Monday, August 31, 2009

Robin and Kelley's Field Trip

All weekend I have been cleaning, packing, moving stuff, fixing stuff and all with the help of some friends and neighbors....especially Kelley who went beyond the call of being a good neighbor and a good friend.
After working all day Saturday and Sunday in preparing for my upcoming move...there was lots of trash that needed to be done away with. Too much for the garbage man and too many things that the garbage man would not on Sunday I had my truck loaded down and Kelley had hers as we were going to make a trip to "the dump" to get rid of it.
Now...we didn't know what to expect as we had never been to the dump before but when we got there we were a little shocked...we saw the garbage trucks all in a line and thought maybe we were at the wrong place cause in our minds we were going to a dump where you could dump household items.....Man were we wrong....we had to get in line with all this (see picture below) and wait our turn
to make our way up this hill and beyond where we could drop our trash off at. For those of you that know know I don't like new things...I don't like the unknown...and I sure don't like to be the leader when I have know idea where I'm going....I felt sick! Ha!

When we first arrived we were unsure what to do... needless to say we weren't even sure we were at the right spot ... I went into the office building and asked....I'm looking for the this is? The nice man said yes and said go wait in the line, you'll pay for your load, you'll go up the hill and dump your load but don't get near the dump trucks you don't want to be near them in line when they dump their that made me a little nervous.
So the picture above shows us in line with our trash...the white truck is mine and the red Kelley's...not sure what the dump truck dude thought of me taking pictures at the dump but I just felt this trip needed to be glad my camera just happened to be in the truck.
The nice man I talked to in the office had come over to the weigh station and told us that he called one of the guys on the hill and told him to look out for 2 women in trucks and direct us to where we needed to go...and when we arrived at the top of the hill...there he was...I was so happy! He even helped us unload. is my truck emptied with trash all around me....and yes it does smell at the dump.
I would like to know what the guy on the dozer scrapping the trash back thought about the woman taking pictures of trash at the dump...I would almost bet he hadn't seen that before.
And now we are leaving the dump ...yes, our field trip to the dump was a very interesting one....we left at 10 am...the drive was about 15 minutes and we left the dump at 11:20...
Thanks for sharing the adventure Kelley...
The End....

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Calgon Moment

"Calgon Take Me Away"...that's what I'm in need of....maybe at the new house I'll be able to do that in the garden jetted tub.

Life has seemed so busy and hectic lately.I feel pulled in every direction. Hopefully after i move everything from this house to the new house and everything is sold that needs to be sold I can finally relax a little...fingers crossed that won't be too long but I'm sure just in time for the holidays to hit.

And in the mist of this I have a trip to NYC planned, a week and a half before looking forward to it though...and of course something that is not going to be cancelled, it has been planned since July....I will just have to make due....I know...poor me!

Today I'm having lunch with Fonda and Stacy and afterwards I'm gonna take them by the house. The house is suppose to be done today so I can do the first walk through next week so we'll see when I get out there. Hopefully this time I can remember to take pictures. Last time I went I took the camera but forgot to take it out and take pictures until I was already out of the neighborhood. I also need to measure a couple of areas while I'm there too.

This weekend we are having a work day....Josh is hopefully going to come out, I think it depends on if he's watching Hayden or not...Jenn and Paul will be here and my friend and neighbor Kelley and her husband is gonna help. I have some yard stuff to get done...getting the house in order with some small repairs...making sense of what is packed, still needs to be packed and watch needs to sold....I need to make neat piles and move things to the garage and shop so when people are looking at the house it looks better. If your bored your welcome to come and join in the fun. I'm glad I have some's all overwhelming.

Last night I went to Home Depot and got faucets and things that I need to replace in the house and cleaning I'll make another trip to check out doors and A/C covers...I needed to have measurements and that was something I didn't have. Somethings I need to have on hand that the men folk can do since I can't do that.

Well, I think I've bored you enough but i think you also get the picture...I'll try and post pictures of progress...depend on how long it takes the upload of pictures.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend....

Monday, August 24, 2009

All Day

All day today I packed, I threw stuff I tired. I have too much stuff and have kept too much stuff and I can't wait to get rid of stuff! But I did feel like I accomplished something today.

Tomorrow I doubt I'll get anything done...I will have both Colton and Tayler while Tammy gets some stuff done for Wednesday I'll get back on it some. Of course I'll take pictures but not sure I'll have time for the upload but if I do find time I will make a surprise post of pictures.

