Saturday, August 30, 2008

Me Against The Mosquito

Greetings from the beach....

I arrived Thursday morning at "The Beach House" and as I drove up the drive I was greeted by swarms of mosquitos outside my truck. Needless to say I had to make a quick run up the stairs to escape. Up on the deck it was okay, it was just down below where the problem was.

On Friday afternoon the same thing....tons of mosquitos as I left to go into town to get a few groceries. Coming back and making several trips up the stairs trying to dodge the mosquitos while carrying groceries was not the easiest thing to do nor was it any fun.

Yesterday evening I had cousins that stopped by on their way to their bay home in Galveston for visit...mosquitos not bad on the deck where we visited but again you could see them swarm their vehicle as they came and went.

This morning I went outside to do what I always do after I wake up in the morning...come and sit outside and enjoy the morning. soon as I opened the door I was greeted by the mosquito. By this time I was like.."Enough is Enough"! So...I went into town to the Home Depot to find something to help get rid of the mosquito.

I bought some stuff to spray the lawn. I was told it was the most effect and lasted the longest unless we had a heavy rain. I also bought a fogger for a quick fix that last for a couple hours and then some held hand foggers and spray for the human body. I bought a new hose that would take me out as far as I could go...100 feet...I want to make sure those mosquitos stay back. So...for almost 2 hours I've been outside spraying. Now the test will be to see how long will this last. I must say...while out there spraying the yard I was not bothered by any so I'm hoping the smell either killed them or made them run and hide somewhere else.

So now I'm doing what I do best...relaxing on the deck...lap top on my lap...a cold drink beside me. And for my friend that is looking for a new beverage...if you like grapefruit juice I'm having a vodka and grapefruit juice and it's pretty tasty. That might be something new for you to try.

It's very nice out here today...the wind is blowing a wonderful breeze, the sun is out...there are a few people on the's a beautiful day. I think in a bit I may lay down on the chaise and take a nap....Wish you were here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Be At The Beach

I'm here at the beach house sitting outside on the deck with my lap top...feet propt up and a drink at my sweet it is. It's a nice least on deck...nice breeze and the sound of the waves is to die for. This is my favorite thing right...just sitting on the deck with no sound but the waves. It's a good place to just forget.

This week had been a busy, hectic and stressful week so to come here is truly a blessing.

It seems like forever since I have been here but it really hasn't been all that long. Not sure how long I'm staying for but I know I'll be here until Tuesday for sure.

Hard to believe it's already Labor Day...the so called end of summer. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend. We'll also need to get an eye on what Gustav has in store....I wish no hurricane on anyone but better somewhere else than here, so time will tell soon enough.

I think Jen an Paul will be joining me Sunday and Monday and Josh may come out for a day or two as well. I know Josh plans on doing my yard work for me on grass has really grown. We finally got some rain and I wasn't able to mow and then a busy schedule kept me from it and today it was like...mow or head to the beach and the beach won.

Tomorrow I'll head out to the grocery store and hit Best Buy and buy and cheap camera to leave here at the beach house. When I leave to come here I just take off, everything I need is already here so because of that I forgot the camera. Just in case there is a good picture opportunity it would be nice to capture it and then maybe even share with those of you who are interested.

Well, I think it's time for me to sit back and close my eyes and just listen to the surf. Until next time enjoy your weekend and have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Visitor

Colton was over yesterday for a visit and ended up spending the night. We had a good time.

Here he is with the Indian head-dress I bought him last week in Fort Worth. It was hard getting pictures because he didn't want to wear it. He kept telling me "NO". This was taken in the bathroom where I could get him to see himself in the mirror. I made the Indian sound with my hand, he did it for a second and took the hat off. So this is the best picture out of 4. It must be something with the feathers because when he left my house this morning he wore his cowboy hat out. Kids are so funny!

This was taken this morning. Eating cereal, watching cartoons, with his blanket and hugging on Cookie Monster which he calls "Animal"...He is just too cute!
Tomorrow starts a busy week for me...lots of legal stuff. keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Have a good week. Until next good!

Friday, August 22, 2008

And There Off

Tonight I went to the Sam Houston Race Track with 2 of my girlfriends and their husbands...I called myself the 5th wheel but it was a good time. It's nice to have good friends that don't make you feel awkward or that your a tag along.

This was our second time to go. I'm getting the hang of it a little, the betting that is. It's a fun evening for a few hours anyways. Can't wait until I can cash in on a big bet. Now that would be cool.

Well, I just wanted to check in...I need to get some sleep...tomorrow Colton is coming over for the day. I bought him a Indian head dress from when I went to Fort Worth so I'm hoping to get a good picture of him in it...if i do I'll post one tomorrow night or Sunday.

I have this thing about getting him a hat from the different places I go. I have a feeling I may be running out of hats pretty soon.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Adventure...This time Fort Worth

This weekend I was suppose to leave for Forth Worth with one of my best friends. She had wanted to go and visit The Southern Living design home that was modeled there to get some home ideas. Apparently Southern Living builds a house every year in a different city that you can go and visit. Anyway...on Tuesday we had a conflict a friend needed to be home Saturday for her daughter's bridal shower (my friend had gotten her dates mixed up...something we all do from time to time)...Anyway after talking it through we decided to leave Wednesday night (after she was done at work and me with my attorney) instead of Friday.

