Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today was I took Colton and Tammy to see Shrek...The Musical at The Hobby Center.
Colton came dressed in costume...after all today is
I will try and not make this a long post with words since I have so many photos to share. Above...Colton dressed as Woody from Toy Story and below with The Shrek sign.
Colton did pretty good during Shrek, there were parts that held his interest and parts that didn't but he made it through the whole thing. Hayden came over but refused to put her costume on...she was suppose to be a you can see by her face ...she's the after kicking and screaming and saying no over and over Josh and Jessy gave up.
But it didn't stop her from enjoying her goodies in her Halloween pumpkin I had for her.

Hayden allowed her mommy to put back on her regular clothes... that she would allow but not the costume.
Below is Josh, Hayden and Jessy

Then I went to Jenn's to see Liam before he was heading out to trick or treat and I found Curious George.
Isn't he the cutest little monkey you've ever seen?

Liam with his pumpkin I brought over for him...once he found the cookies he wanted nothing else to do with the pumpkin or it's belongings.

Liam as Curious George and Paul as The Keeper....
They are too cute!

And then my last trick or treater showed up on my door step and what a cute little Princess of Halloween
she is....Little Miss Tayler...Tammy made her cute.

Tayler, Tammy and Colton

Colton loved all the goodies in his Halloween pumpkin

as did Tayler ....she loves the lollipop.

I loved being able to see my grand-babies all in the same day ....
It was nice to start the day off with a grandchild and end with a grandchild.
Love those babies.
Hope you had a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Moving Day

Yesterday we started the move into the store. There is SO much to do that I hope we can get it all done in time. I thought we would but now starting to have some doubt. The delay in being able to get into the store has not helped any....and the store is still not completed...almost .... but it was nothing that would keep us from moving in but if they don't finish it will keep us from opening.

So yesterday Jenn and I picked up the U-Haul around 9:30. We started moving stuff from storage just a little after 10. We had filled that U-Haul up with nothing but merchandise . We had to get boxes out of the way before we could get to the furniture, boxes were in the way.

So...we went and unloaded all those boxes at the store and then we went to my house to load some furniture I had in my garage. There was one big piece that is really tall and really very heavy, it wouldn't fit in the pick up so the plan was to at least get that to the store before the U-Haul had to be returned. We got it, it was tough. Paul (my son in law) helped most of the day and his side kicks were me, Jenn (who's limited in what she can do since she is still recovering from knee surgery) and our new part time employee.

So, we loaded up all the furniture we could get and loaded up the pick up with boxes and headed back to the store. After we unloaded we stopped for lunch. Then the girls stayed at the store and did some stuff with the boxes while Paul and I took the U-haul back, then we went to storage and picked up some furniture. By that time Josh had gotten off work and met us at the storage unit to help load the furniture.

Once we got back to the store Jenn and Paul needed to leave to go and pick up Liam and let Howie (their dog) out who had been in all day. So Josh and I went back to my house and got the last of the furniture there and dropped off at the store and then made 2 more runs to storage to get the rest of the furniture there...boxes I can do by myself but furniture I can that was my After the last run I was tired and we called it a was after all going on 8.

Today would be a good day to work but I have plans with Tammy and Colton today and then wanting to see all my grand-babies later to see them dressed in their Halloween today is more family day than work day....tomorrow will be work day ALL DAY!!!!

I think tomorrow I will go and rent the smaller U-Haul and load up all the boxes that are in my garage and in storage and get it over with at once instead of making multiple trips in the pick up.

And then Monday night I need to start loading up what is going to Sugar Plum, we start setting up Tuesday if there isn't enough to do...Oh well...welcome to my I need to keep that U-Haul through Tuesday.

Check back tonight or tomorrow for an update of my day with the grand-babies....I have a feeling after tonight it might be awhile until I post again but I will try not to let too much time pass.

You can keep up with Mimosa Rose on our facebook page...Grand Opening is scheduled for November 13...Hope to see you there.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Life Continues...

It's been a couple weeks since I last has just been crazy.

The store is still not open. I've been dealing with the build out phase and fingers crossed it will be over soon. It looks like I may be able to start moving furniture and merchandise into the store on Saturday. Today they were getting ready to do the floors which is one of the big items left.

We are still waiting for the A/C to be finished ....which is a long story that just pisses me off to think about...but fingers crossed it will be finished in a few days. It's nothing to keep us from setting up. If the electrician showed up today then we can have the alarm ready....can't move merchandise in without that.

