Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "new" in New Year.

As I sit here pondering on what I have to share, I'm reminded of here we are at the end of another year and ready to begin a new year. And then I think...here I am starting a new. I'm in a new home and moving forward in what I call my life, which is something very new for me.

In starting this new will find me turning 50 in January. I think...WHAT!?#*<)@! It seems as though it was just yesterday I was turning 13 finally a teenager and then 16, how grown I thought I was and then 18. At 18 I could go explore the bar scene and then came 20, I thought 20 how old that seems, no longer a teenager...I could not imagine 30 let alone 50. Married at 22 and at 23 Jennifer came along. Then Tammy at 25 and my last child Joshua at 28...then came that dreaded 30. It really wasn't bad just sounded old. Then you watch your children grow and graduate and you wonder where did the time go and then your in your 40's. As you start to see your children marry and start relationships that will forever alter their lives and you think....okay....I think I get it ...my work here is done. You look forward to starting all over again with your mate....just you and him. After all you've made a big accomplishments....you raised 3 three children you watched them graduate you never separated, you never walked out on you marriage (though there were times you wanted too). You were approaching your 24th wedding anniversary knowing that the big 25th was right around the corner...a big accomplishment especially when almost every one you knew that had gotten married around you were already divorced and on marriage 2 and 3...and then life throws you a curve ball. Something you didn't plan to happen until you reached what you think of more as golden years (80's)because nearing your 50's you don't see them as golden years cause you feel you still have many more years to come. You see them as a new beginning.

Then your forced to start all over and you wonder how do I do that? It takes awhile to figure it out or at least think you may have it some what figured out. You figured you would become a grandparent one day....a day where you would at least be in your 50's because 40 something is way too young. ...after all your grandmother wasn't 40 something...or was she? Your vision of a grandmother is your grandmother...salt and pepper hair and then grey but seeming older than she really was because when you knew her age and thought she was old it's because you were older yourself. Becoming a grandparent is one of the most wonderful things I have felt outside of giving birth to my own children...just wasn't expecting to do it alone....it's not what you envisioned. Though it didn't turn out as though you planned becoming a grandparent is the most wonderful thing ever....even though they all came before I was 50! They are truly a blessing sent for God.

And then one day you wake up a realize that it's time for a change, it's time for you to start a new. You move to a new home, to a new area and start a new life or attempt to start a life...your life. And so here you are approaching 50 out in the world all alone or though at times that's how it feels. You feel as though you've grown up and now it's time to leave home and start out on your own but instead of doing it at 18 your doing it at 50.

Now this is not meant to sound like a pity party...it's not...it's a time of reflection looking back on all the years that came before this new year before us a time to be thankful for the life that God has given you.

So as this past year saw new adventures in travel, reconnecting with old friends, 2 new gran-babies, a new son in law and a new daughter in law and hopefully what is to be the end of a long law suit I am thankful for the years I had with Todd and thankful for all the many memories I have and for my 3 children....also for my 4 beautiful children and for new found friendships and the ones that have been beside for many a year. I'm thankful for family that have stood beside me and loved me with no strings attached.

And as this new year approaches I look forward to see what 50 has in store...after all it's only a number...I look forward to new friendships, new travels and new adventures that are on the horizon.

So here's a toast to you, your memories, making new memories and 2010!

I just re-read this post and I don't think this is what I had planned to write when I sat down to do a blog post...but since this is what came out I'm gonna leave it as it is...hopefully I didn't bore you with my thoughts.

I still toast you! Cheers!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

It's been awhile since I've made a blog post...hoping after the New Year things will be a little more settled and there will be more regular updates.

Today is Christmas Eve and I still have my gifts to wrap. Also I have to go this afternoon and pick up tomorrow's dinner. The last several years BBQ has become the food of choice for Christmas lunch or dinner...tomorrow it will be dinner.

The kids will arrive around 4, still not sure about Josh, Jessy has to work until 6....hoping Josh and Hayden will decide to join us...Jessy will be missed but would love to see the grand baby with the rest of her cousins.

I will post pictures after Christmas and before the New Year.

