Saturday, September 20, 2014

July Mini Vacation

During the month of July I took Hayden, Colton, Tayler and Tammy to San Antonio where we stayed at a cool hotel with a water park and we visited Sea World..

Needless to's's's hot
next visit will be the spring or fall but it still didn't keep us from having a fun time.
 we saw a couple was Shamu...we sat in the splash zone...I think they need to rename it the soaked zone....the kids laughed so hard afterwards.
And we were soaked.
 Everyone loves a Merry Go Round
 above....Tammy and Colton on his first big people roller coaster...Hayden, Tayler and myself went to the Sesame Street water park playground
 It was a fun time getting away with the kids....hoping to do something over Christmas break before they go back to school if they don't already have plans.


Fonda said...

What a sweet trip! I know it was HOT...but those babies look so happy!

Anonymous said...

If you were to ask my girls which of our family vacations was the most fun they would both say Sea World. We had such a great time there but we also visited Natural Bridge Caverns and their drive through & petting zoo's. Looking at the expressions on your grands faces, I would bet they had the best time of their lives too.