Tomorrow I will go by the store again and see if Saturday will be moving was suppose to be last weekend and then it was suppose to be Wednesday so we will see if Saturday is the lucky day.

My advise to anyone opening any business that you need to lease space....make sure you know your contractors very well or find a place that is already ready to move in, build out sucks.

I have also decided to sell my beach house. It has served it's purpose. When I bought it I think it's exactly what I needed at the time. Todd had been gone for 6 months, I needed a place that was just mine. While I was there I didn't have a care in the world. It was a place I didn't mind being alone. I actually enjoyed my time alone there sitting on the deck. It was a place where I had no thoughts of the past or the further. It was also the place where I finally had a full nights sleep since he had been gone. Well, I have seen that after moving out of my country home we shared into this home (which has been a year now) it was that country home I needed to be out of. At the time I wasn't ready to let go so that's where the beach house came in....but now in this home it was a new start a place where I wasn't constantly reminded of the loss. Since being in this home I have barely made it to the beach so I figure it's time to say good-bye. If I want to spend time at the beach then it's time to take a vacation.

The grand-babies are all doing well and just as beautiful as ever. I have no pictures to share this post but I will the beginning of the week after I get pictures of the babies in their Halloween costumes....I can't tell you who they will's a surprise and if you already know...SHHHHHHHH....don't spoil it for those who don't.

We had a cool front come in last night and the weather has been wonderful...hopefully it will stick around awhile....especially if Saturday is moving day. you have the scoop...time to go....The Apprentice is about to start and I can't miss The Donald...Until next time....
"It Is What It Is"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tayler and Liam's Day of Fun

Yesterday I watched Tayler while Tammy went to a school to do her teaching observations.
My plan was to go by Jenn's and get her so we could go to the that was the only thing on the agenda.
Instead I got a crazy idea to go shopping for all the babies and figured this was a good time as I also wanted to get shoes and having Tayler with me made that easy.....Ya think?
Here's our story.
Tayler in the truck ready to go and and pick up her cousin Liam.
( I know...she's a doll ) We arrived and got Liam (Jenn joined us)... I know I'm not ready to take 2, 16 months
out on my own.
In their little heads they are saying, come on Grams lets go have some fun. First stop was the bank...they had keys to keep them some what first Tayler had mine but it wasn't soon after that Liam wanted mine cause he saw he took mine and for a good while you could here my truck outside beeping from the doors being locked and unlocked....finally those had to be taken away.

Then Jenn saw donut she gave one each to the babies.
Liam gobbled his down all at once while Tayler was nibbling on hers...Liam had to have a second and even a third...he loved donut holes. Tayler never did finish all of hers.
Then it was off to Katy Mills mall.
First stop was food court since neither baby really ate their breakfast
we figured they would be ready for lunch.
I sat with the babies while Jenn went to Burger King to get them chicken nuggets.
She got back and I sat with the babies while she went to get us something thinking the babies would be fine since they had food to occupy them....Ummm...Not the case.

Babies went crazy...throwing food and playing with it and wanting out of their high chairs and wanting to throw whatever they could get their hands on....I was like...where is Jenn, this is getting too seemed like she was gone for 30 minutes....I stood up looking for her and couldn't see her anywhere...Surely she didn't leave me with 2, 16 month olds or did she?

Below is what our table are looked liked when we left...we did clean off the table some...but somehow this picture doesn't give the ground was worse in person.

Then we went to get the shopping strollers and a shopping we went...Carter's was our destination and with coupon in hand. We must not of been the only one with the same idea...Carter's was packed and most every adult had a stroller and the isles are small so it was interesting trying to get through...and babies reaching up, grabbing clothes and pulling them off the eventually picked Liam up and was carrying him and pushing a cart.
Once it was time to check out Tayler was pulling all the gift bags they had on the shelve around the thought was...why would you put that there when a child can pull at it.

Anyway, we had fun and what seemed like 2 hours in Carter's it was time to go.
We hit Stride Rite for shows and then we were off...time to go...after all the day was gone and Tammy was gonna be out of school in 15 minutes.

Below are Liam and Tayler in their mall strollers while I went to take most packages to the truck and to pull the truck up to get the other packages and the babies.

Thanks Grams for taking us shopping...we had a fun's almost 3 and we have had no nap yet!
But it didn't take long for this little guy to pass out once we started moving.
Isn't he just sweet...

