Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheers To The End of A Fabulous Vacation....Day 14 and 15

On our 3rd day in NYC we went shopping at Tiffany's and had lunch at 
The Boat House in Central Park.
 This was my first time was was a good lunch and a wonderful view.
A nice way to start our day.
This was our view from our table.
 A view from across the pond of The Boat House.
 When we were done we walked a little in the park before finally finding our way out.
You can get lost in Central Park.
 Found our way to Bethesda's fountain an did some photo's.
 And then Bow Bridge in Central Park
Once out and finding a cab we headed back towards the hotel...we hit some bad traffic not far from our hotel so we opt to get out and walk a couple blocks instead of sitting there watching the meter go up.

We stopped at the bar in our hotel and brought up some drinks and sat outside on our terrace and was a nice evening and a beautiful view...
We went out and grabbed a bite to eat at a Italian Restaurant across the street...wasn't bad but after being in Italy for 11 days the food just did not compare.
I knew those clams weren't gonna taste the same in the states, no matter who was cooking them.
We then chilled and off to bed.

Next day we hopped on The adventure in itself.
We headed to the ferry to head across to Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty along the way.
 The best view from the water and free.
And leaving NYC behind.
Once we arrived on Staten Island we grabbed a taxi and headed to 
The Drunken Monkey.
 I wanted to go and have a drink here and just see what the place was like.
I watch way too much Reality TV...can't help a good train wreck.
Anyway, I watch the show Mob Wives...and Big Ang is on the show...she's actually the normal one out of the ladies...and she has a bar called The Drunken Monkey.

It was a dive...only holds 75 people at one time, which is hard to believe cause it doesn't look like it even holds that many...but it was a fun little place that we ended up staying more than the one drink....hoping Ang would make an appearance which she didn't but that was fine...was going for the experience anyway.
Margo (who is on the show from time to time and runs the bar) made the best drinks, made us feel welcomed and also gave us 2 rounds on the house didn't hurt her to do that, she made a lot of money off us that day.

Five hours later we left...we had fun...we had stories...but like all endings of a good trip...
somethings must be left in New York City...

So I will leave you with that.
What Happens In Staten Island
Stays In Staten Island.

Once back in NYC we ate, we shopped, we packed and off to bed...early flights in the morning to home.

I had a blast on my vacation...spending a wonderful time in Italy with my cousin...I can't wait to go again...I fell in love with was just the best.
And then ending my trip with 2 of my best friends meeting us in NYC...was a great way to continue vacation and to end it.

I am blessed!
Thank you ladies for the experience.

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Fonda said...

An intriguing ending! The best kind!