Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello....I'm still alive...just a very busy girl...so I'll give you all a quick update.

The kids are good...Grand-babies are WONDERFUL...growing everyday. The 2 little ones, Liam and Tayler are talking up a storm with their baby sounds.

I had a successful moving sale Saturday...thanks to all who helped by labor and shopping.

I close on the new house Friday. It was suppose to be tomorrow but I need to have the house re-inspected. I'm hoping to move some stuff in over the weekend but so much is going on I'm just not sure at this moment.

I have a contract on the house I live in now so hopefully that transaction will go smoothly.

Life has been busy but more so since I've been back from NY...hopefully once I get the move done things will get back to normal...or at least close to it.

Once I'm moved and settled in I will post again and will post pictures of the new home.

Until then...It Is What It Is!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who's Who in New York City

Today we decided to do a bus tour and go Uptown towards Harlem...was very interesting and glad I saw it from a bus.
As we were getting to the end of our 2 hour tour we had a celebrity sighting right outside Central Park...it was none other than
Minnie Mouse.
Then tonight we had tickets to see
"A Steady Rain"
with Daniel Craig (who is the new James Bond)
That's him in the picture below.
and then this gorgeous man as well...
Hugh Jackman.
There were so many people standing waiting for them to come out...it was a little crazy..they didn't sign long but were gracious...we only did pictures...too much going on to try to do the autograph thing. But still fun. It was a fun filled Broadway experience this time around in New York City.

For more of our adventures check out Fonda's blog at
Tomorrow we head home..Good night!
Oh..and No...I didn't find my P. Diddy!

New York and Uncle Jessy

Having a wonderful time in the land called
New York City.
Last night we saw the Broadway Musical Bye Bye Birdie starring John Stamos (Uncle Jessy from Full House, ER and numerous movies). It was a wonderful show and had only been running a week. After the show we went to the stage door where the cast signed autographs. John also posed for pictures.
The pictures were a nice surprise because our first night here we saw "Gods of Carnage" with James Gandolfini (not sure of the spelling at the moment and not in the mood to look it up) he played in The Sopranos, Marsha Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis. We also did the stage door and it was announced they would sign the play bill and we could take pictures but they would not pose for pictures. And then of course Jude Law was just trying to sign real quick and go plus there were so many people standing around. It was just nice to see him up close and get his picture. You can scroll down to the next post to see pictures of Jude.
But John was very nice and took time with each person he saw and having a picture made with him was just icing on the cake.
This stage door thing is all new for me...never knew about it plus I had never seen a celebrity on Broadway either. I will have to remember this.
Fonda and I have a had a blast. Today is our last day and night as we leave tomorrow early afternoon. It's been fun and the weather has been great. Rain was in our forecast but we did escape it. Yesterday on our way to the museum it was raining some (the only time we encountered rain), we held a cab and when we arrived at our destination it had stopped and when we left the sun was out. Thank you New York for wonderful weather. I have enjoyed the crispness of the air and the "NO" humidity.
I have decided not to recap my trip as I have posted my highlights...Jude Law and John Stamos. If anything happens after this post I will let you know. Otherwise if you are interested in the trip and would like to see more pictures you can check it out at Fonda's blog. I think later this morning she will be making another post. Just click on the link
Until next time...
It Is What It Is!
Oh...and by the way..still looking for P. Diddy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be?

In case you are not aware I am in New York City.
Tonight Fonda and I had dinner at The 21 Club and afterwards we went back to the hotel to change and decided to hit the streets and walk.
We walked around Times Square and kind of did a circle off Broadway.
We saw the Broadhurst Theatre on 44th street with the sign
So the question became do we go and take a look or not?
So we did and the show had not let out yet but was close.
The reason to go by this theatre was because of this man
"Jude Law"
He is playing Hamlet.
We were able to get in a line by the stage door and take pictures.
Oh what a happy girl am I.
For more of a recap check out Fonda's blog tomorrow as she tells our adventures from the day. I will blog more when I'm home.
Now if I could just find P. Diddy the trip would be complete.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To Tammy
My second child
Born September 12, 1985
What a special day it was the day you were born ...it's hard to believe your all grown up and a mother yourself.
Hope your day is as special as you are.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Baby

Here's my Bailey.
He is now 8 months old...I've had him for 6 months...hopefully he'll stop growing soon. I was thinking he would be the size of Howie (Jenn and Paul's dog) but he is now bigger than Howie.
He's a good dog and I love having him around...but I can't wait for him to be out of puppy stage.
Just gotta love that face.

Not To Be Braggin'....

But I think I have the
Grand-Babies around!
I got to spend time with Colton and Tayler yesterday while Tammy was at school...and Liam today while I had lunch with Jenn and Liam's other grandmother Rita. Paul's folks are in town for a few days.
Then this evening I got see Hayden while I had dinner with Josh and Jessy.
The above picture is of Hayden who is now 10 months old and has the best personality and loves to shake her head no.
And here above is Liam who is really coming into his own....such a sweet little boy. Loves to smile and make funny faces.
Liam is now 3 months old.

And below we have Miss Tayler who is all eyes...and just lights up and smiles so big when her big brother is around and talks to her. Tayler is also 3 months.
And here is Tayler's big brother Colton who is a ham for the camera and loves to say cheese. He is growing up so fast..saying full sentences...always saying I love you and who by the way when we were sitting on the couch, looked at me and said...Robin...I was like...what? He said your name is Robin. Of course I had to correct that but he thought it was very funny.
Colton is 22 months.
Special little moments with four of my favorite people...now if I can just get them all in the same room for a group picture.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Tayler and Liam
I got this picture from Jennifer. She watched Tayler one day and took this picture of the 2 of them...how cute. If you look closely you will see Liam's arm around her, that's his hand where her ear is at...too cute.
These cousins are 4 days apart.I think I need to get this picture blown up for the new house.