Monday, December 26, 2011

It Was A Merry Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas on Christmas know when your family starts a family of their own that eventually your traditions will change to make room for their own.
This year Jenn and family were leaving Christmas morning to head to Ohio to see Paul's family.
So Christmas Eve was our gathering and I am still grateful as my family was still together....for I know the time will come when we all won't be together all at the same.
And such precious gifts are these 4 beautiful grandchildren....and this is I think the best picture of all 4 that has been know how hard it is to get multiple children together for a picture...
only thing missin'......
Noah is such a happy little guy....
Maybe for Easter he'll make it into the cousins picture.
And this is a little of the craziness we all Christmas....but wouldn't change a thing having my family all under one roof....
Hoping your holiday was a Merry one.....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

From Our Home(s) To Yours
Wishing you a Joyful and Blessed Christmas

And remember when surrounded by family or friends that today we celebrate because of
Him who was born on Christmas Day

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

A couple weeks ago Liam had a play at his cute to see these little 2, 3 and 4 year olds performing and singing. 
 Liam is the one in brown to the right of the girl in pink....his age group were the animals in the stable....I don't have pictures of it but during the program which was anywhere between 10-15 minutes, Liam took his hat off....
 and then continued to take the hats off of all the children around him with a hat on....not sure what anyone else thought but I thought it was so cute...
and here is a shot of whole cast with Liam bottom right
And Liam after the play was over...he was the cutest manger animal

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seriously.... It's Fall????

I know it's Fall....
I know cause it's November.

I know it's Fall....
I know cause the leaves on my tree(s) are changing colors.

I know it's Fall....
I know cause Halloween has passed
and Thanksgiving is in 5 days.

By these things I know it's Fall....
then I ask...
Why is it so warm and humid outside!!!!

There...I shared my thought for the day....enjoy your fall day...though here it reminds me of the month of May or even June.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Disney On Ice

This past Sunday I took the grand-babies to see Disney On Ice.....something I had planned for the last couple of months.I bought tickets that were front row side center...I figured being that close up they would be occupied and not distracted by anyone around us.
It was a good call.
I knew Colton would be fine and figured Hayden would be as well but was a little unsure with Tayler and Liam but thought they would be fine because of the others.
They were good.
 During intermission...Jenn timed it just right....before intermission she went and got pizza for everyone (it was dinner time) so the kids were able to eat while there was a 15 minute break.
The grand-babies were very much catered too and they should be.
They ate, they laughed...they had fun.
These hats came with their cotton candy as they should have since cotton candy was $10 a bag
They all loved Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
as well as Minnie and Goofy....can't wait for that Disney World trip.
Off to Neverland
Captain Hook....all the kids got swords with Peter Pan on it
Getting close to the were excited to see all the characters at once and loved the music as they danced.
Above Tayler and Liam and Hayden below....they loved their view
Colton and Liam
And Disney On Ice comes to an end...I left the house with $800 cash and I think I came home with $120...t-shirts...hats...swords (2 kinds)...lemonade in a souvenir cup..bottled animals....

I would do it all again to spend sometime with my kids and grand-babies and see their happy little faces.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Whirlwind Never Ending

Wow....Life is crazy busy..I so need to find a balance.
Who would of thought at my age I would not have that down by now.

Weekend before last we did The SugarPlum market where we set up a booth and sold items from our store. It's a lot of work,especially when you have a store and your trying to get ready for the holidays and for your 1 year birthday of being in business....

But some how we pulled it off! and it was a success.

During that weekend my oldest grandson Colton turned's a belated shout out on this blog but I did call my baby to sing him the birthday song and the day after his birthday I took him out for a birthday lunch with his family. We went to Texas Roadhouse where they put him on a saddle and did a birthday shout out. Colton is shy and doesn't like people looking at him as you can see in this picture but he was a trooper.

Then Colton and I headed out on our own to a trip to Toys R Us so he could pick out his own birthday presents...something I think I might start doing when the kids get to be that age...we had a lot of fun.
Then we headed to Sweet Tooth
where we had ice cream and then he was able to pick out bags of different candies.
Sweet tooth is a ice cream candy love it.

We had a wonderful Colton and Muggy Day celebrating his special day.

Happy Birthday Colton,,,,Muggy Loves You!

Happy "Late" Halloween

Finally found my memory'd like to share some Halloween pictures of the Grand-babies
 as a little kitty cat
 as Blue from Blues Clues
 the little turtle
 Tayler and Colton
Miss Kitty Cat and Spiderman

Break Time

I'm way behind on my blog posting but hoping to catch up today as I have decided to not go to the store since I have SOOOO much to do in my own home.

But I did want to share with you that back October 21st I took off for the weekend and headed to Lake Charles with Stacy, Albert, Fonda and Jim for some well needed R&R.

We got in Friday night...gambled a little and had a late dinner or maybe it was breakfast.
The next day we had lunch and Albert and Jim headed out for golf while us girls hung out at the lazy river with our special cups.

