Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Puerto Vallarta Day 4

Day 4
and our last day
We planned on spending our last day just relaxing. That's pretty much what we had done most of our trip but for sure this day was just R and R time.
We started our morning off with a 10 AM massage on the beach. That was wonderful. I had what was called The Fiesta Americana (same name as our hotel) which was a combination of a Swedish and deep tissue massage. Tammy tried something new. It was called The Four Hands...and that's what it was...she had 2 people working on her at the same time. She said it was very good. We had rented a Cabana for the day. The cost...20 dollars for the day...Can't beat that. So we had a very comfortable day out by the pool. We read, we napped, we ate, we drank ...we just relaxed.
This is what a vacation is all about

At 5 PM we decided it was time to head back to the room. It had been a hot day and we had enough. We ordered room service for dinner and started to pack...we headed home the next day. Our trip was good....the best part...The Dolphins...the second was just relaxing.

Thanks for letting me share our adventures with you and pictures. Hope you enjoyed. Until the next time....Robin

Puerto Vallarta Day 3

Day 3
We started the day with breakfast and decided that we go into town and get our shopping out of the way. We started early so we would have plenty of time. There is what is called a boardwalk along the water and across the street shops and restaurants. Here is a picture of sand art along the water (the boardwalk). There are tons of these. It's pretty awesome to see these huge pieces of art made of sand.Here is a picture of what the street kind of looks like.

This is our view from the restaurant we ate lunch at.
After lunch we shopped a little more and as soon as we couldn't carry anymore we hailed a cab and headed back to the hotel for some more relaxing time.

As we layed out by the pool and relaxed we saw this man carrying around this huge Iguana. He would let you take pictures with it for 70 pesos which is 7 dollars US money. It's a lot but something that is out of the ordinary so we got several pictures of Tammy with the monster. Brave girl! The man kept trying to get me to take one but I didn't think so...a girl can only step out of her comfort zone so many times.

After relaxing by the pool we asked our drink waiter where was a good place to go and have some Mexican food. After all we were in Mexico and Tammy really wanted some real Mexican food. You would be surprised how different the menu is over there. Mostly seafood dishes. So, he suggested "PiPi's". It was a cool little place and excellent food. The picture below is what it looks like from the street. We decided to have Margarita's...after all we were in Mexico...So we ordered our Margarita's and this is what we got....Can you say " a bowl of Margarita"...this is the only size. And yes there was plenty of Tequila!

There was a sign on the wall that said....
"Don't Drink The Water...Drink The Margarita"

After a wonderful meal we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puerto Vallarta Day 2

Day Two

Today is the day that we went swimming with the dolphins. We were really excited about going and doing this. Especially me... who felt a little out of her comfort zone but was also eager to try something new and different and something out of my comfort zone.

As soon as we were boated over to the pool area the dolphins were at I could start to feel the nerves in my stomach. Tammy felt them a little too. We were in a group of 6. The other 4 people were also from Texas...small world.

Now it was time to get in the water and get a little familiar with the dolphin. Our dolphin was female. She's the youngest of the group. Her name is Nouba. She swam around us a lot while we got to rub her. She danced in circles and so did we. Now it was time one on one.

Here I am giving Nouba a hug

and Tammy giving Nouba a hug

Kisses from Nouba for me

and for Tammy

Tammy and Nouba going for their swim

and now it's my turn

Now it's time for the belly swim

This was the coolest swim of them all and then it was over. It was really the most coolest thing. If you ever go some where and this activity is all means...DO IT!!!

After the dolphin swim was over there was a Sea Lion waiting for us as we all got out of the water. Though the pictures were expensive...when do you get the chance to not only swim with dolphins but have a Sea Lion greet you with a kiss. Very cool!


After the dolphin swim we ordered our pictures...well actually we just bought the CD of all our pictures and then headed back to the hotel. We headed to the beach. Man was it hot. We were going to head to the pool and then Tammy decided to get her hair beaded by Lucy. She was a lady vendor that beaded hair and sold jewelry. Of course I bought a baby necklace for my grand daughter that will be here in December.

After Tammy's hair beading we headed to the pool to cool off and just relax. We ended up just sitting in the pool and having a few drinks. Before we knew it 3 hours had passed. We decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow I will post day 3 and 4...Until then...

Puerto Vallarta

Yesterday I returned back from my mini vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I went with my daughter Tammy who is my middle child, my second daughter and the mother of my grandson Colton. It was a well deserved vacation for Tammy. We had a good time and I'm gonna try and share it with you in what will hopefully be a small recap version as to not bore you. I will also share a few photos as well. But because the way this blog thing downloads photos I think I will post each day in a separate blog post as to make it easier for "ME". I most likely will not be able to complete all days tonight so if I don't I hope you'll come back tomorrow and check out the rest.
Day One
After arriving in Puerto Vallarta we made our way through the airport and on to our hotel The Fiesta Americana. We checked in, went to our room and headed straight to the beach. We ordered our drink that was delivered to us while we relaxed on the beach and had a fun time laughing at the vendors on the beach.
There is a rope on the beach that blocks the vendors from coming up to you unless you call them over. But the rope doesn't keep them from yelling out to you to buy their goods.

