Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Minute Travels

I ended up having a couple days off work which rarely ever happens so I figured it was a good time to head to Tampa and check in on my Mom.

It was a quick last minute trip...get in late Sunday afternoon and head back Wednesday morning as I had to work Wednesday night.

I decided to stay downtown ....not far from the airport and to give me that vacation type of feel.
All the times Ive been to Tampa I don't think I've ever made it down town..
Loved it!

I stayed at The Marriott Waterside...nice hotel...I had a balcony room and here was my view.

 After I got checked in I headed to moms and visited a couple hours and then headed to pick up my cousin Lonnie...she had taken off the next day so she was gonna stay at the hotel with me and we were gonna have the evening and next day to catch up.
I had called her to see if the liquor stores were open on Sunday cause I had thought I remembered they were...and I was she headed to pick up my favorite before I arrived...we had drinks on the balcony and just visited...was very nice.
 In the morning this is what we awoke too (above)...was such a beautiful morning but the afternoon did get a little warm.....82
 After getting ready we had bloody mary's at the bar while we waited for the trolley to start at 12:10 to take us to Ybor City for lunch at the Columbia Restaurant...was very good.
There we continued to drink the bloody mary and it was so good and different....their mix was all fresh spanish style....not a mix in the bottle....Yummy!

Afterwards we walked for a few minutes and headed back Channelside...not much we decided to walk back to the hotel...about a 20 minute walk along The Riverwalk...was very nice.
Then we chilled and then we went and checked out a few gift stores...I was comparing..then we headed to moms for about an hour and then left to head back to the hotel to eat and watch the finale of The Bachelor....which again was disappointing. Then it was off to bed...Lonnie had to work the next day.

After I got up Tuesday morning I headed to moms and stayed until 10 that night...while there my cousin Crystal came by for a visit with her was nice to see her as well. morning back to Texas.

It was a short trip but it was good...I also got to see my brother for about 20 minutes ...he was on his way to Orlando and then home to Jacksonville mom had been at his place that week and he was basically leaving as I was though it was short was still good to see him for a minute.

And while gone I did get to sleep in some which was very nice.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Bailey

Happy Birthday to my Bailey.....
I celebrate his birthday twice....on the actual day he was born which is
January 8th (the day Elvis was born)
March 17th....the day I got him.....barely 2 months old and now we're 3

Friday, March 16, 2012

My.... How They Grow

Just a quick update with pictures of my beautiful grandchildren.

I don't have any recent ones of Hayden but I will this weekend...the last time she was over I didn't take any pictures. I know...bad Grams!
 Above is Colton....see how well he colors and stays in the line and he's only 5 1/2...hard to believe he will start kindergarten in the fall.
 And look at Noah...he is such a happy baby all the time...he is so much like Jenn...he's gonna be out going with a huge personality....he's now 7 months old.
 Big brother Liam with Noah...I'm surprised this cutie doesn't have his cheese face on...he's always cheesin' for the camera and ends up with closed eyes. Liam will be 3 in June.
 And big brother Colton with Tayler who will also be 3 in June...she is growing into such a beautiful little girl.
 And Colton and Tayler.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grandma's Do New York City Once Again

This years Grandma's Gone Wild trip found us heading back to the Big Apple where it all started. This year marked our 5th Grandma's trip.
I love New York and would have no problem visiting regularly. I actually think this made my 6th trip to The Big Apple.

As usual...Grandma's travelled in style with Champagne waiting....we always have to toast "US".
When we arrived at our hotel The Warwick we stayed with the celebration of Champagne which I just continued to drink through the night as we had dinner at Sparks.
We had a fabulous dinner and a excellent waiter.
Sparks is known for a mob hit outside the restaurant.

After dinner we headed to Off-Broadway to see Love, Loss and What I Wore.
I had heard a lot about this show and it has a revolving cast about every 6 weeks or so. During our visit the 2 names that stuck out to me were Dawn Wells (Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island) and Robin Strausser (One Life The Live).

