Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To.....

Happy Birthday sweet little girl.
Today 5 years ago I was blessed with my second grandchild and my first grand-daughter.
She is such a sweet blessing and I love her so! 
Happy Birthday Hayden!
Grams Loves You....More!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A "Grand" Weekend

Had a Grand weekend this past weekend
I got to spend the whole weekend with 5 of my most favorite people....
The Grand-children!
Friday night we had a sleep over...these were the first peeps to stay over in the new house.
I bought Spider man and Princess sleeping bags and they camped out in my room and we ordered movies.

I didn't have Noah, I felt I already had my hands full with these 4 but soon his day will come for a sleepover with all his cousins.
 I had Hayden for the whole weekend and Colton and Tayler  Saturday while Tammy had training... Jenn and Paul invited us to join them to a trip to The Oil Ranch.
 The Cousins had fun continuing their time together.
The ran around, they was a great time.
On our way out we stopped at the Pumpkin Patch and they all picked out their pumpkins.
Hayden didn't want to take hers home when she left, she wanted me to keep it at my house.

And then on Sunday we all attended Disney On Ice... Jenn and Tammy joined us as well.
Disney On Ice has become a annual thing for us, it was our 3rd time to attend.
It is something I look forward too and love experiencing with the grandchildren.
 And it was Noah's first time to join us.
He loved it and was very good and entertained the whole time.
As you can see by the pictures he loved the cotton candy.

At the end of the show the characters came by and shook hands with the children. 
One of the perks of being front row plus it helps keep young children focused.
They loved touching hands and waving with them.
Then it was over and time to head home....Jenn and the boys left in their car, I took Tammy and the kids home and then took Hayden home.

I was a tired Muggy, Grams, Grandma but I had the most Wonderful time spending time with my babies and knowing they had a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Colton

November 5th
7 years ago I was blessed with my first grandchild...
He is truly a blessing!
Love You More Colton!
Happy Birthday!