Friday, July 4, 2014

Girl Time....1970-Something!

So a few months ago Lisa, Jeanette and I had planned a get together at Lisa's bay house in Corpus (N.Padre) but sad because we knew Melinda could not join us as she couldn't get out of Florida where she now lives.

So you'll know the story for 1970-Something...we all grew up in the same area and went to the same school and knew some of the same people.

Finally the day had come for our get together...Jeanette was to meet me at my house and I would drive from there....Jeanette was running a few minutes behind schedule.

Finally a knock on the I came to the door I could see through the glass...
She had come home for a family reunion and was able to make our girls get together.
What a GREAT surprise it was.
Jeanette knew what was going on but Melinda swore her to silence now the next surprise would be for Lisa as she had no idea either.
This made for our third summer in a row to get together all 4 of us.
It was a Great weekend!
 We arrived at Lisa's and Melinda hid in the car while Jeanette and I went to the door and went in...
Melinda then came to the door a couple minutes later and knocked and Lisa was so surprised...
and then the fun began!

Above taking a group selfie...we laughed so hard.
The deck looking down the bay canal of Lisa's home and the next day us laying out with drinks and having a  great time catching up.

That evening when we got in...Lisa had all kinds of goodies fixed for us to chow down on...we sat outside and drank and had a good ole' time....
we chatted about old friends, new friends, our lives and families and so on....
Good times!
Next day we went and did a little shopping...went to the beach and had lunch at a place on the beach which was nice but not good or my hair at all...then back to the house for more relaxing girl time in the big ole float....

In the picture above form left to right:
Lisa, Melinda, Myself and Jeanette.

Before we knew it our time had come to an end and it was time to head home...
Of course on our road journey we took a way that was suppose to be faster and of course it wasn't...but then every girl trip needs a bump in the road just to have more time together...but we didn't take that same way home.
It was a great you girls!
We need to make this annual thing since we've done it 3 in a row now...
what shall we do next year?

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