Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family Vacation Saga....

Good Morning!

Yesterday was Monday and Day 3 of our vacation but I considered it to be Day1.
Day 1 ...consisted of arriving...getting settled...watching 5 grandchildren while the girls went shopping and just being cranky from a long drive and from a warm house.

Day 2... was getting up...unpacking...getting Josh from the airport and then picking up my mom and again dealing with the warm house.

Day 3 ...Going for a walk in the heat with a 4 year old and then being cranky (not me, the 4 year old but then...I did become cranky...lol )dealing with issues in general (what's a family vacation without issues...right?)...hopefully all resolved...and then again dealing with a warm house.

So....to me Day 3 is my Day 1 of vacation because I decided I can let the warm house consume me and ruin my vacation or NOT....so I decided it was time to spend time with Kenny Chesney in a bottle (Blue Chair Bay Rum) and relax like I said I was gonna do on vacation

and that's exactly what I did...in the pool for like 3 hours...pruney  but relaxed...oh and I need another bottle of Blue Chair Bay Rum.

The rental company did end up sending someone else out last night...he did seem to be a better a/c person than what they sent out yesterday morning...he was a joke and I basically told him so.
He's suppose to be back out this morning to check on what he thinks it is so we shall see...I really don't have much faith in this whole ordeal but I have chosen to not let it ruin my vacation.

Wonder what I'll do today on Day 2 of my vacation? That floaty is lookin' pretty good!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Family Vacation

This morning I sit here as today begins our 3rd evening of our trip.

Earlier this year I had decided to bring all my kids and my grand-babies to Florida for a family vacation. My mom has a hard time getting around being in a wheel chair and it has been sometime since she has been able to see her grandchildren let alone the great grandchildren.

So since my mom lives in Tampa I thought Clearwater would be the perfect place to vacation. Close enough to pick my mom up to come and stay with us...2 blocks from the beach so everyone can have fun doing things on and around the beach.

Rented a couple homes together that share a pool and hot tub...plenty to keep us busy if we choose and a nice place to relax if we choose.

Jenn, Liam, Noah, Hayden and myself arrived Saturday afternoon. We drove from Texas and had left 4 am on Friday.Tammy and her group took off Friday night around 11 pm. Jenn and I stopped over night in Tallahassee and by morning when we left Tammy and family were only a couple hours behind us.

Once at the house we were informed we couldn't get in to all the homes (2 and a cottage) because the group before us had trashed the homes out so we could only get into one.
It was a little disappointing but  understand somethings happen beyond someones control.

And then....the a/c units in  both homes is not working correctly...one worse than the other...finally cools in the middle of the night, is fine in the morning and then by 11 am steadily going up and by afternoon the units are froze over.

The agent seems nice but still I feel something isn't right and by now the second night I'm feeling like I'm getting the run around.

The a/c guy is suppose to be here this morning...not sure why he couldn't come before then...I'm sure it has something to do with island time and the weekend...but still....when you pay this amount of money and you have a big group you want things fixed and working...it's hot here...we're in Florida...just like Texas...it's HOT!!!

I have decided that if today it's not fixed not so nice and understanding Robin is gonna come out to play.

So...yesterday at 4 I picked up Josh from the airport....Paul will arrive Wednesday night and my brother who lives in Jacksonville will be here Friday morning....my family will be complete and hopefully cooled off.

I forgot to mention my cousin came to the house Saturday after we checked in ( I have lots of family in Tampa) and fixed dinner for us. She'll b coming Wednesday night to spend the weekend with me. 

Not sure what I'm doing today but ready to get out and enjoy the day...
Above is Tammy with 4 grocery baskets the night we got in ....her and Jenn did the shopping for our group of what will be 13....thank goodness I didn't have to do that...I have a hard enough time shopping for one.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Boys Of Summer....Boy Band Night

July 27th
Jenn and I heading out for 
The Package Tour
New Kids On The Block
98 Degrees and Boys 2 Men   
I was lucky enough to purchase a Package Tour ticket which included a meet and greet with New Kids...There was an Ultimate package to add on to the already package but by the time I found out about these packages that was already gone...it allowed you to also have your meet and greet one on one instead of in groups....next time I will know better....

So below here we are in our meet and greet photo.
Jenn is the 3rd girl going left to right and next to Jordan and I'm on the right end next to Danny.
We had a good time meeting other fans...I might of embarrassed Jenn once or twice but hey...
Momma was having a good time doing this boy band stuff.
Our package allowed us to do our meet and group in what was called the groups dressing room....
it was a room with a couch and they brought in a rack of clothes to make it look like a dressing room..but we had fun with it.
 The concert started promptly on time at 7:30 with a 20 minute set from 
Boys 2 Men
It was too short of a set and they were really good...wish there would of been more...20 minutes at a concert went by like a blink of an eye. 
 Five minutes later
98 Degrees
came out...put on a great show...played about 35 to 40 minutes and played all there hits.
 Above Nick Lacey...just as handsome as ever.
Included in our Package we had a first Row ticket at the stage...behind the second row was a barricade that kept anyone from reaching the stage.