Last night we had some awful rain storms move through....woke me up about 3 am...I thought my windows were gonna cave in. Now the cold front is here and hopefully the rain is gone. We've had so much rain that I'm sick of it.

This last Saturday I hosted a Holiday Open House....thank you to all that attended. I wanted an opportunity to show my new home and to share the holidays with loved ones. For those of you that haven't seen the house yet...I promise, pictures are coming soon.

I think tonight I will be attending Christmas Eve service with Jenn, Paul and Liam. They usually hold it outside. A hot latte sounds good about now.

Well it's time to say "Merry Christmas to All" ...I will post again at New Years...Enjoy your loved ones.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day In Texas

Today we were blessed with snow.
Not that often here in the Houston area that we are blessed with more than one season.
It was a pretty day though almost freezing.
Below is a picture of my house with some snow. And here's Bailey running around in it.
When he first saw the snow falling from the sky he barked and barked and barked.
Haven't posted much...between settling in to the new house and getting things in it's proper place and spending time with Grand-babies and just every day life.....
things have just been busy.
The Grand-babies are growing like weeds. I wanted to share some pictures but then I decided not too...not sure what pictures I plan to use in my Christmas card so you'll just need to wait...I don't want you to see anything before your suppose too.
I need to get my Christmas shopping done...I don't have much to do but really none has been started...I have one thing each for the babies and then one for a friend and that's it...most of my shopping has been for the house.
Enjoy your Holiday Season.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look Who's One

Happy 1st Birthday
Hayden Hope Harris
Born November 17, 2008

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Have Graduated

From the bedroom to the couch that is. Just an hour ago my couch for the living room arrived...now I can stop hanging out in the bedroom and watching TV in there and be out in a more common room.

It's AMAZING the difference a couch makes. Bless the person that invented the couch.

Now as I'm sitting on my nice comfy couch I can see my kitchen and breakfast nook area in a whole different light...looks pretty nice.

Now it's time to accessorize.

I'm just so happy that I had to share. I feel like a kid. Ha! Can't wait for y'all to see it when it's all done.

I have already started to decorate for Christmas. I figure no reason to decorate just to put it away for the holidays so I'm doing holiday decorating as I go. I just may put my tree up this weekend, Ha! I like a tree up by Thanksgiving so this way I'll be right on time.

Until next time...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Josh and Jessy Tie The Knot

They are now officially
Mr and Mrs Joshua Harris On Friday November 6, 2009 Josh and Jessy went to the Justice of the Peace and got married. They had been talking about it and no date had been planned ...then I got the call on Monday that they were doing it on Friday. It was so last minute that Liam and I were the only ones from our immediate family that could attend. It was nice and quick.
They are now in San Antonio enjoying a mini honeymoon. They headed out as soon as they got married.
Today I will pick up Hayden and she'll spend the rest of the weekend with me until they return tomorrow evening ...so be looking for pictures. Congratulations Josh and Jessy!

Handsome Little Man

Just had to post this picture of Liam....So handsome...this is definitely a blow up picture.

Colton's Birthday Party

This past Thursday was Colton's 3rd Birthday....we had a family gathering to celebrate. It's very rare that all 4 grand-babies are in the room at the same time .... Colton's birthday brought us all together...so a picture of all the kids were in order. Needless to say this was a HUGE chore....out of 9 pictures this was the best. You have a 3 year old that is tired of taking pictures and just wants to do birthday things, a almost one year old that doesn't want to sit still and wants to crawl off and then you have two 5 month olds that want to out hands in their mouths and start to lean over cause they can't sit anymore....and then there all the adult surrounding them in case of an accident and the ones trying to get them to all look.
Maybe the next picture should be of those adults....Anyways...I'm happy to share this picture with you...Christmas should be interesting to say the least. Above: Hayden (will be one 11/17) Liam 5 months, Tayler 5 months (not twins...cousins) and Colton 3
Colton's birthday theme was Spider Man....that is him below with the Spider Man mask....so picture this....I have a house that isn't completely furnished so the house echos....you have a 3 year old with a mask on running around making scary sounds (and it's loud) and you have a 1 year old who hasn't napped all day and her cousin keeps running to her trying to scare her and she's screaming and crying....I had to go and hide the mask so she could calm down....but Colton was having fun and since it was his day that's all that mattered.

