Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


It's a time reflect on the past year and to look forward to the new.

I thank all of you that have visited my blog. It's been fun. I've enjoyed keeping you up on what's going on with me and the family...I hope you've enjoyed reading about it. Thank you for letting me share.

As this new year approaches I plan to have more updates on the beach house and I plan on spending more time there as well...telling you about Tammy's wedding (which happens in 3 days) trip to San Francisco in February...the arrival of 2 more grand-babies this summer ...what's new with Colton and Hayden and the rest of the keep posted.

Take care and God bless....Robin

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Gone...Wedding On

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a good was noisy but it was good. Hayden slept most of the time and most of that time was on me...I didn't mind. Colton enjoyed opening a present and then running off to open another. I think he liked the novelty candy/toy that was in his stocking the most. You pressed a button and it had like a fan that turned and blowed air and lights came on.
The more people you get in the house, especially opening presents there will be a little chaos but was still an enjoyable time. Present opening seemed like it took forever though. The kids were over for several hours. It's amazing that when they leave you can tell exactly how noisy it was because everything now is so quite.
Before Colton got ready to go we were taking pictures and he finally decided he was say cheese for a picture and actually pose. Here is the result of that cheese picture with both of my beautiful grandchildren below. I wonder how next years pose will be with 4 grandchildren? I can hardley wait.
Now that Christmas is over we can put ALL of our attention and focus on Tammy's wedding...after all it's only 9 days away and still it seems like so much to do.
Today the girls have their last dress fitting and should still be interesting since 2 are pregnant and one just had her baby a month ago.
Hopefully it all come together ....there really isn't any choice.
I'm hoping to post again before the wedding but if not I will do so afterwards...hopefully...I will have Colton that Sunday evening after the wedding until Friday evening.
Have a Wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
From Our House To Yours!

And a Happy and Safe New Year Too!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sleep Over

Little Miss Hayden came over Saturday night to spend the night with her Grams. We had the most wonderful time....BUT....she definitely has her morning and night hours turned around.
This is her at 2 in the morning all wide awake and big eyed.
She had been up from 10:30 that evening until 4 in the morning...she didn't want to sleep...she wanted to eat or look we did as she pleased as much as I tried to get her to sleep... she is the Princess so she got her royal way.
She eats a lot...I guess she's trying to make up for how small she was at birth....she surely is growing.
All I know is that she's a sweetie pie.
Oh...and I did tell her mom and dad that she needs to sleep a little better through the night before she can have another Gram and Hayden sleep over. Not sure if that will hold true or not but we'll see.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hussle and Bussle of the Holidays

Hoping that your done with your holiday shopping or soon will be...I thought I was done or really close to it when I decided to sit down and wrap all I had gotten just to discover I was a lot more short than I had could I of over looked on of my children....I just couldn't understand it.

Usually by this time I'm all done with my shopping while those last minute shoppers are out searching for the perfect I spent my afternoon shopping. Now I'm close to being quick run in the morning to the mall and I'm done. I know ...the mall...who wants to go to the mall the Friday before Christmas? I'm hoping to be there when they open, go into the store I need to go into, get what I need and get out before shoppers are searching for a place to park.

So...for those of you who have not yet finished your shopping...HURRY! and for those of you that have I TOAST did good. Tomorrow I plan to be done shopping and the wrapping as well. I have plans for my friend and neighbor to join me on the porch for a holiday drink this weekend...feel free to join us as we unwind and prepare for the holiday.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnancy News!

And it's NOT me!

Now that the cat is out of the bag per say I can officially announce that Jennifer and Paul are expecting their first child due July 2nd and Tammy and Kyle and expecting baby #2 June you can see they are one week apart. Should be interesting.

We had held off at first saying anything as we were trying to get past the wedding and Jen wanted to wait to get past her first 3 months she didn't want to take away from Tammy's wedding day and activities. Anyway...regardless the reasons it matters no more...all I know is that this summer I will be a grandmother to 4 grand-babies.

CRAZY!!!! I just don't feel old enough to be a grandmother 4 times but I will's a lot of fun...I do love the grand-babies.

So...that's my news of the week...Enjoy!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in Houston

We had some snow in our area yesterday. We got snow for about 30 minutes and that was it...the North East side of Houston got anywhere from 1-3 inches they say. I know when watching the news last night it was still snowing and on the ground and on cars where here at my house it had stopped a few hours prior. Still it was kind of neat.
During the day it had been really cold. I was out doing some Christmas shopping and was all bundled up in coat and gloves. It was a nice it seemed a little more like Christmas time.
It also made shopping a little more fun and not such a chore.
Anything is possible!

