Monday, April 16, 2012

All Roads Lead To Rome

I'm in the process of planning a trip to Italy with my cousin.
Now Italy would not of been my first choice when taking a trip abroad...
after all I was really looking forward to hanging out with my cousin and the opportunity to leave the country....but I must say I am so excited!
The more I read and find on this country more I'm so glad we are going...
I so can't wait!
The book store happened to open Easter Sunday so after all the kids were gone... to Barnes and Noble I headed to get some help in my planing.

Anyway who knows me well and knows the way I travel knows that I like to research new places, I want to be in the know...I want to check out hotels and get traveler far between the books I buy and I've been happy with my choices thus far.

When I go somewhere I don't wanna be totally shocked about something so I read up on it...this about one of the only times you will find me reading cause reading is not my thing.

And with this trip I'm trying to get familiar with trains as well cause that will be our main transportation...I thought about renting a car but everything I've read and traveler reviews say take the I figured since driving in a foreign land could be a challenge I decided we should let someone else do the driving and I should sit back and enjoy the countryside while visiting with my cousin.

Our travels will take us to Rome, Florence, Venice and Zurich...yes mind set says, make the most of this, you never know when you'll get back if ever so go to Switzerland too. Flying home from Zurich doesn't change the cost of the plane ticket so there you go...reason to go. I found a beautiful hotel on the water in Old Town Zurich with a view of the can't wait to get there.

At the time we decided to go to Italy I had just started a diet so now I have even more motivation to lose the weight...lots of walking, lots of steps and climbs and more importantly....

I have learned from my Germany trip a few years back (and a few state side trips as well) that I need to take less that is the goal for this trip...a medium suitcase and not large, would be nice if I could do if I loose weight that's less

The one good thing about going in summer is that you can take lighter clothes, no jackets, that will help when packing....also I have found hotels that all carry blow dryers so I'm going to leave mine at home and they all have laundry service so I can wear items more than once and don't have to pack as many items....maybe I can get in that small suitcase after all.

Anyway...just waned to share...I am beyond excited and so can't wait to go...we will leave on July 4th and be gone for 2 2 1/2 months away!

Traveling has always been a dream of mine and still is ....there's no place I wouldn't go if you asked...just to travel is all I really would love to do,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Today we celebrate The Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior
To Him be All the glory
and to Him.... thank you for your sacrifice to one who is not worthy.

Now I would like to share some photos of the grandchildren...

Easter Baskets waiting for the arrival of grandchildren
 Noah and Liam were the first to arrive
 then Tayler and Colton
 and then Miss Hayden
 after taking some pictures it was time to get the egg hunt going...which I must say went pretty fast this year....last year I had a ton of eggs and really it was too many and this year I felt like there wasn't next year I think I will have a ton and just let them have at it instead of making sure everyone got their fair amount
 above is Colton with the large eggs...I did have small ones too...
and Liam below.
It's hard getting the kids to look for a picture when they are too busy focusing on the eggs....but they do make great pictures.
and though Noah was a little small this year to get in on the egg finding action he enjoyed playing with Liam's eggs...he was making all kinds of noise...too cute!
 Just lovin' the egg
 and here is the best picture of all hard to get 5 together, to sit still, to look at camera, to smile, etc...but here it is...this is actually the first picture of all 5 together...
Happy Easter!