Tammy made the cake...it was yummy!
And the birthday Boy after blowing his candles out.

It's nice when the family can get together.
Happy Birthday Colton!

The Sheard Granchildren

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Tayler and Colton that I took this past week while they were over. I watch them on Tuesdays while Tammy has school. and here they are playing...Tayler just loves playing with her brother...she lights up when he's around and he's good with her. I love this next picture both with mouths open and just looking so much alike
Thanks for letting me share and thanks for taking the time to look.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look Who's 3 Today

Happy Birthday
Colton Curtis Sheard
November 3, 2006 What a blessing you are
Gram loves you very much!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Treats

Yesterday was Halloween and I had 3 different sets of visitors throughout the day.
Such a fun day seeing the family and all the grand-babies dressed in their Halloween costumes.
So...today is your lucky day cause I have pictures to share with you.
Here's Liam
My Little Turtle Such a cutie pie
and growing so fast
he had lots of fun trying to get all his goodies out of his pumpkin
we'll have to watch him come Christmas
Then there's Colton
My Little Pirate
here he is with his pirate face...one eye closed and he's saying

So cute when he came into the house and saw the pumpkins sitting on the table....his response was...Oh...presents!
Such a cute little pirate
My Little Pirate with his sister and My Little Lady Bug

Then there's Tayler
My Little Lady Bug
The cutest little bug I've ever seen

and like any little girl...had to change her outfit into her Halloween tutu
And then there was Hayden
My Little Tinkerbell
she had been to the pumpkin patch earlier and brought her pumpkin to show her Grams
She really liked her little puppy dog that was in her pumpkin
Just too cute!
and look at me....I can walk!
I know Tinkerbell is suppose to fly but walking is a pretty big deal.
Hope you had a
Happy Halloween
And not to be braggin' (okay...maybe I am) but I just have the
Grand-babies there ever was!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Sleep Over Guest

And here's my precious Hayden...last weekend she spent the night with her Grams...she was my first sleep over in the new house...she crawls everywhere...trying to walk can stand a take a step or two and then falls...she can go fast walking on her knees...too funny!
Scroll down to next post to see more grand-babies....and there's more pictures to come

Liam Rolls Over

This past Wednesday Liam rolled over and I was there to witness it.
So exciting to watch the grand-babies accomplishments.
He's such a big boy.
Liam is now 4 1/2 months
he'll be 5 months in a week.

I still have more pictures to share....I have a lot of time to make up since I haven't been blogging...still trying to get settled in the new house.

Scroll down to next post to see new pictures of Colton and Tayler.

My Little Pumpkins

Tammy and Kyle took these cute little pumpkins Colton and Tayler to the pumpkin patch yesterday and I just had to share these 2 pictures they took...aren't they precious?
Colton is fixing to turn 3 and Tayler is now 4 1/2 months.
Stay tuned more grand-baby pictures coming soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things Are Coming Together ..... Slowly

Morning! It's Sunday and I'm in bed watching re-runs of 90210 while the dogs sleep. We got up a couple hours ago and already put away one box of stuff in the office, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and watched the dogs play....now we're all tired.

I'm watching Howie while Jenn, Paul and Liam are out of town. They went to Columbus so Paul could run in a marathon. He needs this run to qualify for The Boston Marathon in April...prayers for Paul. While there they also get to visit with family. Paul has a brother that lives in Columbus and his parents and his sister and her family are in Stuebenville a couple hours away.

I have been busy with "TRYING" to get the house in shape and watching the dogs...it's like having a house full of kids.

I had some furniture delivered yesterday...my bookcase for the office and my dining table and the last of the chairs and the rug for the dining room. Now the office is complete with it's furniture. This is the only room complete so hopefully I can get the room put together and soon.