The stage was in a round set up and only about 60 of us inside the barricade....
I must say...the best ticket I have ever had for a concert.
 There is Jenn standing next to the stage with 98 Degrees singing...

And once 98 Degrees were done with their set about 10 minutes later it was
Block Party Time
New Kids On The Block
 They came out from an end stage and hit the main stage right in front of us.
There is Jenn enjoying her New Kids...
 I love the pictures of her at the stage with them so close and her enjoying the show and going back in time for 2 hours....yes, they put on a straight 2 hour show and it was a great show.
 Joey and Jordan above and below all of them...the stage at times would also go around in a circle so everyone had a chance to see them...it was a good concert set up.
 Hands in the air again.
 Jenn at the stage with NKOTB behind her singing my favorite song off their new CD...yes, I bought the new CD when I knew I was going to the show...when you go to a show and your front and center you must know the words to the songs to join in the fun...no fun trying to fake words.
 I guess I would call him my favorite New Kid...Donny Walberg...some of you may know him by his TV show Blue Bloods...I think he's my favorite because he seems more like the bad boy and what girl doesn't like a bad boy.
 And my Jenn again at the stage section that was to the right of us....we really had the best of both worlds when he came to the stage.
 And Jenn with her favorite on stage...When the show was over I asked the question....though you didn't pay for the tickets, you know the cost...was it worth it?
Her response...
 We had a good daughter mother night...I took her to her first concert to see NKOTB and 20 years later I took her a second time and this time she got to be up close and personal to the her favorite New Kid, Jordan.
 I had a blast...I enjoy a good concert and this ranks tops on the list...I enjoy good music and like to be entertained and I was not disappointed...

As Jenn said....worth every penny!

Thanks Jenn for wanting to spend this night with your momma
I'll Be Loving You Forever!

(Coming in August....more Boys Of Summer)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Boys Of Summer

This blog will be my first installment called
"The Boys Of Summer"

I have several concerts this summer and this one was the first. 
Stacy, myself, Fonda and Kelley headed to Beaumont to see....
Tim McGraw
 We had tickets for a pre-show acoustic set with Tim.
He came out and sang 3 quick songs. It was good but really too quick but it was nice to be up close and personal where you could reach out and touch somebody.

And yes...he's really skinny but still a good lookin' man.
 Brantley Gilbert was one of the opening acts. He put on a good set and thanks to Fonda I'm starting to like him and his music.
 Fonda really came to see Brantley and that's fine, as long as she was there.
You see, Fonda had a family reunion to attend the next day and was heading out of town around 5 am that next morning so her being able to attend was a last minute decision so we thank Brantley that our friend Fonda joined us....wouldn't of been the same without her.
 Now it was time for Tim to go on and he came up the isle right past our seats....
 He sang new songs and old favorites.
 He didn't do a lot of talking but he still put on a good show and looked good doing it so I was a happy camper....I do enjoy a good show.
 At the end of Tim's set Brantley joined Tim on stage...was a crowd favorite moment.
 We had awesome seats...2nd row behind the pit and the design is like the Woodlands Pavilion.
 After the show we had a meet and greet with Brantley...if you didn't know before that Fonda was a happy girl just check that smile out....she's on the right.
 and then Kelley and I had our turn.
The pictures aren't that clear...pictures were taken outside in the dark so lighting wasn't the best and they were with our cell phones....we couldn't tell which one was best to use, the phones or cameras so we just opt for the phone...still we have the pictures!

Was another great night spent with friends and was great to sleep on the way home and not have to drive...thanks Danny.

Stay tuned for my next blog on The Boys Of Summer.....NKOTB!

God Bless America

Freedom comes with a price! God Bless America and Happy 4th of July!

June Birthdays

June was a busy month and it doesn't seem like it has slowed down.

June 7th Liam turned 4 years old.
We celebrated his birthday on June 6th.
The below picture shows Noah, Tayler, birthday boy Liam and Colton. Hayden was unable to join us.

That evening Jenn and Paul left for Argentina for a week which meant I was on Grandma duty.
 And then June 10th was Tayler's birthday and she also turned 4 years old.
 And then there's Josh, my son and youngest child who turned 25 years old on June 28th.
Time just keeps marching on.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Blog....Catching Up and Colton's Graduation

I've been absent from blogging for at least a month now...mostly due to not being able to get my pictures loaded to my computer.
This Windows 8 has me all messed up, things aren't done the way I'm use to them and I'm not a person that adapts to change all that easily.
Anyway with that being said...over the next few days I'll be catching up with post and adding my pictures, cause every good story that needs telling needs a good picture.
 I want to first start with Colton's Kindergarten Graduation.
I did post a few pictures on facebook but wasn't able to load any from my camera so I wanted to add these.
 Above he's walking across the stage to
get his diploma...my camera didn't flash fast enough to get him receiving it but his mom got it.
 Graduation snacks...and then Colton and myself...I don't feel like I usually  get a good picture of myself and especially with the kids so this one I approve of.
He's also such a handsome little boy.
After Graduation I took Colton home with me and we spent the rest of the day together.
Not only do your kids grow up fast so do your grand-babies.
More post to come.