Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Look

Do you notice anything different?

The blog has a new look. I changed the templet. Wasn't liking the way the page seemed to run together so i chose this look...I think it separates things a little better. Hope you enjoy the look.

I have a busy grandson with me now so I must go. Until next time...Enjoy!

It's Party Time!

This past Saturday we had a little party at my house to celebrate my birthday... but I just liked the idea of getting together with my friends.
My friends Stacy, Fonda and Beverly put together a karaoke party for me and we had their families, mine, and a few of my neighbors over. It was all done at my place but I had nothing to do. They did it all and did a wonderful job.
I had a blast and that's all the matters!Above are Fonda, Stacy, Stacy's daughter Tressa, Beverly and my neighbor Judy in the back ground.
I love karaoke. I think it's a blast! Stacy's husband was our karaoke DJ...he has all the stuff and does a wonderful job. This isn't our first time to karaoke.
I will say....I've never done it in a bar but think it would be a blast as well...of course with a little help to get pass the stage fright. Doing it in front of your friends is one thing...especially when your not a singer...but to me that is what karaoke is all about. It reminds me of My Best Friends Wedding when Cameron Diaz sang at the karaoke bar. I love it!
Above is Josh (my son) and myself and below is my friend Fonda and myself. Some how I ended up with her husbands hat on and not sure how that happened...I'm sure I just took it off his head....but it was towards the end of the night so what can I say.

I can't give out a lot of reason why... I don't wanna rat myself out. Ha! But we had fun...maybe next time we'll throw a bigger party and you all can join us.

Thanks ladies for another wonderful memory!

It's Hayen

Just letting you see Hayden and how much she's grown. This was taken Saturday. When this picture was taken she was 2 months and 1 week.
What a cutie pie!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Being back at the beach. I knew I missed it but didn't realize how much until I spent the weekend. I'm here right now and I must say...I'm not ready to go back home. Even though somethings aren't what they use to be since Ike make it's visit September still can't beat sitting on the deck...looking out towards the Gulf...feeling the sun and breeze upon your face and listening to the surf. It's wonderful!

I'm here alone on the deck right now but did have friends join me for the weekend. It was nice being able to share my weekend back at the beach with friends.

Now I'm debating do I go home I wait until tomorrow or do I just stay until Tuesday since the Direct TV guy is coming out between noon and 4....too much of a dilemma.

I'm hoping the survey guys will be back tomorrow or Tuesday...they couldn't finish the job last Thursday cause pins were missing so they had to re-shoot the property and then do what they do in the office and then come back out. I just cant wait to get to the next process where I can rope of my property in order to save it from drive bys.

But I am least I can stay in my house and didn't have damage to the house to keep me from living it in...Most can't say that. I do feel a little guilty at times when here I am enjoying my home and beach and others have homes destroyed or a lot of work to do.

The area has come along way in the last 4 months but still has a way to go. Amazing!

Hope your weekend was enjoyable...I know mine was...maybe next time you can join me...I enjoy company. Until next time.....Robin

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back To The Beach

Today I have returned to the stay! I'm here for the weekend and I must say....I love it! I have missed it so much....not as many cares when at the beach.

I still have some work to do but not with the house...all that is done. Now comes the land issues. Today I attempted in getting the land re-surveyed...but of course most of the pins in the ground that mark the property are gone because the storm washed them the process is a little more time consuming. Hopefully by Monday I will have the property marked as to know where my property begins and ends.

I'm doing this so I can fence around my property...since the road that was our way in was washed away folks have been cutting through my property in order to keep my property safe from any more damages I need to block it off. It's a headache but hopefully one that will be dealt with soon. That is my #1 goal for right now.

But besides that...I'm loving being back at my beach house! Being away for 4 months without sitting on my deck has been AWFUL!!!!

Tomorrow I have friends joining me for the of my best gal pals and her husband will be her late afternoon...we're all looking forward to a relaxing time and forgetting about whatever it is we need to forget about.

Hope your all doing good and that so far 2009 has been good to you. Take care and until next time...Robin

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Colton and Grams Day At The Zoo

Today Colton and I spent the day at the zoo and had lots of fun.
I must's hard being the watcher, the one to pose the child for pictures and take the pictures...needless to say most pictures were not posed. Every time we had a posed shot by the time I moved back to take the picture Colton had moved on to something else.Above are the pink flamingos. Colton thought they were cool birds and tall too.
Below are the Zebras .... which was his favorite of all today. That's all he talked about.
When we got ready to leave we made our way into the gift shop and he saw all the stuffed animals. I asked if he wanted one and he said YES so I told him to go and pick one out and he picked the Zebra. I thought the Giraffe was cute so I got that one for him as well.
I'm the Grams...I can do that!

We made our way to the petting zoo and the only thing out were the goats...he liked them though. I have a goat at my house but the ones here are smaller and have no horns so much easier to get close too.

It was funny...Colton kept telling the goats to get up...most of them were just laying on the ground chillin' as if no kids were around at all.

And Colton giving the goat a hug.
And Colton thinking he's all grown up...that he doesn't have to ride in the stroller...he doesn't have to hold your hand and he can certainly walk all on his own and at his own pace.
It was a good thing the zoo wasn't crowded...not sure if that was good for me or for him...but it was good!
I've had Colton since Sunday evening and tomorrow evening he goes to his other Grandma until Sunday morning when Tammy and Kyle return from their honeymoon.
I must say...I'm gonna miss him...I wish I was gonna have him for the weekend as well. We've had a good time and I'm not ready for him to leave yet...but I know it won't be long before he's here again and that's just fine with me.
Take Care!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Grand-Babies

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching both grand-babies...I have Colton while Tammy and Kyle are on their honeymoon and Hayden I had for several hours while Jessy had doctors appointments.

It's been while since I've had 2 to watch and I must say it could be a little difficult. Colton was a little jealous I trying to get him to behave around Hayden while not making him think I was playing favorites was a least for me....but we managed.

It was nice during nap time...we all fell asleep on the couch...Hayden in one arm and Colton beside the other.

It was funny....when Colton and I sit on the couch together he sits on my right side...earlier I had put Hayden in that arm to feed her...Colton saw and came over and and started pulling on me saying...Colton, couch...Colton, couch...he was trying to tell me that was his spot...when i moved Hayden to the other arm he climbed in his spot and said thank you. Now that's precious. Ha!

Tomorrow I think Colton and I will venture out...if the weather holds true for a nice day I think we'll make a trip to the zoo and see some animals.

Take care!

The Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Sheard
January 3, 2009

The wedding was beautiful and so was our bride. She never looked more beautiful or happy. I think everything went according to plan...or almost everything but if it didn't only those behind the scenes know about it.
This was the handsome Ring Bearer....Colton...the son of the bride and groom and of course my most beloved grandson. He did well considering he's only 2....he helped add to the memories.
The bride and groom are on their way to Jamaica courtesy of Carnival Cruise line...they'll also make a stop in The Caymans and Cozumel. They are on a week long cruise.
I have Colton until Friday and then his other grandma will have him until Sunday when our happy couple return.
For those of you that joined us this past Saturday to help in the celebration I thank you for coming out and sharing in our most happy celebration.