Of course my window delivery for the furniture was 10-4 and of course they came at 3:45 but the day wasn't wasted. I did unpack a couple of boxes and found me some yard men. There was a crew doing some neighbors yards and I figured if they can use them so can I ...so 2 houses down I went to see what I needed to do to get on the list. They came right over, there were 5 guys, 2 guys in front, 2 in back and one that racked the mulch and laid some seed on the grass. Ten minutes and 30 dollars later they were done and my yard looked pretty. Yeah for workmen...ha!

So today I think I'm gonna relax and unpack here and there. Tomorrow after Jenn and Paul return I'll head out and take care of things. I so need a couch for the living room. I'm tired of using my bed and my bedroom as the room to hang out in. I feel like I'm hidden away. So tomorrow I may head out and search for one unless I get a wild hair today.

Well the dogs are up from a very short nap and playing so I think it's time for me to get up and let them out. Thanks for letting me ramble. Hope your weekend was a good one. Until next time...

It is What It Is!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Calm After The Storm?

Well....I have moved into the new house...I have been sleeping here since Saturday...I still need to unpack and shop. So, to put it nicely....the house is upside down.

I still need to shop for furniture...I have some, some is on order and some I haven't even found yet. But at least the move is over with.

Today I'm heading back to the old house for one more day of cleaning and taking the last few items that were left behind and then I should be done. I sure hope so.

I haven't received a closing date on the old house yet but I know they are trying to hurry and push it through...they are shooting for the end of next week....as long as it's before Novembers payment I'll be happy.

I will post pictures soon but the house is not in picture order right now and the camera is packed somewhere.

I finally got connected to the Internet this morning. Never thought I would miss something so much. I had to end up buying a new laptop. My other one wouldn't turn on so it has to be shipped out and could be 2-3 weeks before I get it back...couldn't go any longer so a new laptop was purchased.....I'm almost whole again...ha...now if I can get the house in shape I'll be complete.

I have a new email address...if you haven't received an email from me yet with it, it's coming soon but if you don't get one you can leave me a message on the comment section of this blog and I'll send it to you.

I'll be in touch....can't wait for you all to see the new home. I'm thinking of hosting a Holiday Open House ...so be looking for your invitation.

Until next time...Take care...oh...and those Grand-babies are good and growing...just wait until you see new pictures.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A New Beginning

It's a new beginning for me...a little scary and a little exciting.

I closed this past Monday on my new house. It's a little strange but exciting. I feel like I'm really out on my own now. I went from my parents home to a home with Todd and now it's just me. Though it's been just me for 3 1/2 years it seems different some how. I feel like I'm growing up and moving out on my own...I guess I'm finally growing up...again (ha). I feel like I've gone around the circle and now I'm going again but on a different path this time.

I haven't moved into the new house yet where I'm staying over night. I've been out looking at and buying furniture, getting things I need for the house and taking care of things like getting blinds put in, having the place exterminated, getting alarm hooked up along with phone and Internet and cable...all those good things to give you the comforts of home.

Needless to say...I'm tired.

This weekend my plan is to have things completely moved out of one home and into the other.

I have sold the country home and the people buying it are wanting a fast close...they want to move in, in 2 weeks...so I have a very busy schedule right now. Once I get my stuff out of here I will need to do a little cleaning.

I hope once I'm settled I'll be able to post pictures of the home so you can see but better yet I hope you'll be able to come by for a visit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

No Closing Today

Today I was suppose to close on the new house. In the back of my mind I was prepared for this to not happen. It just seemed as though everything that was suppose to be done was so last minute. I was told not to worry that everything would be fine and taken care of.

So closing was to be at 10 and yesterday I get the call it's been pushed back to 3...then around noon today I get the call...everything will be good to close at three but because of the time and the funding hadn't been sent through that when I close I may not be able to get the keys to the house and will have to wait until Monday to allow the funding to go through.

While talking to Jenn about this I called back and said....I'm not gonna close and pay on a house that I can't get into for 3 days and be responsible for...so if I can't close and get the keys then we'll have to do it another day...so they couldn't guarantee I could have the keys so Monday morning we'll try again.

So...I have taken advantage of the situation and got a nap in today, very much needed and tomorrow I will continue to pack but at a slower pace. I'm exhausted!

