Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girl's Sleepover

This past weekend little Miss Hayden came and spent the day and night with her Grams. My... she's growing leaps and bounds. Has such a cute little personality. She just loves to try and talk. Hard to believe she's 4 and 1/2 months old already.

I hope you enjoy just a few pictures I took of her. She's so funny...she'll smile and smile and laugh and as soon as she sees the camera it stops...It takes forever to get a smiling picture so when you do you feel like you really accomplished something.

The one below is her hamming it up. Isn't she precious?

Just gotta love cheeks you can squeeze.
Now I'm in the process of getting ready for my next trip. I leave Thursday for Jacksonville...going to see my mom and stay with my brother and sister in law for 2 nights and then my sister in law (Laura) and I are heading for Los Angeles and San Diego on Saturday morning. I'll be back in Houston the following Saturday.
I plan to bring my lap top and will check email when I can. I will also post when I can as well but if not I will give you a recap as I did with San Francisco.

Life has just been busy and crazy!

Take care....

Monday, March 23, 2009

One Dog and A Grandson

Today was my day to watch Colton for a couple hours while Tammy went to school. I haven't seen him in a week and a half since last week was spring break.
Isn't he just precious in the picture below?

Anyway...he hadn't seen Bailey so when Tammy dropped him off I let him and Bailey stay outside to play since it was and breezy out. Below are the 2 of them running around the yard. They did that solid for about 25 minutes. Afterwards we took a break and sat outside and had some juice and Bailey had water. Bailey I think was a little tuckered out.
After a break to catch their breath again it was time to feed the goat. That's Colton carrying the goat food in the bucket and Bailey following behind. Feeding the goat is something Colton LOVES to do. It's his job when he's over and if you don't let him do it he'll throw a fit. He's so cute cause as he walks towards the goat area he's hollering...Coming goat, coming. Then he gives the goat her food and tells her...eat goat, eat.
I know...my grandson is just the cutest!
Then once inside....
All "HELL" broke loose. Toys everywhere...Colton running around...Bailey running around...Colton chasing Bailey...Bailey getting nervous and freaked out by Colton ....It was something to say the least. I don't know how people do it....it was crazy with a toddler and a puppy in the house together. I need to come up with a plan for when Colton comes over on Monday and Tuesday.
I was getting a little freaked out myself!
So...and how was your day?

Pictures of Bailey and Howie

Okay...here are some pictures of Bailey and of Howie as well...Howie is Jenn and Paul's dog...my grand-dog.
This first picture is of course Bailey...this was taken the day I got him and we were at the beach house.This is Howie after some play time with Bailey...they played hard.
Bailey and Howie trying to chew on the same chew bone.
Below is Bailey chilling after play time on the beach.
And Howie and Bailey enjoying the nice breeze coming of the beach at the beach house.
What can I say.....
It's a Dog's Life! and these 2 have it made,
Hope enjoyed the pictures.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going With The Flow

I must saying, taking care of a puppy is a lot of work, especially the training part to keep them from stinking your house up. But so far all is going good and Bailey is adjusting and so am I. It's like having a baby all over again ...but I know when Bailey grows up he won't talk back. :)

I just stopped in to let you all know things are good, just busy and as soon as I find a moment I will post new pictures of Bailey and grand-babies. Tomorrow Colton will meet Bailey for the first time so it should be an interesting evening.

Right now I'm just going with the flow...Take care...Robin

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Member Of The Family

Meet Bailey
He's the newest member of our family and belongs to me.
He's 9 weeks old...born January 18th...and is an Australian Shepherd.
Since today is Saint Patty's day we decided to go with an Irish name...Bailey. Jenn came up with then name. He had been given the name Astor but I really didn't like that.I will add more pictures later......my battery to the camera died so this was all I could get.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Results Are In

For those of you that indulged us in voting for "Who Conga'd The Most At the Tonga Room in San Francisco" we thank you in joining in on the fun and "Fun" we did have!
The results on the poll were Beverly 0...Fonda 5...Robin (that's me) 6...and Stacy 2
For those of you that voted for me...Come on! What's that about! Ha!
Now I'll reveal the one that Conga'd the most......
Drum roll please.......
Oh...and by the way.....
It was.....Fonda!!!
Isn't she cute? And she was fun too!
The picture speaks for itself.
I can't give away any secrets cause you know what happens with the Grandma's stays with the Grandma's but as I remember...when it was time to go, Fonda was cute and all and needed a little assistance ....it's a good thing our residence for the weekend was one and 1/2 blocks away...but me being the good friend that I am helped my friend with her steps and threw her over my shoulder and carried her home.
That's all I can say...That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Can't wait until the next Grandma's adventure.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easter Baskets...Oh My!!!

I'm trying to get a head start on Easter stuff so I'm not last minute trying to find cool and fun stuff...so I ordered Colton and Hayden's Easter baskets on line...they were really cute and had 2 sizes...small and large. I liked big baskets cause I like to fill them up with toys and lots of fun stuff and there seems not to be enough room in the regular ones at Target and such. So when I saw these ...I was like... these are cute and seem plenty big enough...I assumed the ones in the pictures with the kids that were like 5 were the large baskets...Oh No...they were the small cause the large arrived today. I like them and they are large...they will hold LOTS of stuff. Not sure Colton will be able to pick his up once filled and Hayden...(I'm laughing right now)...she could sleep in hers. I would show you a picture but I don't want to spoil anything for their parents but definitely after Easter I will post pictures. So...if you looking for a big and cute basket and at decent price but more than $2.99 just send me an email and I'll tell you where I got it from. Okay....just had to share....have a good evening.