Here I am with Robin....such a sweet person..was the highlight of the evening.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel.

On Friday February 17th we headed out to Tiffany's to make purchases for ourselves .... I actually hadn't planned to purchase anything as Fonda and Stacy were looking but I saw something that would go along with a purchase I made prior in Beverly I bought it.
Then it was time for lunch.I had saw a place in a book that looked cute so we headed that direction just to find out that kids were out of school and it was a place where moms and daughters came to have their lunch and tea parties and decided to head up the street where there were no children and we could enjoy an adult beverage.

We then headed to The American Museum of Natural History.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and had our concierge find us last minute tickets to
Other Desert Cities. It had a a cast of Stockard Channing, Judith Light, Stacey Keach, Rachel Griffiths and I can't remeber the other guys name....really all I cared about was Stockard Channing and Judith we waited to hear about our tickets we had drinks at Randolph's in our hotel.

Above is Fonda and Stacy with Stockard Channing....she is so tiny. We waited in the bitter cold to get pictures and our play bills signed...we waited for them all except Stacy Keach as we heard he never signs so since we were cold I had no desire to wait for someone who is full of himself ... we headed back to the hotel.

On Saturday we headed to The Village to go on a scavenger hunt type of who done it type of event...not sure what to call it but it was fun and enjoyable....It was called
You search for clues from place to can check out Fonda's blog when she writes about it...I'm sure she can explain it a whole lot better than myself.
Here are Stacy and Fonda talking with one of the actors in search of our next clue.
We ended with our answers in what happened in this place
"Madame X"

After it was over we stayed and had a few drinks in here and visited with the locals and enjoyed it...then it was time for we went to lunch at a place Stacy wanted to try from a chef she knew from TV I was a good time.

Afterwards we walked The Village some and found Washington Square.
We searched for a cab but it was kind of hard as it was Saturday we walked all the way from The Village to Midtown...Not sure how long it was but believe me...
It was long!

We then decided to do the touristy thing and visit Madame Tussuad's...there I was greeted by Justine Timberlake.
And then of course...
Grandma's Just Wanna Have Fun
with none other than King Kong.
Below was my reason to head to Madame Tussuad's....
I figured that might be the closest I get to him....did take my picture with him to try and make it look like I met him (LOL) but I wasn't real crazy about the picture so maybe there is still hope for the real thing.
After all the star elbow rubbing we headed to Toloche's Mexican Restaurant for a night cap. Fonda and I had visited this place on our last visit for dinner and really enjoyed so we figured it was a nice place to end the night....loved the fresh pomegranate margaritas.

On Sunday we headed to the 911 Reflections Pools..Stacy knew someone that was killed in The Pentagon so we visited where his name is such a peaceful place.

Still construction surrounds the area..... below is the only tree that survived that is still alive...amazing.
For our last night in The Big Apple the girls were nice enough to let me fulfill one thing on my bucket list....(yes! I have started a bucket list) was a visit to a Drag Bar....
I had the BEST we are with our waiter/waitress who also during the show portrayed Marilyn Monroe....we went on a night where it was celebrity night....there was Kesha, Mary J Blige, Cher (of course a drag favorite), Whitney (...I think she was added in since that was the time of her death and her funeral was the day before), Diana Ross, Britney Spears and Madonna....
All I can say was a blast and I do believe since it was celebrity night it was a tamed night.
Headed back afterwards to the hotel where we needed a decent nights sleep as Grandmas trip was at a end....we were leaving in the morning.

Thanks to New York and my girls Fonda and Stacy for a wonderful time and memories....I love you all and can't wait to see where 2013 takes us....and of course the time leading up to 2013.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Kid...The Man

Went to rodeo last night and this is who I saw....
Need I say more
I know I've been absent from the blog for awhile but I plan to catch up real soon.
Just wanted to share this cause it makes a old lady happy....