Saturday, September 20, 2014

July Mini Vacation

During the month of July I took Hayden, Colton, Tayler and Tammy to San Antonio where we stayed at a cool hotel with a water park and we visited Sea World..

Needless to's's's hot
next visit will be the spring or fall but it still didn't keep us from having a fun time.
 we saw a couple was Shamu...we sat in the splash zone...I think they need to rename it the soaked zone....the kids laughed so hard afterwards.
And we were soaked.
 Everyone loves a Merry Go Round
 above....Tammy and Colton on his first big people roller coaster...Hayden, Tayler and myself went to the Sesame Street water park playground
 It was a fun time getting away with the kids....hoping to do something over Christmas break before they go back to school if they don't already have plans.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not Over The Hill....Just The Beginning

July 5th My BFF Fonda celebrated her
50th Birthday.

On July 6th her family surprised her with a birthday party at a beach house in Surfside Beach that the rented.

It was a great celebration!
Happy Birthday my special friend!
Love you MORE

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Today the grand-kids came over for a swim...
it was a nice hot day to be in the pool...we had a a lot of fun.
My 3 handsome Grandsons
Colton, Noah and Liam
 Jenn had to leave early to work in Fulshear at the parade so I kept the boys.
Once Tammy and the kids left Noah and Liam layed down and had a snack and to watch Disney Jr.
Before Mickey Mouse was over Noah fell asleep with cookie in hand and mouth.
poor baby played hard in the sun and water.

Girl Time....1970-Something!

So a few months ago Lisa, Jeanette and I had planned a get together at Lisa's bay house in Corpus (N.Padre) but sad because we knew Melinda could not join us as she couldn't get out of Florida where she now lives.

So you'll know the story for 1970-Something...we all grew up in the same area and went to the same school and knew some of the same people.

Finally the day had come for our get together...Jeanette was to meet me at my house and I would drive from there....Jeanette was running a few minutes behind schedule.

Finally a knock on the I came to the door I could see through the glass...
She had come home for a family reunion and was able to make our girls get together.
What a GREAT surprise it was.
Jeanette knew what was going on but Melinda swore her to silence now the next surprise would be for Lisa as she had no idea either.
This made for our third summer in a row to get together all 4 of us.
It was a Great weekend!
 We arrived at Lisa's and Melinda hid in the car while Jeanette and I went to the door and went in...
Melinda then came to the door a couple minutes later and knocked and Lisa was so surprised...
and then the fun began!

Above taking a group selfie...we laughed so hard.
The deck looking down the bay canal of Lisa's home and the next day us laying out with drinks and having a  great time catching up.

That evening when we got in...Lisa had all kinds of goodies fixed for us to chow down on...we sat outside and drank and had a good ole' time....
we chatted about old friends, new friends, our lives and families and so on....
Good times!
Next day we went and did a little shopping...went to the beach and had lunch at a place on the beach which was nice but not good or my hair at all...then back to the house for more relaxing girl time in the big ole float....

In the picture above form left to right:
Lisa, Melinda, Myself and Jeanette.

Before we knew it our time had come to an end and it was time to head home...
Of course on our road journey we took a way that was suppose to be faster and of course it wasn't...but then every girl trip needs a bump in the road just to have more time together...but we didn't take that same way home.
It was a great you girls!
We need to make this annual thing since we've done it 3 in a row now...
what shall we do next year?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheers To The End of A Fabulous Vacation....Day 14 and 15

On our 3rd day in NYC we went shopping at Tiffany's and had lunch at 
The Boat House in Central Park.
 This was my first time was was a good lunch and a wonderful view.
A nice way to start our day.
This was our view from our table.
 A view from across the pond of The Boat House.
 When we were done we walked a little in the park before finally finding our way out.
You can get lost in Central Park.
 Found our way to Bethesda's fountain an did some photo's.
 And then Bow Bridge in Central Park
Once out and finding a cab we headed back towards the hotel...we hit some bad traffic not far from our hotel so we opt to get out and walk a couple blocks instead of sitting there watching the meter go up.

We stopped at the bar in our hotel and brought up some drinks and sat outside on our terrace and was a nice evening and a beautiful view...
We went out and grabbed a bite to eat at a Italian Restaurant across the street...wasn't bad but after being in Italy for 11 days the food just did not compare.
I knew those clams weren't gonna taste the same in the states, no matter who was cooking them.
We then chilled and off to bed.

