Saturday, September 20, 2014

July Mini Vacation

During the month of July I took Hayden, Colton, Tayler and Tammy to San Antonio where we stayed at a cool hotel with a water park and we visited Sea World..

Needless to's's's hot
next visit will be the spring or fall but it still didn't keep us from having a fun time.
 we saw a couple was Shamu...we sat in the splash zone...I think they need to rename it the soaked zone....the kids laughed so hard afterwards.
And we were soaked.
 Everyone loves a Merry Go Round
 above....Tammy and Colton on his first big people roller coaster...Hayden, Tayler and myself went to the Sesame Street water park playground
 It was a fun time getting away with the kids....hoping to do something over Christmas break before they go back to school if they don't already have plans.