And Miss Tayler tired and in ready position to fall asleep never did.

Dropped Tayler off at home so she could get some sleep, dropped Jenn and Liam off and then headed back to Tammy's to give her the car seat and all the goodies I got for Colton and Tayler and Tayler was in rare form playing with Colton whom she had not seen all day.

It was a very good and full day. makes me wonder sometimes how my Grandmother use to take me and 3 of my other cousins out to have pictures taken and it was just her.
Bless her heart...but she was a remarkable one of a kind Grandmother.

Love them Grand-babies!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me against The Wasp(s)

This afternoon I got ready to ;eave the house and I notice some wasp on the wood of the house above the the garage...I counted like 32.
So on my way home I stopped at Ace Hardware and bought 7 cans of wasp killer.
When I got back home they were no longer there, or that is what they wanted you to think.
So I got out a can a sprayed up in the crack between the brick and the wood.
Nothing...and then a minute later...some fell to the ground and some flew away...then nothing and then repeat, some fell to the ground and some flew I sprayed some more and then again...some fell to the ground and some flew away...this went on for 30 minutes and 5 cans later. I didn't take pictures right away but here on the ground are about 16 of them...there were more but it looks like they moved a little and then really died cause I have about 10 scattered along the drive.
I may need to call in reinforcement...I'm a little nervous at what kind of home may be hiding from public few.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sugar Plum Market

It's getting close....don't forget to make plans to come out and see Mimosa Rose at this years Sugar Plum'll get a small preview of items the store will be selling plus some neat Christmas decorations and gifts.
You can get more information by visiting us at
or by finding Mimosa Rose on facebook...sorry right now I haven't figured out how to link to facebook from this blog.
Make sure you sign up so you can get updates and make sure you become a friend of Mimosa Rose on facebook.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harris Family Reunion

Today I attended
The Harris Family Reunion.
Todd (my late husband) was 1 of 6 there is only 1 of those 6 still today we rejoiced being around family but sadden that those we love are no longer with us.
There were tons more Harris' at the reunion but above is just our immediate Harris family, with just a few missing that could not attend and whom we all missed.
Below here I am with 2 of my sweet gran-babies...Liam and's funny how much they look a like in this picture...maybe it's cause they have the same look, I don't know...but sweet little babies.
And here they are again...I may have to blow this one's hard to get 2 babies together looking good and smiling ...not sure Liam has a smile but he's looking pretty darn cute.

Then here's Jenn, Paul and Liam

and Jessy, Hayden and Josh

I know...I'm missing pictures of Tammy and her family, they had something else going on today and could not attend...they were missed...but no worries, I'll be seeing those babies real soon so you'll get a chance to see more pictures.
This about sums up my!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's The Weekend

Friday was Girls Night!
Fonda, Kelley, Stacy and myself were suppose to go to a Clint Black concert.
It was something we had planned for some time....but then earlier this week I got an email saying there had been a conflict in scheduling and the show had been moved to December.
What a bummer!
We had decided to still get together since the date had already been reserved.
So we all met at my house. I think we were all a little tired that we decided to keep it low key.
We headed to Baker Street Pub for dinner and drinks. None of us had been before.
We had a nice time visiting and when getting ready to leave ran into some crazy woman...all I can really say is that it was very interesting and I'm surprised that one of us didn't deck her.
Everyone stayed at my house that night.
Saturday morning was set aside to work with inventory in the storage unit. Fonda and Stacy were gonna stay and help while Kelley had a prior commitment out at the fairgrounds.
I had warned the girls they really didn't know what they had said yes too when they said they would help.
Fonda brought along her camera and I will share just a few pictures with you.
Here is the unveiling of....
"The Inventory From Hell" The picture below is of the first storage unit and the one the holds the most items.
This is the second unit and next door. We decided to work in this one first since there was room to move around in.
We needed to tag the items with price tags and also separate what I was taking to The Sugar Plum Market and what was going straight to the store.
Sounds easy enough...right?


5 hours later this is what the unit looked like...tagged and in it's space for either Sugar Plum or the store.

Next step will be to work on the other unit and move tagged items
into this unit to make room to move in the other and make some type of sense out of it if there is such a thing.
So, 5 hours down (really 15 if you account there were 3 people working) maybe if I'm lucky
100 more to go.
Whoo-Hoo!!!! Love Inventory!!!!
Thanks to my girls for all your help, it really meant a lot...would of been very boring work alone.
Love you! Come back again :)