Friday, April 23, 2010

Back To The Beach...Part Two

This afternoon Bailey and I headed to the beach after Bailey had his visit with the vet.
Along the way we stopped at the garden center to get more plants.
I got 6 more Oleanders and 10 more Hibiscus.
Was hoping to find the big Oleanders as I did on my first trip to the center but no such luck.
It's okay they grow pretty fast and they are cheaper.
The plan was to get to "The Beach House" and lay the plants out where they were gonna go and then maybe plant a few and then tomorrow finish up.
Wasn't sure I could I plant 16 by myself at one time....but.... I'm better than I thought I was.
I got all 16 planted in an hour and then 30minutes to water them and the ones that were done earlier in the week.
Yes...I'm patting myself on the back!
The above shows the line along the side of the property where I planted...the palms were already there from a previous planting.
All the plants from today are along this line except for 2 Hibiscus I planted in front.
And here is the line again from a different angle.
If you look to the left of the tall palm in the middle there is a cap.
There I plan on putting 3 Oleanders ...I was just 3 short from completing that line today.

If you look in the back ground you can see previous planting along the back line.

And then after getting all my chores done I got to do what I like to do best here...
Sit in my chair, have a drink and look out to the ocean.
Life is good today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back To The Beach

This past weekend went to the beach...Stacy and Albert joined me and we had a work day.
Stacy and I planted 15 plants along this back line of the property.
Last night we went back to finish the back line.
We brought another 21 plants making a total planted
Along the back line are Oleanders and Hibiscus.
Then I bought the Queen Palm.
I plan on getting more but wanted to make sure I could plant this one before buying more.
Couldn't break ground where I originally wanted it so it ended up on the side line of the property.
Worked out fine cause now I have a vision of how I want this part to look like.
Then I got these 3 Mexican Fan Palms. I'm not a big fan but at $16 each I figured I would plant them on a corner to mark the property line. Though they are small they do look good.
They will grow taller just takes awhile.
And then these 2 huge Oleanders on the back corner line.
I love the buffer it creates

And here is the back line from another's a long line.

I'm so proud of us...Today we had 21 to plant and from the time we unloaded the truck, put the plants where we wanted them, planted, brought out hoses, watered and picked up the mess it only took us 1 1/2 hours.
Headed back to the beach this weekend but this time alone....wonder how many I can plant all by myself?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Boy Bailey

Today I headed towards the Beach House with Stacy.... Albert joined us when he was done with work. The plan was to get a little work done and then relax a little.

Since I've had Bailey he would not go up or down the stairs, he was scared. So that meant every time we would go downstairs to potty or walk I would have to carry him. Wasn't too bad when he was a pup but now over one and 60 pounds....not so much fun.

Eventually he got to the point if I carried him down half way and up half way he would go the rest of the way but reluctantly.

The last time I was here was with Jenn and Liam and her dog Howie, about a month ago. Well, Howie just goes up and down the stairs with no hesitation. Bailey did a little better with Howie here but I still had to carry him. when we got here and approached the stairs he went right up and when time to go down he hesitated for a second, then I carried treats and then down he we are up and down and I don't even have to carry treats...No more carrying him...Whoo-Hoo.

I'm so proud of him and every time we go up and down I tell him so.I really thought I was gonna have to carry that dog forever...60 pounds is just too much to carry up and down stairs.

Enjoy your's wonderful here at the beach.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Orleans

Last weekend I went to New Orleans with Stacy and Albert.
Our reason for going was PBR
(Professional Bill Riding).
It was a 2 day event but we only went for one as we needed to get back to spend Easter with our families
and Easter egg hunts for the grand-babies.
Needless to say we made the most of our time and had a wonderful time. We went to PBR Friday night but during the day Friday we walked and saw some sights and such.
Had a good time.
Our first stop was Cafe Du Monde.
I was amazed at all the people standing in line for these Beignets.
And look at all that powdered sugar.
I had one and it was good but honestly didn't get all the hype.
If it would of been cheesecake now that would be a whole totally different thing.
I did like seeing some of the architect and such as we walked.
It was nice getting out of town with friends...I needed a break....seems like lately I've been on Grams duty just about everyday for the last couple weeks.
Today I have done nothing but lay around and rest to get ready for those babies tomorrow.
Oh...and I have a Canada trip coming up...I leave in 3 can't wait.
Enjoy your week....that's about all that's up with me for now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today I had the family over for Easter lunch and a Easter Egg hunt for the kids.
This was the first to arrive...
Miss Hayden in her Easter dress.
I know...she's a cutie...but you ain't seen nothin' yet. Hayden finding Easter Eggs.
Her favorite thing was to pick them up and then throw them on the ground.

And then Little Miss Tayler who loved putting the Easter Eggs in her mouth. Tammy tried sitting her on the ground but she wasn't that fond of the grass.

And then there's Liam who had no problems with the grass and also liked the Easter Eggs to put in his mouth.

And Colton finding all kinds of eggs. His thing was finding them, opening them up to see what was inside and then putting it in his bucket and moving on to the next on.

As close to twins (knock on wood) as our family will get...cousins... 3 days apart.

Liam was so excited with the Easter basket....he shook it back and forth doing everything to tear it open...he's gonna blast come his 1st Birthday and Christmas.
And speaking of we were talking how Liam and Tayler will be 1 in 2 months....
Where has the time gone?
See....he's just wild about the Easter basket...such a cute little man.

And Hayden with her basket...she saw her puffy snacks in there and she got the side part opened and took her snacks out and she was done....she got what she wanted.

Tayler being Cute!
Colton with his basket....he has his "cheese" smile on.

And Tayler with her basket...her favorite was the ribbon...she just loved pulling on it and putting it in her mouth.

And keeping with tradition...I got Colton a Jester Mardi Gra hat while I was in New Orleans...when he was a baby I went to Germany and brought back hats from there and Paris, ever since when I go somewhere I end up finding a hat that fits that area....but this time I also got all grandchildren a Jester hat, just Liam left before I handed them out....but he'll get his and then I will post pictures of all of them in their hats,

We had a fun filled day and it's time for this old lady to rest because tomorrow is another day.
Hope your day was filled with love and laughter.
And may our focus not wonder off too far and remember why today is so special....
" He Is Risen"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

On The Road Again

Bags are packed...books are ready to take and get to the arena...
Look out New Orleans here we come!
This evening after I watch Colton and Tayler while Tammy has school... Albert, Stacy and I will be driving to New Orleans to watch a little bull and cowboys....PBR (Professional Bull Riding).
It's a 2 night event but we're only doing 1, gotta get back to have Easter with the Grand-Babies.

While there we'll make the most of it and spend the day Saturday walking around The French Quarter
and then that evening PBR and afterwards we'll probably hit Harrah's for a little gambling before hitting the sack.

I'm sure we'll do breakfast and get ready at our leisure and then head back to Houston.

I've had such a busy schedule lately of grand-baby sitting that I need this little break so I can get ready to start again....but I do love them babies.

I'll still post a picture a day on the 365 and I'll tell of our tales when I get back along with pictures.

Enjoy your Weekend!