This Saturday I'm planning on a big clean up around here. I have my friend and neighbor Kelley coming to help and she's bringing her husband...hopefully we can knock something out. My real estate agent will be her Tuesday so I need to get the house in order I'm having a huge moving sale in about 3 weeks....I have lots of crap for all kinds of people. Wish me happy selling.

Well...I need to go and get ready for bed...I'm tired and Bailey is just now falling asleep. He's been wide awake ever since he walked in the house this evening after I picked him...he was fixed today. Hopefully he will sleep good tonight.

Colton and Tayler

As newest pictures of precious Grand-Babies
Colton and Tayler
Brother loving his baby sister

I hope you enjoyed.
This will most likely be my last post of pictures until after I move.
I close September 30th but I'm also trying to get packed and get the country home prepared for sale. It should go up on the market next Tuesday.
So much to do and so little time.
Thanks for letting me share pictures of the grand-babies...once I get settled I'll post pictures again. I will keep you posted on the move process...I'm sure I'll need to vent somewhere down the road.
Scroll down to next post and see recent pictures of Hayden and Liam.
Until next time.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hayden and Liam

The upload of these pictures took an hour for some reason...I still have more to share of Colton and Tayler but I will have to load those tomorrow as I'm so very tired and need some sleep. Bailey has to be at the vet in the morning...he's getting fixed. So enjoy the pictures of Hayden and Liam and tomorrow I will have Colton and Tayler.

A precious beautiful little girl and a precious handsome little boy.
I have wonderful grand-babies!
So very blessed.


Monday, August 17, 2009


As you may know I was planning on doing a remodel of my home...I needed a change, I wasn't happy and the home was just depressing me.
For some time I had been thinking of moving but just wasn't was like I was trying to hold on to the home though I wasn't happy in it anymore. It wasn't the same anymore with Todd not there.
So after the bid on the remodel came back I knew it was time to pack up and move. It was my final confirmation.I wasn't going to put money in the home and still end up not I wasn't planning on putting a lot into it anyway.So....I went out looking and this is what I found. I just fell in love with it. I wasn't planning on buying so quickly but I found the right home and it was time to act. It should be finished the end of September. I so can't wait to move.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter of what life has to bring.
I'll be a lot closer to out in the country just isn't that fun all maybe I can have a normal social life.

I can't wait for it to be done and move myself in....if your lucky I just may invite you over for drinks...
Next I'll show you pictures of the inside's gorgeous!
I have grand-baby pictures to share...hopefully I'll post tomorrow.
Until next time....Take care

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Gram With No Camera?????

Yes...that was me yesterday...A Gram with no camera....what was that all about? I need to get a small camera and leave in my truck at ALL times for such a moment as this.

Yesterday I was out doing errands ....Josh called to see if I was home cause he was going to bring Hayden out for a visit...I told him since I was out running errands if he was going to be home that on my way home I would stop and see them.

As I get there I realize...I'm going to see a grand-baby and I haven't seen her in a couple weeks and "I HAVE NO CAMERA".....I was so I'm sure you all are as well that I have "NO PICTURES" to share! Plus the fact she's grown so much these last couple of weeks and is just simply gorgeous!

Again....."WHAT WAS I THINKING"?????

We had a nice visit...she's all over the place crawling and making faces and blowing spit bubbles...she has such a sweet personality and so easy going. Just precious.

You can make sure that next time this Grams will have a camera or I'll be making a quick u-turn into a Target or Best Buy.

Now I'm sitting here waiting on Tayler and Colton to arrive...they are going to spend the day here while Tammy has things to do...I'm so looking forward to spending time with them (and I do have a camera for this visit)...but I'm sure when they leave I will be exhausted but it will be a good exhaustion.

Until the next post enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember....It Is What It Is.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's A Work Out

Wow...the weeks seem to fly by. Life is crazy and busy but if you asked me what I've been doing I'd probably say's weird and kind of hard to put your finger on but still busy none the less.

I've started working out. I've been wanting to but it's hard for me to do these things alone. So, Jenn decided to go to gym so I decided to as well and we got a trainer for 3 days a week. It's been good but sore as well. Yesterday I felt like I was going to be sick so I had to stop but was almost finished with the work out.

I have a goal so hopefully so hopefully I will reach it!

Today I'm at the beach. I came out last night and will stay until Saturday. Hopefully I can feel the down time cause when I get back Saturday I'll be off running again.