Next day we hopped on The adventure in itself.
We headed to the ferry to head across to Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty along the way.
 The best view from the water and free.
And leaving NYC behind.
Once we arrived on Staten Island we grabbed a taxi and headed to 
The Drunken Monkey.
 I wanted to go and have a drink here and just see what the place was like.
I watch way too much Reality TV...can't help a good train wreck.
Anyway, I watch the show Mob Wives...and Big Ang is on the show...she's actually the normal one out of the ladies...and she has a bar called The Drunken Monkey.

It was a dive...only holds 75 people at one time, which is hard to believe cause it doesn't look like it even holds that many...but it was a fun little place that we ended up staying more than the one drink....hoping Ang would make an appearance which she didn't but that was fine...was going for the experience anyway.
Margo (who is on the show from time to time and runs the bar) made the best drinks, made us feel welcomed and also gave us 2 rounds on the house didn't hurt her to do that, she made a lot of money off us that day.

Five hours later we left...we had fun...we had stories...but like all endings of a good trip...
somethings must be left in New York City...

So I will leave you with that.
What Happens In Staten Island
Stays In Staten Island.

Once back in NYC we ate, we shopped, we packed and off to bed...early flights in the morning to home.

I had a blast on my vacation...spending a wonderful time in Italy with my cousin...I can't wait to go again...I fell in love with was just the best.
And then ending my trip with 2 of my best friends meeting us in NYC...was a great way to continue vacation and to end it.

I am blessed!
Thank you ladies for the experience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vacation Day 13... New York City In PIctures

Today we were scheduled to do a photo tour of some highlight areas in New York City.
We would be shown certain areas while we had someone taking our picture.
A few years back when Jenn and I went to NYC we did this and we loved I thought both Stacy and Kelley had been to NYC so this would be different and Lonnie hadn't and this would be good to see some sights and we get pictures too.

Once we left the hotel we stopped in at The Hard Rock which was near our meeting point to grab a snack and a drink. Had never been to The Hard Rock in was a big one and pretty cool inside.

They also had a place where they stopped you on the way in and took your picture...
the picture came out good so of course we bought it.
 We're Rock Stars!
(also...this is a picture of a picture that's why the flash light in the picture)

Then we were off to start our photo tour.
The tour was 2 hours.
We started in Times Square...then headed to the subway...
went to The Plaza and hung out with New York's finest...
 went to Central Park....rode the subway again...walked the Brooklyn Bridge...
went to SoHo...

After that Lonnie and I went to the top of The Empire State Building while Stacy and Kelley waited for us in a pub next door.
Above a view from The Empire State Building.

Once we were done we joined them.
Then we headed to Toloache's Mexican Restuarant...we had dinner and margarita's and then headed back to our hotel.

We had a nice full busy day....time to re-fuel for tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vacation....Day 12...Back In The USA

We left Rome and landed in New York City.
Took awhile to go through customs and it was hot.
We were to meet Stacy and Kelley but their flight didn't get in for another 40 minutes.
Our driver loaded up the limo with our bags and then we drove to the liquid store which looked like it was in the hood in Jersey.
 I had ordered Champagne to be in the limo cause every good girls trip should have Champagne
but the limo driver forgot it so since we had time before Stacy and Kelley's plane landed he drove to the liquor store.

Stacy and Kelley arrived a few minutes early but it took forever for them to get off the plane and then their luggage was delayed....we must of waited almost an extra hour and I was getting a little thirsty. they come....
....and we were able to celebrate...

 We got to our our luggage in and freshened up and went downstairs and grabbed a bite to eat, a drink and then headed to Broadway.

I had gotten tickets to Cabaret...was so excited...but once the show started I was a little disappointed...
it was good...just it didn't hold my interest so therefore I was having a hard time staying awake...after all I had just flown 10 hours and entered a new time zone.

Once it was over we walked Times Square...This was Lonnie's first time in New York so we needed to see some must haves.
Then it was back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow we have fun in NYC.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Italian Vacation....Day 11...A Night In Rome

It's time to get ready to head State side with a detour in Rome.
We have an early flight back to the States so we left Positano in the morning and spending the night in Rome to catch a flight out the next morning.

We didn't leave straight from Positano as we would would of had to of left very early in the morning and if we had any issues on the road we would of missed our flight. The drive from Positano to Rome was about 3 1/2 hours.
We flew United and we only had 1flight out...wanted to make sure we made it.