This is a vendor selling hammocks. Now I do you get a hammock home?

But even more do you get a rug home? Ha! Tammy and I just laughed and laughed. A rug vendor on the beach.

After a relaxing couple hours on the beach we decided to go to our room and order room service and head off to bed. We were tired. And after we were on vacation and Tammy really needed to catch up on some sleep. Plus we had a date with dolphins the next morning. The picture above and below is the view from the balcony of our room.

Beach House

Here's a better picture of the beach house. The last one was taken from the beach and was a little hazy...this one you can see so much better. This place has definitely been a sanctuary for me.

Pictures of Dolly

Here are pictures of what the water at the beach looked liked as Dolly was approaching the Texas Gulf Coast near South Padre Island.
These pictures were taken about 20 hours before she made land fall and approx. 300 miles away.
Most of the beach was covered in water. We have a drive on beach and the beach was closed off because you couldn't drive on it with the water. The water never left the beach.
We usually don't have a lot of wave action, especially like this so it was pretty cool to see.
The smallness of these pictures doesn't do it justice. If your able to click on the picture to enlarge it do can see so much better.
Hopefully this will be the closest I get to a hurricane but I'm not holding my breath...we still have 4 months of hurricane season left.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dolly and Puerto Vallarta

Went to the beach house yesterday just to keep an eye on things with the hurricane...I knew we were far enough away for things to be okay but still wanted to see what the water and such would be like. It was cool and different. You could tell something was brewing out in The Gulf. I have pictures to share of the water but I took them on a new camera that has a memory card that doesn't fit my printer...wish I would of known that when I bought this one. So, I have to load from the camera to the computer and I'm having a hard time figuring it out. So...I may have to post them later when one of my kids can show me how. Sorry.

Also...I'm getting ready to leave for Puerto Vallarta in the morning so I still have things to do to get ready. I'm taking that new camera as well so I don't have to carry along the bigger one so hopefully when I get back I can post those as well.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be thinking of you all while I'm laying in my cabana on the beach with my drink in one hand and my guacamole in the other...NOT...ha! Robin

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Dolly!

Looks like Dolly has found her way into The Gulf of Mexico and my area that the beach house is in is now under a watch (San Luis Pass). Last report it looks like we'll be fine but we all know with hurricanes it's any ones guess. Tomorrow I will go to the house and see how the weather is...the wind and all that. I will most likely stay the night in case I have to do anything to prepare for a change of direction. Hopefully she'll hit further down the coast as last expected and I'll be good to go. Tammy and I are scheduled to leave Thursday morning bound for Puerto Vallarta so I'd like to leave knowing that all is okay. I will up date you Wednesday night before leaving town. Say a prayer that Dolly stays away. Though I'm prepared some what for a storm to come my way ...I'm really not! Robin

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Already In Trouble I went to a craft show with a friend (and neighbor)...the show wasn't much...seems hard to find a good craft show these days unless you leave town...anyway...One of the first booths that caught my eye had some hand made clothes and bags and such that they monogram. Well...they had this really cute dress on display with initials on the I'm thinking...maybe I should get this for Hayden (grand daughter that will be here December 1st)...then I see to the right a jump suit for a then I'm thinking I can get the cousins (Hayden and Colton) matching outfits and instead of their initials on the front it will have their names and they can dress a like and the mommies can go and have the babies pictures taken for me..."The Gram" the outfits I got them. I was pretty excited...and the outfits are really adorable. I will show you pictures after the first of the year (ha).

After that we had lunch and I came home and finished laundry...I'm all done now...thank goodness. Also started to pack some to get ready for my trip.

Also saw on the news tonight there is a tropical storm not far from the Yucatan area that will make it's way into the I'll need to watch that and see where it goes. They are thinking Mexico or the lower part of Texas but you never know. Just what I need before leaving town. It's hard paying attention to the weather to see what is happening. I'm not use to that.

So, that wraps up my exciting weekend. And how was yours? Until next time...Robin

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Week

It's been a long week.

I started out with Monday spending ALL day at my attorneys office. That was mentally draining. After coming home I was in bed and asleep by 8 PM...which is unheard of.

Then Tuesday through today I watched Colton. He was getting over an infection and Tammy wanted to make sure he was a 100% before returning him to day care. Yesterday not only did he spend the day here...he also spent the night. We had lots of fun but this ole' Grams is tuckered out.

Tomorrow I plan on cleaning and doing laundry to prepare for my trip at the end of the week.

Sunday I will go to a craft show out in Katy with my friend and neighbor. I love those things. I really would like to get back into doing crafts myself.

Oh...and I'm actually pretty excited. I added a site meter counter to the web page (blog page) and I actually was able to figure it out ALL by myself...I'm not much of a computer person so this was a big deal for me.

Not a very eventual week unless you were hanging out with Colton and myself. Enjoy your weekend and I'll check back in before leaving on my trip. Take care and visit often...Robin

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Official

Josh and Jessy are having "A GIRL" was confirmed by a second ultrasound yesterday. Both mommy and daddy to be are very happy...I guess Josh will carry on in the Harris tradition of having a girl. Seems that is what this side of the Harris family has...but he is very excited. Now if I can only stay away from the baby girl section I'll be doing okay.

