Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where To Begin

Life has been so different since opening the store that I'm still trying to get use to what my new life is.

Sometimes I want to post on the blog but then I think...what did I do to share that didn't involve work...

after all, I don't want to bore anyone if I don't have too. I have pictures to share of the grand-babies with their goodies from my trip to Boston...

I was waiting to post them until I could get pictures of all the babies.

Above is Colton with his Lobster hat and below with his Paul Revere hat.

Ever since Colton was a baby and I travelled somewhere I always brought him home a hat from where I've every time I go to a new place I look for a hat. Looks like that is being trickled down to the other grand-babies too. Above is Tayler in Colton's Paul Revere hat...she wanted nothing to do with her Lobster hat, she wanted the Revere one....only if I would of time they all get the same regardless boy or girl. but she did like drinking out of her new Lobster straw cup. Now Liam liked the Lobster hat but refused to put on the Paul Revere hat, he would push it away if it got near him and if we did get it on him it was off before the picture could snap and you could get your hand off the hat...go figure...scary Lobster -vs- black hat
he also enjoyed the Lobster of Hayden to soon follow below.

Last Sunday went to the last performance of the rodeo with my girls...Fonda and Stacy...I did have pictures to share BUT I forgot the memory card so the pictures are on my camera and I have no way at this time to transfer them to my computer....let this be a lesson...when you buy a camera and you get all those gadgets with it... don't throw them away thinking all you need is the camera and a memory may end up with pictures without a memory card....Just sayin'.

Then this past week I had tickets for a Rockets game with a behind the scenes tour.

I won the tickets in an auction and had planned to give them to the sports lover in the family, my son in law Paul but he couldn't go so I decided to try something new and attend a game...had a good time but not sure basketball is my game.

Above is Luis Scola's funny he always had his hands in his hair keeping it out of his face...if his hands weren't on the ball they were in his hair.
Stacy and Albert joined me for the game.
And there's a picture of #44 Chuck Hayes...during our tour we were in one of the bars outside of the locker rooms and right off the court...our guide was taking us across the hall to another location when as I was crossing from one end to the other, here came this guy running about a 100 miles an hour all happened so fast you didn't know if you should go forwards, backwards or stand still so I just stood still in hopes I would not be road kill....

you could here the squeak of tennis shoes trying to come to a halt and all of a sudden this big dude had me by my arms and it was" hello"...It was Chuck Hayes and he was able to stop....a little freaky but cool at the same time.

And here is Miss Hayden who showed up yesterday. I haven't seen her in a couple months and it was obvious by her stand off-ish ways...but then again she has never been the affectionate one.

I couldn't get her to put her Lobster hat on but she did like the Lobster cup with just a little soda.

This little girl is really starting to grow and looking more and more like Josh.

So...that wraps up the week except for all the work on my agenda is cleaning out my garage...I want to trade my Yukon in and before I do I need to have my garage cleaned out so I will have a place to park it... the garage since the holidays has become a place of...I'll figure where it goes later and things from the store as well...Tomorrow I will do a little work at the store while we are still closed on Mondays...the following Monday we start to be open on Mondays.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for letting me share with you...especially pictures of my beautiful grand-babies.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

As we celebrate today
The Irish, green beer and a day to wear green
there is one more thing to celebrate....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY Today is Bailey's 2nd Birthday...he is 2 but we celebrate it twice....
the actual day he was born (Jan. 8th) and the day I brought him home
March 17, 2009
St Patty's Day
and why he has an Irish name.
So Happy Birthday my Bailey Bay! And to continue the celebration of St Patty's Day I went with Jenn and Family to Fulsher's St Patty's celebration
Here is Liam enjoying his lollipop
some baby goats.
Hope you had a wonderful day and
here's to that pot of gold under the rainbow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girls Night Out

Last night was Girls night...
Destination....Reliant Stadium for The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
The American Bad Ass....
Kid Rock

All I can say is.... best rodeo performance I have seen...I left wanting more...
I need to see a full fledged concert and not just a rodeo performance.
I think I feel a road trip coming on.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Farewell To Boston

All good things must come to an end and so must our trip to Boston. On our last day in Boston and our travel day home we awoke to snow falling from the sky.
Such a beautiful sight but really cold as well.
We got up and got packed and went a head and checked out and thne checked our luggage and headed out to get a few snow pictures.After a little walk we decided to go to The Prudential building and do the Sky Walk and
take a look at the city from a different view. The snow was still falling.
They say on a clear day you can see to Cape Cop. Below is Fenway Park
And here is the river with a blanket of snow a top
The building in the middle is our hotel and right above tha,t there is a yellow line in the street...that is the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
Afterwards we stopped and had lunch
headed back to the hotel and killed time in the business center and then headed towards the airport...
Houston and her lovely humidity to welcome us home.
There's No Place Like Home...
God Bless Texas

Greeting From Boston...Day Four

Today was another cold day but a beautiful one...the sun was in full force though.
Today we hopped back on the trolley to take us to Harvard.
The plan was to walk around and then head back but the trolley ride took forever and a day so we decide to just stay on and take a look from the trolley and head back into Boston. The town was busy...lots of cute shops and the University looked like a bunch of different buildings ...some here and some there...kind of scattered...and not a big deal....really I think we wasted a lot of our day.
Anyway, we got back to the point to take the trolley back into Boston but we decided to cab instead so we could see some of the churches that we wanted to see.
Here is Trinity church...beautiful.