We got in to Fort Worth (after several turn arounds...something I did a lot...I can't blame her, I was the one behind the wheel) and found our way downtown and checked into The Hilton. Downtown is very nice...but during the week nights it shuts down pretty early.

We stayed up to the wee hours of the morning just talking ....and of course slept in.

On Thursday morning we got dressed and headed to The Southern Living home. It was a nice home in a neighborhood they were just starting to develop. There wasn't anything really special about the home but there were a couple rooms that were different and that I personally liked. After we visited the home we decided to make a trip to the Stockyards. Upon arriving and just a turn away from the parking lot all of a sudden we heard an awful first I thought I hit something or ran over someone or something or that the street beneath me was caving in....but no..I had a blow out. Apparently there was a large metal object stuck between the bricks that made the road and I was the lucky one chosen to run over it...which sliced my tire almost completely across. As soon as we turned into the parking lot two nice guys stopped and offered to help change the tire.

The boys were nice...but where I'm from there more known as bubba's ....anyway...they were nice and did the job and it was awful could feel the heat pounding the black asphalt parking lot. Anyway...they got the job done and I'm forever grateful. Now this week my plans are to go to the tire store.

After the tire we headed across the street to The Cattlemen's Steak House for a late lunch. It was good...not the best I had ever had but good just the same. Most importantly, it was cool in the place after standing in the heat with the boys changing the tire.

After lunch we walked around the shops and did some looking around and picked up a couple things here and there until the shops closed. It was a fun afternoon.

We headed back to the hotel...and headed right out to enjoy the evening of Downtown. The next morning we started to get ready and head back towards the Houston area. It was nice driving to a leisurely pace and not rushing to get back. We stopped and had lunch. We also stopped in a small town that looked so cute and all the store fronts were very very old...we thought we might find something here but the look was deceiving and a couple of the stores had awful smells that made it hard to breath. So we got in the truck and continued home.

After dropping off my friend I headed to PetsMart to pick up other grandchild...a Australian Shepard that belongs to Jen and Paul. They had left town Thursday night to attend a wedding on Paul's side of the family. So I picked him up so he didn't have to stay in the pet hotel the whole time they were gone. So, this weekend it's just me and Howie.

So...that was my latest Adventure...can't wait to see what lays ahead. Until next time, Be good!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Busy Few Days

It has been a crazy week. I'm tired! This week doesn't look any slower but I am leaving town for the weekend with a good friend so that will be nice. We're going to Fort Worth to look at the Southern Living home on display so she can get some decorating ideas. I'm along for the company and a chance to get away with a good friend. We'll leave Friday and come back Sunday. Also planning a little shopping while there.

Yesterday I helped Jen with her classroom (she's a teacher). So we put together bulletin boards and such. After we were done she dragged me to Memorial park where we walked 3 miles. It felt good afterwards. I've been talking about starting to exercise so yesterday was the start day.

On Sunday Tammy, Jen, and myself took Colton to see The Backyardigans. It was my idea. He loves the show on TV and on DVD. So, I figured he was ready for a live show...after all I use to take my kids all the time to stuff like that with no problems. Well....I don't think he was ready...maybe in another 6 months to a year. We were there 30 minutes early so trying to keep an almost 2 year old occupied when all he wants to do is run around in a crowd was nerve wrecking to say the last. When the show finally started he was good and then pretty good and then just not wanting to be still. During intermission we decided to leave.

We left and as soon as we got in the truck Colton passed out. We decided to do lunch but not sure how Colton was going to behave. We went to Chuck E Cheese (where a kid can be a kid)...and it was good...he played and rode rides and when lunch was ready he was ready to sit and eat and was really good. It ended up being a fun time.

After we were done Jen and I dropped Tammy and Colton off and went shopping....found some good sales.

Today I plan to relax...walk when the sun goes down some and then get a good nights sleep...I have an all day appointment with my attorney tomorrow so I know it will be a draining day.

Until next time be good and be safe and thanks for visiting. Robin

Colton at Chuck E Cheese....Where a Kid can be a Kid

A Little Visitor

A special little guy spent the night with his Grams this past Friday.
Thought this picture was really cute so being the Grams I am I just had to share.
Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

False Alarm

No threat of Edouard in my little area of the beach. After putting up the hurricane panels and deciding to head back to my home in country as not to experience and power outages...Edouard decided to make a little turn and that basically resulted in us not getting anything. Even when I had left the beach around 10 PM I knew this was different....maybe it's because we were on the opposite side of the storm than Dolly..but the water was calm at 140 miles away...Dolly being 300 miles away was really churning the waves. Oh the saying goes... "Better safe Than Sorry". Plus I guess you could call it my dry run to prepare for the next one.

Tomorrow I will go to the house and take everything down. Josh is going to meet me out there. I was too tired this evening. I had a visitor all day today and his name was Colton (my grandson).

Until next time...Be safe! Robin

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here We Go Again

Looks like I'll be boarding up the beach house tomorrow morning. Didn't find out until a few hours ago that there was a storm in the Gulf...apparently it's a tropical storm right now but they expect a Cat 1 and land fall Tuesday morning in Galveston. I'm like 20 miles away. Jennifer and I were planning on going tomorrow for 2 days but now our plans have changed. More than likely we'll be putting up and trying out the new hurricane panels I had fitted for the windows. Hopefully it will change course but so far all the models show our area. I haven't really taken pictures of the house for insurance purposes I guess tomorrow I'll be doing that as well. I will keep you posted.