Anyway...just wanted to update you all and after I get moved and settled I will share more. Have a wonderful weekend...I think we're expecting rain.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello....I'm still alive...just a very busy girl...so I'll give you all a quick update.

The kids are good...Grand-babies are WONDERFUL...growing everyday. The 2 little ones, Liam and Tayler are talking up a storm with their baby sounds.

I had a successful moving sale Saturday...thanks to all who helped by labor and shopping.

I close on the new house Friday. It was suppose to be tomorrow but I need to have the house re-inspected. I'm hoping to move some stuff in over the weekend but so much is going on I'm just not sure at this moment.

I have a contract on the house I live in now so hopefully that transaction will go smoothly.

Life has been busy but more so since I've been back from NY...hopefully once I get the move done things will get back to normal...or at least close to it.

Once I'm moved and settled in I will post again and will post pictures of the new home.

Until then...It Is What It Is!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who's Who in New York City

Today we decided to do a bus tour and go Uptown towards Harlem...was very interesting and glad I saw it from a bus.
As we were getting to the end of our 2 hour tour we had a celebrity sighting right outside Central Park...it was none other than
Minnie Mouse.
Then tonight we had tickets to see
"A Steady Rain"
with Daniel Craig (who is the new James Bond)
That's him in the picture below.
and then this gorgeous man as well...
Hugh Jackman.
There were so many people standing waiting for them to come out...it was a little crazy..they didn't sign long but were gracious...we only did pictures...too much going on to try to do the autograph thing. But still fun. It was a fun filled Broadway experience this time around in New York City.

For more of our adventures check out Fonda's blog at
Tomorrow we head home..Good night!
Oh..and No...I didn't find my P. Diddy!

New York and Uncle Jessy

Having a wonderful time in the land called
New York City.
Last night we saw the Broadway Musical Bye Bye Birdie starring John Stamos (Uncle Jessy from Full House, ER and numerous movies). It was a wonderful show and had only been running a week. After the show we went to the stage door where the cast signed autographs. John also posed for pictures.
The pictures were a nice surprise because our first night here we saw "Gods of Carnage" with James Gandolfini (not sure of the spelling at the moment and not in the mood to look it up) he played in The Sopranos, Marsha Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis. We also did the stage door and it was announced they would sign the play bill and we could take pictures but they would not pose for pictures. And then of course Jude Law was just trying to sign real quick and go plus there were so many people standing around. It was just nice to see him up close and get his picture. You can scroll down to the next post to see pictures of Jude.
But John was very nice and took time with each person he saw and having a picture made with him was just icing on the cake.
This stage door thing is all new for me...never knew about it plus I had never seen a celebrity on Broadway either. I will have to remember this.
Fonda and I have a had a blast. Today is our last day and night as we leave tomorrow early afternoon. It's been fun and the weather has been great. Rain was in our forecast but we did escape it. Yesterday on our way to the museum it was raining some (the only time we encountered rain), we held a cab and when we arrived at our destination it had stopped and when we left the sun was out. Thank you New York for wonderful weather. I have enjoyed the crispness of the air and the "NO" humidity.
I have decided not to recap my trip as I have posted my highlights...Jude Law and John Stamos. If anything happens after this post I will let you know. Otherwise if you are interested in the trip and would like to see more pictures you can check it out at Fonda's blog. I think later this morning she will be making another post. Just click on the link
Until next time...
It Is What It Is!
Oh...and by the way..still looking for P. Diddy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be?

In case you are not aware I am in New York City.
Tonight Fonda and I had dinner at The 21 Club and afterwards we went back to the hotel to change and decided to hit the streets and walk.
We walked around Times Square and kind of did a circle off Broadway.
We saw the Broadhurst Theatre on 44th street with the sign
So the question became do we go and take a look or not?
So we did and the show had not let out yet but was close.
The reason to go by this theatre was because of this man
"Jude Law"
He is playing Hamlet.
We were able to get in a line by the stage door and take pictures.
Oh what a happy girl am I.
For more of a recap check out Fonda's blog tomorrow as she tells our adventures from the day. I will blog more when I'm home.
Now if I could just find P. Diddy the trip would be complete.