might of even surprised Fonda just a little.

Then back to the house, a little visiting time and drinks in the Jacuzzi ...a great Grandma's day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grandma's Gone Wild....Part One

February 15th

Annual Grandma's Gone Wild.....
Fredricksberg, Texas

This year we had opt to stay a little closer to home as some of us had some big trip coming up in 2014.

We usually start planning our next trip right after the current one is over...we discuss what we think we might like to do and where to go and then we start looking into it...that is usually my job...I love looking up new places to go and report back to the girls and then we all make a decision.

Anyway, it's a good thing this year we stayed closer to home as we all have added extra trips to our schedule for this year and some of us have add unexpected travels but all in all our choice was a good you can never go wrong when you have your girls with you.
It's good to have good friends!
Especially the ones that love you inspite of.

So we headed out that Saturday morning...I drove...yes, this trip did not involved any airplanes or limos (which was the only bad decision of the
I drove because I have a control issue and did not think I could give up control for that long.

We had some crazy road travels at time and Fonda was a trooper sitting in the back not knowing half the time what was going on but could feel the effects...I think I would of been
Sorry Fonda!
Thanks for letting me have my control.

We mad very few stops along the way but we did stop here
So we could have our picture taken with the sad lonely ombre' on the side of Hwy 290...
A girl can never pass up a fun photo opt.
 And then here we knew we were getting closer to our destination.
 We made it to Fredricksberg and our first stop was
Trade Days.

We had a little fun shopping...grabbing some lunch and enjoying a beautiful day filled with sunshine.
When this was taken we haven't had very many sunny warm beautiful days.
 Once we had finished shopping we headed to the home we had rented was just gorgeous.
It was still too cool to use the pool but we did manage to take advantage of the Jacuzzi.
Once we settled in and unpacked we headed out on foot to main street to find a place for was a interesting adventure.

Tomorrow we head out for a 
Fine Time with Wine!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Quick Re-Cap

was a busy month...after family left from the holidays it was a busy time with inventory in the store.
Seemed liked unexpected things just popped up in January.

We had a unexpected death in our Aunt (my favorite Aunt) passed away...Some of you know or have heard of me speak of my cousin Lonnie, it was her mom that passed.
I took some time off to be with family during this time.

My mom had some test that needed to be run so after the funeral I went to Jacksonville while she had some test done. She has since been diagnosed with Myeloma cancer. I went back to Jacksonville in February while see was being treated with radiation.

It is a treatable cancer but not a curable one. In April we will know if the radiation did any good or not. It was a small area so hoping it took care of that area.

I also celebrated ANOTHER birthday.
I can't believe I don't have any pictures to share with you...I don't think we took any.
I had a few of my favorite girl friends come over and we had a good ole' slumber party.
Lots of fun, games, stories and drinking all in a safe environment.

Also in February my brother in law Carl passed away... he was Todd's oldest brother and the last of his siblings to pass. Always sad when people loose their loved ones...hoping for good days for his family.

Now that I've caught up a little... my next post will focus on my annual
Grandma's Gone Wild
trip...which is always a blast!

Until then....

Happy New Year

Ring Out The Old
and Ring In The New....
 My brother John (above) came in for Christmas and stayed through New Years and my cousin Lonnie (below) came in after Christmas but for New Years.

We had a great visit while she was here...went to Galveston and saw The Originals Jersey Boys, which was so much fun and then just enjoyed visiting and relaxing...something we both desperately needed.
 So... for New Years we decided to stay home and celebrate in a safe place...
 Stacy and Albert came over and celebrated with us...we had a blast...we played the game
Heads Up
and it was so much fun and lots of laughs.
Though we are now 3 months in to the new year
I hope your off to a great start.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let's Wrap Up 2013

It's been awhile since I've blogged...had issues with loading pictures to my computer and we know all good stories need some pictures...
and of course life, sometimes it just gets in the way.
So, I'm gonna try and remember and recap the end of 2013 so we can catch up with 2014.
First off...
I moved in October.
I down sized and bought a house with a pool...lots of summer fun on the menu this summer
 I will need to show you pictures of the front of the house now...below is what it looked like when I bought it but i have had things ripped out and replaced...a landscaping makeover.
But, I love this home...I feel at home here....the other house was just that...a house.
Haven't felt home anywhere since Todd's passing and now I do.
It's a nice feeling.
And then....I had some girl outings withe girls over the holidays and shopping.
Got caught up a little in it all but it was a nice feeling.
Josh graduate from school so he could become a mechanic with Ford.
 Tayler had a part in her Pre-School program

Then we had Christmas at my house...I so enjoyed it...I love when my family is all together...especially the grand-babies....I think it's very important they have that cousin bond.
 This year we had a system going on how to open your worked pretty good and everyone was able to watch without it being so cray and missing something.
They all sat patiently while each child got a gift to open and once they all had one we said go and they opened...then they showed their presents to their parents and got ready to open the next one.
Noah was so cute...when he was done with each one he would say...
More Please!
 Above going clockwise is Jenn and Paul...Tammy, Kyle Tayler and Colton...
My brother John and myself, I think this was the first Christmas we spent together since I moved away from home and he was still in school.
And then Josh with his girlfriend Christina.
I received 2 very special gifts...the first from Colton and Tayler...they made me  frame with the palm trees being Tayler's hands and the trunk being Colton's thimb print...they glued shells around the frame...the picture is of us when we went to Florida last summer and took pictures along the beach.
And then from Liam and Noah I received a plate that had their feet stamped on it turned in to butterflies with my saying I say .....
Love You More!

Such sweet gifts that both made me cry.