Mr. Colton

Here is Mr. Colton all bundled up....we have had some cold weather lately. This picture was taken in my yard...I have some lighted deer and some of them their heads move back and forth...well, Colton is fascinated with that... all he keeps saying is deer turning...deer turning...over and over...The child like mind of a 2 year old.

Miss Hayden

This is Miss Hayden taken on December 8...3 weeks old...she is really starting to grow...she's so funny trying to lift herself up already...she's gonna be a go getter that's for sure.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was good. The house seemed so full. My once small family is starting to become quite large.

We took a lot of pictures...We even got our family picture taken for my Christmas card this year. My neighbor and friend came over and took it. You can't see it here on the'll have to wait until you get your Christmas card. let me share the pictures with you.

Here I am with Miss Hayden and Santa also known as Joshua. He was a good sport and played the roll of Santa so his little girl could get her first picture with Santa. He also did this the year Colton was born.

Then here's Santa with Tammy's family...

Tammy, Colton (with Santa AKA Josh) and Kyle

Colton was real excited when he saw Santa come into the house but after about a minute he was a little unsure about this guy called Santa that he wouldn't come and sit on his lap and this was about as good as it got. Still a good memory.

Jennifer and Paul with Santa.

Joshua and his family
Jessy, Hayden and Joshua

Hayden's first visit with Santa

And here's Colton dressed in his Santa was really hard keeping a hat on him...he said he didn't like it.

I'm starting to get into the holiday's been awhile since I've felt that way. I'm even decorating this year. Josh and his friend came over and put the lights on the house. Tomorrow I will decorate the porch and put my yard stuff out...that part I'll do....I know just how everything is suppose to go.

Hope your enjoying getting into the holiday spirit but don't forget the real meaning of this holiday season as we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Until next time.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Tonight I started preparing for the holiday dinner tomorrow. Everyone will come to my house around 5 after they have done their other visiting. I have forgotten what it's like to fix a big's been a few years. I did a few things tonight so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.
Tammy is bringing our traditional Holiday Dip that we always have during the holidays. Jennifer is bringing the dessert...a pumpkin pie and a pecan plus the green bean casserole. Josh is bringing Hayden..
I bought Santa suits for both Colton and Hayden in hopes of getting pictures of the 2 of them together. So, that will be a task to do tomorrow. Also Josh is going to dress up as Santa so we can get some Santa pictures with Hayden. Hopefully of Colton as well and anyone else that would like to join in.
After dinner is over Tammy and Kyle are planning on going hunting so I'll be on Grams duty until Sunday. Our forecast calls for rain during that time but hopefully it will change so we'll be able to get out of the house and do something. I'm sure I'll be worn out come Sunday but I know we'll have so much fun as well.
You all take care and hopefully next week sometime I'll be able to post a picture or 2 of the kids over Thanksgiving.
Oh...and for those of you planning on getting up early Friday morning to start your holiday shopping...all I can say is "Bless Your Heart" hope you find a deal!
Oh Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good!
Happy Holidays....Love...Robin

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Trip To San Antonio

Hope this quick update finds you all well.

Today I took day trip to San Antonio. My friend and neighbor and I took off for a craft show. It was nice big show with lots of items to choose from. Around here the shows just aren't any good anymore and they are really small...not worth the trip and the cost to get in. We had a good time shopping for gifts and decorations for the house.

After we were done we stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. We got back home in enough time to chill for the evening before doing our nightly routines.

Hoping tomorrow I'll be in the mood to start the process of decorating for the holidays....BUT....I received a phone call tonight that this precious little girl by the name of Hayden wants her Grams to come over for a just may have to do that tomorrow instead.

I do need to start my decorating...I think I'm gonna have Colton Thanksgiving weekend while Tammy and Kyle go hunting so not sure how much of a help he'll be.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care....Robin

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Visit To Grams House

Little Miss Hayden made her first visit to Grams house.It's so neat to have a baby that has hair where you can put a bow in their hair. Jen and Josh were bald and Tammy had some fuzz.
Isn't Miss Hayden so precious?
And here is Hayden with her Mommy and Daddy
And Hayden got a nice surprise while coming to visit her Grams...her cousin Colton was also there. At first Colton didn't want anything to do with her. When I would ask him to come see the baby he would tell me "NO"...he just played with his toys...he wouldn't even look at her...but as soon as she started to cry he came over and was crying...then he would pet her arm and then he finally would kiss just took him awhile but he came around.
But aren't they precious Grand-babies.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hayden Makes Her Entrance Into The World

Let me introduce you to the newest member of Our Family
Hayden Hope Harris
Born November 17, 2008
3:40 PM
6 pounds 6 ounces
19 inches long

Dark brown hair and blue eyes
The proud parents
Joshua and Jessy

Proud Daddy with his new baby girl
Hayden already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger

And Me...the proud Mother and Grams

Auntie Jen with Hayden
And Auntie Tammy with Hayden

I just love this family of mine!