Bailey is wanting out again so I must go attend to him. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"Cousins go strolling"That's Liam (Jennifer's son) on the left and Tayler (Tammy's daughter) on the right. They were born 4 days apart.
Jenn and Tammy went walking yesterday morning and they took these pictures. I think Jenn took them with her cell phone and then Tammy loaded them to facebook and I copied and saved them from there and then posted here for you all to see.
Amazing how we can get pictures these days.
I look forward to sharing more pictures of grand-babies with you.
Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fantastic Friday

My Friday night was spent with 2 of my favorite little people
Colton and Tayler.
Tammy and Kyle went out on a much needed date night and I got to have fun with the grand-babies.
Here's jut a few of the pictures I took. They are both growing by leeps and bounds.

Above is Colton kissing his little sister Tayler and below is precious little Tayler. Her eyes are so blue and so big. She has a lot of Tammy's features from when she was a baby like this...especially those big fat cute cheeks.
And my 2 sweet grand-babies
And below Colton who is getting so tall...he looks so grown. Oh and did I tell you how happy he was to see me...and very clingy...wanted to be by me the whole time...he didn't want to share time with Tayler.
And one more picture of Tayler.
Grand-babies are just the best.....until next time ....Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Visit With Liam

Yesterday I went to Jenn's to watch Liam while she went to her dental appointment. We had a good time...he's growing by leaps and bounds....smiling "A LOT" and making sweet baby coo sounds.We played some
took lots of pictures

but we also did a lot of napping. I was so tired from my weekend trip that when Liam napped so I did I. Nothing better than napping with a baby on your chest.
Even after Jenn got back I was still so tired that when Liam did his next round of napping I was right there to help him...another nap for Grams and Liam.
Friday I will be watching Colton and Tayler for a couple hours so I'll have pictures of them to share over the stop after that....Miss Hayden.
Gotta love grand-babies!

Friends, Cowboys, PBR and San Antonio

This past weekend I left for San Antonio with my 2 best gal pals and their husbands for a fun weekend. The main goal was to watch PBR...
Professional Bull Riding
We got in on Friday just in time for check in.
That evening we had drinks at
"Dirty Nelly's"
along The Riverwalk
It was a small Irish type bar that had a piano player singing all kinds of tunes.
It was a fun night.
Here I am with my girls Stacy and Fonda.
On Saturday we got up and did breakfast at a place called Taco Taco that Stacy had heard about. It was a small little hole in the wall but does good business. We had to wait outside about 15 minutes before getting a table.
Afterwards we went to a boot and hat store where 2 of the bull riders were doing an autograph session. There we had pictures made and autographs done.
Also the men bought hats as well.
Above is the whole gang....Stacy and Albert, myself and Fonda and Jim.
Bull riding was at The AT&T Center and it was a cool venue...not overly huge but not small either. I really liked the layout.
We had excellent seats for bull riding...up close and could see all the action. Not sure I can seat anywhere else next time. After bull riding was over we were able to get on the arena floor with our passes and get autographs and pictures with the riders. They sure have some cute cowboys...a little young but none the less cute and very respectful...these aren't your average guys.
After bull riding we went back to the hotel and met in the lobby for drinks.

Sunday we headed back to the AT&T Center for more bull riding. It started at 2 instead of 7 like it did the night before. Here I am with McKennon of those cute cowboys I mentioned.
So before the bull riding starts they put on a little show and then introduce the riders and such. Here is a top favorite...JB Mauney.
Now you know how we older folks say I never wanna go back to being 20 I worked so hard to get away from all the baggage that comes with being young (and stupid at times too)...well...this is the kind of cowboy I wouldn't mind goin' back to 20 for...ha...
He's 22 and I think just adorable!
And here's a close up of that face
JB Mauney
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Let's ride some bulls

Stacy was able to get on TV twice....Here she is asking JB a question (lucky girl) but she is the big bull riding fan so it was only right she was able to be fan of the night.
Go Stacy!

And below there she is again before they took her behind the scenes to talk to JB.

So...after bull riding we went back to the hotel...freshened up and headed to The Riverwalk for some fun.
We ended up at this place.
I had heard about this place from my niece and Jim from his son so this was where we went. Needless to say I can't really talk about what happened but let's just say.... Albert and Jim are always talking about why they don't get to go on Grandma's Gone Wild trips....a night at Dick's showed why!
They didn't pass the grandma test.

Later on we ventured to Cowboys night club to find out that Sunday night was teen night so back in the cab we went. We headed to Midnight Rodeo which was nice but dead...I don't think there were 20 people in the place and that included us. But with good friends you can't go wrong so a good time was had.
That's Stacy and myself line dancing.
Next morning we went to Mi Tierra to do lunch/early breakfast and headed back towards Houston. It was a nice weekend....had a blast but still feel like I'm recovering. But I also can't wait to hit the road again.
Until next...Happy Trails!