Visits With Grand-Babies

Yesterday was a good day...I got to spend time with the grand-babies. First Hayden came over...I hadn't seen her since Valentine's. She's growing by leaps and bounds and so cute. She's in a talking-cooing stage and it's so cute. We had our own little conversation going on.

The picture below is of her in her little chinese hat with pick tails that I got for her while in Chinatown on my San Francisco trip. It's a little big but she was so cute in it.

Then Colton arrived. Wasn't sure Hayden would be there at the same time he arrived but was glad she was. Colton had no idea anyone would be over and it's been awhile since he's seen Hayden last...I think it was the end of January. Anyway...Tammy had said he was so happy to be coming over and that the whole way over he kept saying Muggy's house (Muggy is my name)...so when he got here he came running in calling my name and when he turned the corner into the living room and saw me with a baby he stopped cold turkey folded his arms and turned around...when I tired to go to him and call him over he again folded his arms, turned around and said stupid, the next time was I don't like it...He was jealous I had a baby in my arms. It took him awhile to come over and see me or Hayden and when he did it was like for 5 seconds and he was done.

Finally I was able to get this picture of the 2 of them with their chinese hats on from chinatown. Before this picture I attemped several times...I asked Colton if he wanted to take a picture with Hayden and hold her and he said yes but as soon as I put them together and moved back to take the picture he was done with her and wanted her off of him...to get a decent picture the one below shows how close he would get to her.

After awhile he got better.....as soon as I let Hayden go and put her back in her daddy's arms Colton was right up next to me. It was so cute to see him so jealous. When he comes over his 2 days a week it's just me and him, so to have someone else in the mix just messed him up.

And here is Mr. Colton cousin free with his stuffed animal Goat... all happy and smiles.
I have matching outfits I had made for both Colton and Hayden and I'm wanting to have their pictures taken for a spring picture professinally...now after yesterday I'm wondering how that will be...I need to get them together a couple times so maybe at picture time Colton will be okay.
It's amazing how fast these babies grow. I just love em'!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandma's Gone Wild...Day 5

All good things must come to end...even Grandma's Gone Wild weekends.
This is Javier...he was our limo driver while we were in San Francisco except for once. He was a really nice guy.
He carried "ALL" our luggage up several flights of stairs when we arrived to our flat and came back at the end just to haul it back down along with a couple new bags he didn't have the first time around. If you ever go to San Francisco...he's your limo driver.
When we made it to the airport our flight was delayed twice I believe totalling up to 2 hours behind schedule. We all made it home safe and sound and now have one more memory to reflect on. Not sure where our next destination will take us but I know I'm looking forward to it.
Thanks for letting me share our adventures with you and thanks to my girls for wonderful and special memory....You mean the world to me! Now I need to prepare for my next trip....in 33 days I head to Hollywood and then San Diego...this time with my sister in law.
Don't forget to vote!

Grandma's Gone Wild...Day 4

February 22
Today was to be a leisure day....we had booked a limo to take us on a scenic drive so we could sit back and enjoy the ride and not miss anything. It ended up being a good thing as it had started raining the night before and was doing so when we woke up and pretty much continued through out the day.
Our drive took us along the Pacific coast...even in the rain and over cast skies it was a most beautiful sight.
We stopped in the rain so Fonda could get up close to the Pacific ocean and up close she did...shoes and all.
We stopped in Santa Cruz at The Boardwalk which was pretty much dead because of the rain but I bet is a cool place when the sun is out. It was cool to see an amusement park right there on the beach.
We stopped in Monterrey at the Fisherman's Wharf and saw this sea lion swimming around in the marina.
We then headed to Carmel where we had lunch at The Hog's Breath Inn.

This was once owned by Clint Eastwood but he still owns the strip that this restaurant and other shops are in. Apparently Clint was there the night before so we just missed him. Too bad...we could of "Made His Day".
The food was good and it was nice to get out of the limo and relax.

Next stop...17 mile drive...also known as
Pebble Beach.
All I have to say is....BEAUTIFUL!!!!
First stop...the golf course. Didn't get the hype because I'm not into golf but it was a pretty sight...my son in law Paul who likes to golf did enjoy the shirt I brought back for him and the little onesie I got for Liam.

I can't tell you where we were when these next pictures were taken but they were along this stretch of 17 mile ...it was all beautiful...we stopped several times and took lots of pictures.

When we were done in this area it was time to head back to San Francisco.
We had our limo driver make 3 stops while back in San Francisco (in the rain)...2 to get last minute souvenirs and 1 to get Fonda a take home suit case for all her souvenirs. Then it was back to the flat to unwind, visit about our trip and then off to pack.
All in all it was a good day...more relaxed but still very good...especially spending it with good friends.