Thursday, June 18, 2015

My.... How Time Fly's

I can't believe it's been since last September since I wrote my last blog post.
To be honest it wasn't until this past February that I was reminded that I hadn't written a blog post in several months....and since that time, time has just gone by.
Funny how it has a way of doing that.

I debated how I was gonna start again...pick up where I let off and play catch up...start from today?
I decided I would give a quick update on highlights, if that is what we want to call them.

Last September I moved my Mom here to live with me. I was so happy that she finally agreed to leave Tampa and stay with me.
Mom had MS along with some other things but you would never know by looking at her she had a hard time except for the wheelchair. It was just getting harder for her to function on her own
and I was thrilled she was finally coming to stay where I could help keep an eye on her and to be around to help.

September found us getting some things done to help mom around the house and setting up new doctor appointments and such. Mom was also undergoing treatment for cancer.

It was nice having visits with mom...her being able to see my grandchildren, her great grandchildren.
We had Halloween together where she saw the kids in their costumes as they came to trick or treat here...Mom and I celebrated Thanksgiving alone and it was wonderful.
We also celebrated Mom's birthday with the kids and grandchildren.

I was really looking forward to Christmas with having Mom here...we hadn't spent a Christmas together since around 2006.
But Mom became ill mid December and was hospitalized. 
January 1st Mom was moved to a long term care hospital where she passed away February 17th.
She just couldn't recover from infections and her breathing.
I'm thankful that I was able to spend those last few months with my mom.

I wasn't with Mom when she passed but my brother was. Part of me feels bad and the other part of me was glad I wasn't there. I know at the end she didn't suffer, God took her home peacefully and for that I am forever thankful.

In February I had gone to New Orleans for Mardi with Fonda and her cousin Rita and my cousin Lonnie met us there as well...we had a good time and it was something I got to scratch off my bucket list. It was while I was there Mom went to be with the Lord. Fonda's dad was also not in good health and he also went to be with the Lord the next day.

I also had a little health scare in April which has required me to have a little lifestyle change but nothing that can't be has allowed me to loose 30 pounds in 2 months without trying to loose weight.

It's now summer time which means pool time and spending some fun time with the grandchildren.
Love them babies.
I do have some trips planned and excited about I will start again writing a blog and keeping those of you interested in what's happening and with pictures of those things near and dear to my grand- babies, concerts and travels....some things just don't change

Until then....
It Is What It Is!