Above is the pulpit where the preacher gives his sermon from.
Then we went across the street to this church...Old South Church
Not as big as the first or as beautiful but still an older church and still beautiful.
Then we were in search of our souvenirs to take home...we headed to Faneuil Hall and The Quincy Market place ...there we found most of what we were looking was really hard finding souvenirs in this city, they aren't just everywhere.
Faneuil Hall was also a meeting place back in the day of our founding fathers.
Then it was time to head back to the hotel and freshen up for dinner.
Tonight was "Legal Seafood"....Yummy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greetings From Boston...Day Three

Today was a very cold day.
You would never know it by the sun that shines but trust was a very cold day.
We headed out...destination Chinatown.
Not so great...mainly restaurants...nothing like the Chinatown of New York or San Francisco, which by the way was my favorite and which I base all Chinatown's on. While walking in the cold and the winds which I swear were as close to hurricane strength without there being a hurricane...there were times we had to brace ourselves to keep from being thrown down by the wind.
So we figured that this day was a good day to hop aboard a trolley and see the town from a different view.
Here we passed by this building where on the third floor was John F Kennedy's voting address when he was elected President. The Charles River frozen with ice.
Fenway Park...the outside needs a make over...very old building
The monument of Bunker Hill but this was not the site of Bunker Hill
The USS Constitution....the oldest commissioned warship.
A view of Boston from the USS Constitution

The oldest Post Office
After a couple hours on our tour we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and head out to dinner.
We ate at America's oldest restaurant...we had lobster and it was divine.Behind us and to the side was a booth labeled "The Kennedy Booth" ...JFK was a regular before becoming president...he ate there so much that they gave him his own booth upstairs. Was very cool to be in such an old place where our founding fathers had ate and a President of our own time.

Greetings From Boston...Day Two

Today we had planned to do The Freedom Trail walking tour with a guide dressed in clothing as in the time period we were going back into....while waiting to start our walk there in the square was this Christmas tree that had not been takin' down yet, I guess because of all the snow they had received since Christmas.

Still amazes me that a cut down tree is still alive and perky as ever...just doesn't seem fair.

Below is our Freedom Trail Guide
The cemetery where many people in our history books are buried.
Normally you can go inside the grounds but due to snow and all still on the ground it was closed.

This is where Paul Revere is the very back in the middle of those 2 trees there is a white pillar between two round stones...that is Paul's grave.
And the grave of Samuel Adams
On the balcony of this building is where the Declaration of Independence was first read.

It is so neat to see old buildings standing next to new buildings.
This city is filled with history.
After our tour we headed out on our own to see in more detail things we saw on our tour and some things we didn't....along the the path I ran into this Red Coat outside The Green Dragon Tavern...a place our founding father's liked to hang out at.
And then the main thing I wanted to see...Paul Revere's home.

A statue of Paul Revere with the Old North Church in the back ground.
A beautiful church.
Inside the church

When we were done with our adventures we headed back to our part of Boston....on is a walking city.
While walking we kept seeing people carrying these boxes that said Mike's Pastry.

We eventually came upon the store and Fonda said it must be a we went in and got our pastry.
The place was packed and when we left they were lining up right at the door.

We were so tired that Mike's became our dinner ...we had a pastry...we took a nap...we woke up...we watched a movie and ate the other pastry...It was a very good day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greetings From Boston....Day One

February 17, 2011
Annual Grandma's Gone Wild trip found us this year in Boston.
Fonda and I made the trip alone this year as Stacy couldn't join us but she will be back next year or else!!!!
We got into Boston around 12:30 and was able to get a early check in.
We stayed at The Lenox...a very nice hotel and the staff was very accommodating, friendly and helpful.
Below is a picture of our room.
After checking in we decided to walk the streets near and around our hotel.
Two blocks over was the famed Newberry Street. I heard and read lots about it as a must do. I enjoyed walking the streets and loved the way it looked but none of the shops got my attention to draw me in.
Below is a the buildings.
We stopped and had lunch and then headed out to find Fonda a coat as she left hers behind in Texas.
I think it was 2 hours later we found the mall and a coat.
Malls are not the same there as here and believe it or not we walked around it but never knew it was there and when we walked out onto the street our hotel was 1 block away right next door....
We had tickets for a show that has been running 30 years....Sheer Madness...we got to the playhouse a little early so we sat at the bar to have a drink to kill some time....there we met the bartender who was from Baytown and had been living in Boston for a couple years.
As it was time to head to the show we took 2 drinks with us as your not suppose to get up during the show.
Not long after it started I turned to Fonda and said....
I think I'm drunk....those drinks were strong but I didn't let them go to waste...after all we were on
Grandma's Gone Wild.
After the show...which was wonderful by the way...we got on a bicycle rickshaw and headed to Cheers.
The outside was the same, the stairs leading down were the same, the Indian by the door was the same but that's about we had a little fun a little food and maybe I had another drink.
Afterwards we decided to walk back to the hotel and walk off some of our night.
It was kinda funny that on our walk at the end of February we would find wreaths hanging on gates and people's doors and they were just as fresh as could be.
How cool to have your real wreath hanging up for more than 4 weeks and with all it's needles .
Oh...and by the way...the walk didn't help wear off those drinks.
Sweet Dreams!