Alberico (our driver we had when we arrived) picked us up.
In Sorrento he stopped where we could get this picture of Mt Versus (Naples active volcano).
When we arrived in Italy on our way to Positano you couldn't see it as well as there was some cloud cover.
Still cover or not.
 The ride was a little boring so we slept a little...we didn't have much sleep so we were still a little tired.
 We arrived in Rome safely and stayed at this little place for the night.
It was a cute small hotel which also had beautiful small rooms...glad we only had 1 night to spend here otherwise we would of been a little cramped, especially in the bathroom.

We were tired but it was 3pm and we were in Rome so we decided to head out and walk a little and get a little bite to eat as we planned on going to bed early.

We found a spot away from the crowds with a good view to people watch and a wonderful breeze on a very hot to people watch.

We watched guys selling handbags on the street, which is not legal...below is one of the guys hiding behind a car away from where the police can't see him....I think while we sat and dined he moved 3 different times from police and each time went back to the same spot.
 After we dined we decided to go and see the Trevi Fountain again...we had seen it before on our last trip to Rome.
 Oh my was it many people...hard to get up close...I went to the side so I could get a shot of all these people. 2 years ago when we went to Rome we went twice to the Trevi...once late morning and the other in the evening and never did we experience this crowd.
As well as the picture below of The Spanish Steps.
Another spot that was crowded.
We headed back to our hotel and I got dressed for bed and think I knocked out pretty quickly...before 8pm I believe...I think Lonnie stayed up just a little longer than I did but still to bed early.

Tomorrow morning we have a flight back to the States....we stop in New York City for 4 nights where my friends Stacy and Kelley will join us.

The vacation continues State side....See ya then!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Italian Vacation...Day Ten...Go Out With A Bang!

Today was our last day In Positano.
We had intended to relax but we did that yesterday so we decided since we had not been on the island of Capri yet that we would take the ferry and go see.
 There were 2 times in the morning to go and 2 times late afternoon to come you at least 6 hours once you boarded the ferry.

This is our view once we got off the ferry.
 Beautiful but a very busy place.
Once we cleared the ferry area we were bombarded by people everywhere, people hounding you for a boat ride, a cave tour, a taxi ride, come eat here, come eat there, wine here, shop here.
I wanted to 
Once we got a way from the crowd and got our thoughts together we hired a taxi to show us around a little. Below a view of Capri.

 Enjoying the view.
We saw the Fragneolli Rocks prior by boat tour earlier in our trip now we see them from this road side view...just beautiful.
 We stopped to do a little shopping...the one good thing here is that I was able to find something for the young boys in my life (grandson's)....there was a bigger variety on this island...maybe cause it is more touristy.
 There were people everywhere....I think that is why I did not enjoy Capri as much as we spent a lot of time in a area that wasn't crowded like this.
 We finished shopping a little sooner than when we were suppose to meet our taxi driver so we stopped for a nice view and a glass of wine.
 It was nice to get away from the crowds for a few minutes.
We decided since we had a couple hours before the ferry would return that we would go down and sit by the water, have wine and lunch and wait to see our ferry arrive.
 We had 2 bottles of wine and had a nice time visiting with each other and our waiters.
Once we returned to Positano we walked on the beach so I could put my feet into The Mediterranean was a little cool but felt so good.
 It was an interesting walk on the beach...2 bottles of wine and the beach is a rock beach sinking in the sand below...hard to walk on.
Below a couple relaxing on the beach.
 We decided to end the night over wine and dinner at the place we had spent the most nights at besides our terrace Le Tre we met 3 couples from Canada that invited us to join them at there table.
 Which we did...they were so much was a great night...
Here we had 2 more bottles of wine and treated to Limoncello.
 We laughed...shared stories...
 A great time ...a great way to end our last night.
While our friends left before us...we continued with wine and stayed until dark.
Once we were done with wine
we walked to find something and at this moment I'm not sure what it was we were in search of but for those of you that may of received my drunk texted...
This is the P-kankle night....LOL
Our trek up 187 steps was an interesting one...needless to say...we were leaving in the morning and still needed to packed...that we had to wait to do in the morning....
We needed sleep.

But I will was a great night  and a great way to end our stay in Positano.
I loved this place....I could see myself returning...but instead of 10 nights...I think it will be a summer stay.