Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Sleep Over Guest

And here's my precious Hayden...last weekend she spent the night with her Grams...she was my first sleep over in the new house...she crawls everywhere...trying to walk can stand a take a step or two and then falls...she can go fast walking on her knees...too funny!
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Liam Rolls Over

This past Wednesday Liam rolled over and I was there to witness it.
So exciting to watch the grand-babies accomplishments.
He's such a big boy.
Liam is now 4 1/2 months
he'll be 5 months in a week.

I still have more pictures to share....I have a lot of time to make up since I haven't been blogging...still trying to get settled in the new house.

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My Little Pumpkins

Tammy and Kyle took these cute little pumpkins Colton and Tayler to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I just had to share these 2 pictures they took...aren't they precious?
Colton is fixing to turn 3 and Tayler is now 4 1/2 months.
Stay tuned more grand-baby pictures coming soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things Are Coming Together ..... Slowly

Morning! It's Sunday and I'm in bed watching re-runs of 90210 while the dogs sleep. We got up a couple hours ago and already put away one box of stuff in the office, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and watched the dogs we're all tired.

I'm watching Howie while Jenn, Paul and Liam are out of town. They went to Columbus so Paul could run in a marathon. He needs this run to qualify for The Boston Marathon in April...prayers for Paul. While there they also get to visit with family. Paul has a brother that lives in Columbus and his parents and his sister and her family are in Stuebenville a couple hours away.

I have been busy with "TRYING" to get the house in shape and watching the's like having a house full of kids.

I had some furniture delivered bookcase for the office and my dining table and the last of the chairs and the rug for the dining room. Now the office is complete with it's furniture. This is the only room complete so hopefully I can get the room put together and soon.

Of course my window delivery for the furniture was 10-4 and of course they came at 3:45 but the day wasn't wasted. I did unpack a couple of boxes and found me some yard men. There was a crew doing some neighbors yards and I figured if they can use them so can I 2 houses down I went to see what I needed to do to get on the list. They came right over, there were 5 guys, 2 guys in front, 2 in back and one that racked the mulch and laid some seed on the grass. Ten minutes and 30 dollars later they were done and my yard looked pretty. Yeah for workmen...ha!

So today I think I'm gonna relax and unpack here and there. Tomorrow after Jenn and Paul return I'll head out and take care of things. I so need a couch for the living room. I'm tired of using my bed and my bedroom as the room to hang out in. I feel like I'm hidden away. So tomorrow I may head out and search for one unless I get a wild hair today.

Well the dogs are up from a very short nap and playing so I think it's time for me to get up and let them out. Thanks for letting me ramble. Hope your weekend was a good one. Until next time...

It is What It Is!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Calm After The Storm?

Well....I have moved into the new house...I have been sleeping here since Saturday...I still need to unpack and shop. So, to put it nicely....the house is upside down.

I still need to shop for furniture...I have some, some is on order and some I haven't even found yet. But at least the move is over with.

Today I'm heading back to the old house for one more day of cleaning and taking the last few items that were left behind and then I should be done. I sure hope so.

I haven't received a closing date on the old house yet but I know they are trying to hurry and push it through...they are shooting for the end of next long as it's before Novembers payment I'll be happy.

I will post pictures soon but the house is not in picture order right now and the camera is packed somewhere.

I finally got connected to the Internet this morning. Never thought I would miss something so much. I had to end up buying a new laptop. My other one wouldn't turn on so it has to be shipped out and could be 2-3 weeks before I get it back...couldn't go any longer so a new laptop was purchased.....I'm almost whole if I can get the house in shape I'll be complete.

I have a new email address...if you haven't received an email from me yet with it, it's coming soon but if you don't get one you can leave me a message on the comment section of this blog and I'll send it to you.

I'll be in touch....can't wait for you all to see the new home. I'm thinking of hosting a Holiday Open House be looking for your invitation.

Until next time...Take care...oh...and those Grand-babies are good and growing...just wait until you see new pictures.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A New Beginning

It's a new beginning for me...a little scary and a little exciting.

I closed this past Monday on my new house. It's a little strange but exciting. I feel like I'm really out on my own now. I went from my parents home to a home with Todd and now it's just me. Though it's been just me for 3 1/2 years it seems different some how. I feel like I'm growing up and moving out on my own...I guess I'm finally growing up...again (ha). I feel like I've gone around the circle and now I'm going again but on a different path this time.

I haven't moved into the new house yet where I'm staying over night. I've been out looking at and buying furniture, getting things I need for the house and taking care of things like getting blinds put in, having the place exterminated, getting alarm hooked up along with phone and Internet and cable...all those good things to give you the comforts of home.

Needless to say...I'm tired.

This weekend my plan is to have things completely moved out of one home and into the other.

I have sold the country home and the people buying it are wanting a fast close...they want to move in, in 2 I have a very busy schedule right now. Once I get my stuff out of here I will need to do a little cleaning.

I hope once I'm settled I'll be able to post pictures of the home so you can see but better yet I hope you'll be able to come by for a visit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

No Closing Today

Today I was suppose to close on the new house. In the back of my mind I was prepared for this to not happen. It just seemed as though everything that was suppose to be done was so last minute. I was told not to worry that everything would be fine and taken care of.

So closing was to be at 10 and yesterday I get the call it's been pushed back to 3...then around noon today I get the call...everything will be good to close at three but because of the time and the funding hadn't been sent through that when I close I may not be able to get the keys to the house and will have to wait until Monday to allow the funding to go through.

While talking to Jenn about this I called back and said....I'm not gonna close and pay on a house that I can't get into for 3 days and be responsible if I can't close and get the keys then we'll have to do it another they couldn't guarantee I could have the keys so Monday morning we'll try again.

So...I have taken advantage of the situation and got a nap in today, very much needed and tomorrow I will continue to pack but at a slower pace. I'm exhausted!

Anyway...just wanted to update you all and after I get moved and settled I will share more. Have a wonderful weekend...I think we're expecting rain.