Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starting The Process

Well as some of you know I'm in the process of moving.
It's a slow process but it's the only one that works right now.

I was planning on moving out of the old home and to the new one this week but had a floor delay and the mess from the landscapers and things at work have pushed me back a week.

I'm really looking forward to moving and making this home my home.
I'm even excited about cleaning and decorating. The house I'm in now hasn't really been decorated, I think I just wasn't in to this house and that is what kept me from doing a lot...that won't be the case for this one and those that know me well know I don't like cleaning but I don;t seem to mind it right now with this home.

I had some floors replaced....not all but some and thinking since I wasn't having it all torn up and not taking any tile out, just replace some carpet with floors and carpet with new carpet that there wouldn't be a huge mess.


They made such a mess...dust everywhere...thank goodness it just stayed in the dining room, living room and kitchen.

So yesterday I finally had a chance to get to the house since they had been done to start the cleaning process I had already done previously.

And when I was done with the kitchen I sat this out.
The roosters I have had for a long time but the floral arrangement I bought about a year ago along with a bigger arrangement that now sits in the foyer of my old home.

When I bought this arrangement I had no glue where I was going to put it... I just knew I liked it and wanted it.

When I got it home it didn't fit anywhere where it looked right so it just kinda sat in a corner hidden out of the way. it sits perfectly in the kitchen of the new house on the island counter where the stove top is. I love it! I plan on doing the kitchen in a country french look, combining my roosters with wine decor and vibrant colors....can't wait to complete the look.

So, that's what has been up with little ole me....trying to find enough hours in a day.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Good Times With Friends

Saturday September 28th
Destination...Woodlands Pavilion
To See Who?
Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert
 Kelley, myself, Jeanette, Brianne, Fonda, Meagan and Stacy getting ready to head out.
It was a good night with friends and a great time had by all.
 We had Pit first time to do pit...tho' it was good I got a little tired standing on my feet.
I usually have a good seat at a concert and usually stand the whole time but having those intermission time slots between acts does make a difference and when there's a slow song where you just wanna sit and take it in....I needed that time....but still...a great show.
 Miranda is beautiful....did a good show as did Dierks.
 I hate to say it but that was my last concert of 2013.
Good Night Texas!