They plan on naming her Hayden Brice Harris. She is due to arrive December 1st and so for she looks and seems to be developing very well and with no issues thus far. So...we'll have a new addition to our family around the holidays and also soon after Colton's 2nd birthday.

Hard to believe Colton will be 2 very soon. How time has a way of just floating on by.

Will keep you posted on any new developments with the baby.

Keep checking back to see if what it is really is....Have a good one.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Or To Live In The Country???

And this is life in the country...Not too bad. It is nice but I did notice the difference in temperature while taking these it was just hot with no breeze (not as bad if you stood in the shade under a tree) but at the beach...a nice breeze blowing of The Gulf of Mexico.
Thanks for visiting and allowing me to share...Robin

To Live At The Beach???

This is the view of "The Beach House" from the beach....sorry picture is a little foggy...I deleted all the other pictures from my computer before I knew I was going share....and then there's a view of the beach from my deck...Isn't it just wonderful? Hard choice...but next I will show you the country soon as I go outside and take a picture of it. Next time I go to the beach I will try and remember to take another picture of the house so you can have a better look. Enjoy your day...Robin

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise

I'm home from a full week at the beach and I think I'm ready to turn around and head back. I feel like I'm just about ready to move to the beach but not sure I'm ready to get rid of my home in the country. I guess it's a good thing they are both so close to one another.

I headed for the beach last Thursday to prepare for a holiday weekend with family and friends. Tammy and Colton came up Thursday night as well.

On Friday Jenn, Paul and Howie arrived along with friends of mine and their families to beach houses within walking distance to mine. We all played at my house Friday with visiting and BBQ and fireworks that evening. We even had several fires that evening with 2 very close to my house. It was a little too close for comfort that I had keys, cell phone and grandson in hand and ready to leave if it moved any closer. Thankfully it was put out and no one was hurt or any property damage. Was a little scary. You think of a hurricane taking your house out...not fireworks.

Josh had to work so him and Jessy didn't make it for the weekend.

On Saturday we had a good time visiting and decided to start karaoke early that day since we didn't have the time or opportunity the night before. I must say...It was a very good time. I had never karaoke'd before and it was a blast! I think I might of even been a little of a karaoke hog. During the course of karaoke the young adults started preparing the food for the evening. One friend made the comment how neat it was to see the adult children preparing the food while the (slightly) older adults were having fun doing the karaoke. Roles were reversed. I guess it's true what they all comes around full circle. We were able to end the evening early enough for the grand babies to get to sleep at a decent hour along with their parents.

Sunday we relaxed...some of the friends had to return back home to get ready for the week ahead of them and some friends were able to stay. Sunday evening my friend and her husband treated myself and another friend of ours to dinner in Galveston. (The heart of Galveston is only about a 30 minute drive). We had a wonderful dinner and fun conversation. My friends husband got to see what it's really like when we get together for girls night and sit around a table and just have a good time. He now understands why his wife is gone for hours just to meet friends for dinner. Not sure he'll ever want join us again.... but between you and me...I think he enjoyed himself...if anything...he got to laugh regardless if it was from something that was funny or just down right embarrassing.

Monday was a relaxing day...we hung out on the deck from 9 in the morning until 7 that evening. There's nothing like a good ole' breeze off the Gulf of was a wonderful day! At 7 I had to go in and see who The Bachelorette was going to pick as her mate...Let's just say, it wasn't my choice.

Tuesday I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry...there is a little work in paradise but it's different than when your at home doing it...not the same somehow...haven't figured out why yet but it's just not.

On Wednesday my last friend there at the beach and myself went in to Galveston for the day for some shopping and lunch. I bought a few things for the beach house. After we got home and she went her way and I went mine.... it was time for a siesta on the deck. It was nice...another wonderful breeze. Afterwards I went in and had a little dinner and watched about an hour of TV and then went to bed...couldn't sleep so I headed back to the deck and slept for an hour and then crawled in bed. Just needed a little more deck time before going to sleep.

Today I made sure the house was in order ...laid out on the deck and got a little sun and then headed towards home. Stopped along the way and met Josh and had lunch. Now it's back to what some call reality.

Now I'm deciding...when do I go back?

Life is good at the beach....Until next time...Robin

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Welcome....I can't believe I am going to start blogging but maybe this will be a good thing.

I have a good friend that does this and I do enjoy logging in to her blog from time to time. It's a nice way of keeping up with what is going on in her life. Hopefully I will be half as interesting.

So...I thought this may be a good way of keeping in touch with family and friends that I don't talk with everyday...this way when your bored and have nothing to can see if I'm bored with nothing to do as well!

I'll keep you informed as to what is going on in my corner of the world...keep you updated on the kids, the grandson and the new grandchild that is due in December. I'm sure we'll have something to talk about....wouldn't ya think?

Please feel free to send comments and messages. Please bare with me as I'm in learning mode to how this all works...

Until next time...Robin