Baby On The Way

Jessy has started the contraction progress...Hayden should make her arrival sometime this afternoon. Hopefully tonight or in the morning I will be able to post her picture for you all to see.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Baby Watch

Jessy and Josh are at the hospital. They are keeping Jessy over night and we'll know in the morning if they are going to induce or not. Looks like baby Hayden is ready to make her way into the world. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Colton's Birthday Party

Today was Colton's Birthday Party
We celebrated him turning 2
which he did on Tuesday

Above Colton opening he's sliding down the slide that was attached to his bouncy. He had a Sponge Bob bouncy and Birthday party theme. He loves Sponge Bob...he calls him sub-a-sub....too cute!

Above Colton opening presents and next with his Grandpa Sheard (Kyle's step-father) blowing out his candle. Tammy made the cake.

Colton eating his birthday cup cake.... Paul and Jen.

Me and my girls...Stacy, Me and Fonda...we have been friends for like 18 years...the best friends a girl could have.
Colton and Brooke. Brooke is Fonda's grand-daughter who just turned 1. Brooke's mom Kelli and Tammy have been friends since like Kindergarten/first grade and now they have children who could grow up to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Colton eating his cotton candy...It's his birthday and he can have all the sweets he wants!
And Jessy with Hayden (grand baby #2) ready to come out into the world. Josh didn't attend. He left town to get his only hunt of the season in since in a few weeks he'll be on daddy duty. And by the way I talked to him this evening and he had 2 bucks and a doe. He's hoping to get an Elk tomorrow.
And here I am getting ready to slide down the slide with Colton ....the things we do for our grand babies...he wanted me to go (and so did Tammy) so I did...but only once.
And here is the Birthday Boy with his Mommy and Daddy. It was a wonderful day spent with family and good friends.
Tammy did good throwing her first party!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Save The Date

Just in case you don't know...Tammy and Kyle's wedding date is January 3, 2009...2 months away. We're staying busy trying to get everything done. Trying to get it done before the holidays sneak up on us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To You!

Look who turns 2 today....The sweetest little grandson in ALL the land!
Happy Birthday Colton!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Albert Returned Safely

Sunday we attended bull riding again. We had a lot of fun but that was the case the whole time we were there.

As in a earlier post you saw what happened to Albert (Stacy's husband)...well when we attended bull riding Sunday night The Border Patrol's Big Boss returned him to us.

A Big shout out to The Border Patrol!

After bull riding was over we headed back to The Casino at the Mandalay Bay (where we were staying) and decided to play a little.

J.B Mauney who is a bull rider and some other guys were playing craps. We decided to hang out at the table. Just so you'll know who J.B. is he's in the above picture with Stacy and in the picture below.

Anyway...we both learned to play was a lot of we had a fun table. All I'm gonna say is we played Craps for like 6 hours and now I know why they call the game Craps...cause in the morning when you wake up (or whatever time it is when you wake up) you feel like CRAP!

Vegas is's over...we're all home safely. We had a good time....some things we can talk about and some things we can't ...but it's all good. Can't wait to see what the next adventure holds.

Oh...and you think the story about Albert is that...a story...


do you really know it's a story???

"What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas"

Donny and Marie

These are pictures from our first night in Vegas. We went to The Flamingo to see Donny and Marie.
For those of you that know we way back in my early teenage years know that I loved The Osmonds. I was a huge fan (to say the least) and have always liked them even until now. They hold a special place in my growing up.
So....after I had decided to go with Stacy and Albert for bull riding I found out Donny and Marie were playing the same time we were going to be there. I made the decision to buy tickets .... after all i couldn't go to Vegas and not see them. That would of been a sin.
I bought tickets that included a meet and greet afterwards. As a teenager I had met Donny and the other Osmonds several times and also a few in my 20' why should it be any different in my 40's.
Needless to say the show was AWESOME and so were they...very entertaining.
I'm just glad Albert got to see the show since Border Patrol took him 2 days later....ha!
Sorry the pictures are a little spread out...I had to scan them in since the show people took the pictures and we had to buy them, it wasn't done with our camera so I'm having a hard time fixing them on the blog...apparently it's different.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I know I did!