....after what was all day at the lazy river we cleaned up for dinner. After dinner we hit the casino where not long after it was time for me to hit the sack...after all I started my day pretty early with my special cup and I couldn't go anymore.

The next day I got what I wanted...a day in bed did feel good though....I did manage to get dressed around 4..met up with everyone where we had a few dinks, headed out to dinner and then I went back to the room for someTV time and more relaxing in the bed.

Just what I needed but now I think I need another relaxing moment...that may not be until Grandma's trip in Februay.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colton and Tayler

Last night the family came time to spend time with my was his last night to be in town, he leaves this afternoon.
So since last week I have been wanting to update you on the grand-babies and let you see how they've grown and how much more beautiful they have become.
So, here's my Colton and Tayler.
Such a handsome young man...hard to believe that next month he will be 5...time just goes by too quickly.

And Tayler and Colton looks like such a beautiful day (and it was) but by Tayler's hair you can see how the wind was was a little chilly and it was hard to get her to stand still, she was ready to go in...but can see how precious she is....they both are.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

My brother is in town and Sunday night we went to Jenn's for dinner.
Her in laws are also in town so we weren't sure how our visiting time would be for my brother to see her and the night was the night.

I took several pictures but these 2 of Noah I just have to share.

I know!!!!!
Just too darn cute!

Tomorrow I will have more pictures to share of my other grand-babies.
Thanks for lookin'.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Saturday afternoon I sent Fonda a last minute text and said...I know it's last minute but I get off at 2 and was planning to go to Garden you wanna join me and do a late lunch early dinner.
I was sure she would be busy and would have to decline but I was so happy when her text said...
I was just thinking about you and yes I'll join you.

I was wanting to get some scarecrows...I was in the mood to decorate for fall. So I loaded up with scarecrows of all shapes and sizes...Fonda found her some Halloween decorations...then it was time to check out and head to eat and have some girl talk.

Afterwards we went our separate ways but before heading home I stopped at the garden center and picked up some pumpkins....23 large and 9 small....if my grand-babies don't make it to the pumpkin patch this year they can come over here and pick out a pumpkin.

So...yesterday I decorated the front yard which took forever...after each item I put in the ground I would have to walk to the street to see how the view was....I think I re-arranged it all 4 different times.
Here is the end result.

Today I did my back yard as faces the lake so it's open to see...I didn't get pictures but tomorrow I will and will post those as well.

Thanks for the wonderful play time Fonda!

"Happy Fall Y'all"

Another Kodak Moment

This one is of Hayden...taken before I took her to pre-school....I got her a Tinker Bell outfit and she wore it to school...she loved it...she loves Tinker Bell and all the Princesses.
I think he's a little princess herself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kodak Moments

Sweet Little Boy

Liam and Noah

Look at those BIG beautiful eyes

He thinks his Grams is so funny

I see you
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Noah (and the one with Liam)...I watched the boys last night for Jenn...I plan on getting pictures of Hayden and then Colton and Tayler by this weekend and will update you on them....I know it's been awhile since Ive shared pictures...I've just been so busy...
Until next time....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Quick Update.....

I feel at a loss for words but will give you a little update on what is going on in the world according to Robin.

The kids are good....Jenn is busy adjusting to 2 boys and doing her part with the store....Noah is a doll and Liam is just as sweet as ever. Liam is back in his pre-school program at his church.

Tammy is busy teaching and all is going well though she is busy all the time but I think she is really enjoyng her students.

Colton and Tayler are doing good and enjoying their new pre-school.

Josh has put Hayden in a preschool as well 2 days a week and I am taking her in the mornings before work and he is picking her up. I enjoy seeing her though it is short but I don't like the part where I drop her off and she cries...Grams isn't suppose to be the bad guy.

Not sure I have mentined it before but Josh and Jessy have been seperated for sometime and have filed for divorce.

I am working and staying very busy...preparing for the holidays at the store...peparing at my house may not happen this year.

Yesterday we had a hug successful sidewalk sale at the store...believe it or not we just had way too much inventory and no room for it that we needed to move it out...we were busy all day.
I think our customers really enjoyed shopping, receiving a bargin and some really good merchandise.

Today was a day of rest in my energy level is maybe at a 10 out of 100...
I'm pooped!

Tomorow the store is closed and that is when the clean up will happen.

In 26 days I head to Lake Charles with some friends for some relaxation and fun before the holiday

 mode really kicks in....I'm so looking forward to it that I'm already in count down mode.
Will keep you posted.

I will try over the next week to get some recent pictures of the grand-babies and share with you...they are growing so much and ever so beautiful and handsome.
Enjoy your week.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Name Is..................

Kid Rock....

That is how myself and a few friends spent our Saturday The Woodlands to see the one and only Kid Rock. It was a sold out show and we had 4th was awesome!

Kid is a good entertainer....back last March he played the Houston Rodeo...which performers don't put on their full was a good show and I felt like I had been cheated and needed to see more...

so....when tickets went on sale for is Born Free tour, I knew I must get tickets....and he did not disappoint.

Had a wonderful time with my girls...thanks for joining me...and to my sister in law who flew in from Florida to join us.