Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Ride

Momma's New Ride It looks white but it's called Diamond White...kinds lie a pearl color...it's really pretty.
Anyway, I wet Saturday and finally got it. I have been trying for months to find the time to go and finally the time came. I'm curious to see how many miles I can put on this one...before it was driving kids here, there and everywhere putting miles on and then living in the country driving back and forth to town...now that I live where everything is convenient and I no longer have kids to drive around I wonder how long it will take to put 100,000 on this one.

And I'm still busy with work...Christmas stuff is starting to arrive....Oh Joy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Day Ever

Yesterday was a well needed family day

I had contacted all the kids about getting together with all grand-babies and going to the pool...they all agreed to meet. At first Hayden was a little leery of the pool and stayed by her daddy but she soon ventured off and loved splashing her cousins with water. The above picture is of Hayden and Tayler.

Tayler who loves the water and didn't wanna keep her bathing suit on...she wanted to be like her Bubba (Colton) and g topless. Liam loved being with Colton and followed him and copied everything he did....Liam just loves hanging out with the big boys...the above picture is Liam

And then above Colton....who loves the water but doesn't like it in his face finally started getting use to it all on his own...Go Colton!

So hard to get a picture of all 4 grand-babies....I got 4 by allowing them to splash....They are so cute and they had a good time.

Hayden...Liam...Colton and Tayler

We all had a good time and I must say....I loved spending tie with just my 3 kids and the grand babies....no spouses attended...nothing against the spouses, it was just nice to have all my kids alone...I don't remember the last time that happened.

After almost 2 hours at the pool we all went back to my house for ice cream....we had vanilla, strawberry and cotton candy..we all had a little bit of all 3 flavors....Cotton Candy is awesome!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well Well....

Well....life is still crazy but I'm trying to work on balance...I'll let you know when I find it.

July 4th weekend I FINALLY had some time off and spent a nice relaxing weekend with my cousin who came to visit.

We had gone to market to by for the store the last weekend of June and stuff started coming in...some before they were suppose to. Last week we must of had 130 boxes delivered....60 of them in one day. We worked hard trying to get them taken care of as we have a small back room that can;t hold them all. The 60 we received in one day were not suppose to come until October. Needless to say...not a happy camper! These boxes are now off sight in a storage unit. Yesterday we finally got everything caught up (as much as you can for a retail store)...today only 2 boxes delivered...Yeah!!!!

Sunday I had dinner with some special family members and then off to Ikea.

Monday I had dinner with a good friend.

Today..Jury Duty....I know most people don't wanna do jury duty but ever since I watched the OJ trial I wanted to be on a jury. A couple years ago I received my first jury summons but it was cancelled so never got to show...then I got this one...I showed up along with about 150 other people. Sat for 2 hours, a group of 40 were selected and left to answer questions...sat and waited about 20 minutes and then they picked another group...nope my name wasn't on the list, we got to go home. I was there for 3 hours and all I got to do was be sworn in, sit on a bench that killed my back and then go home. Oh..and about that bench...my tax dollars need to add some cushion to those benches.

Then I went to a meeting and afterwards got to have drinks with a special girlfriend which was a nice surprise.

And then tomorrow starts again.

That's about it on the update of me....Until next time.